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10 Best Color Changing Solar Lights And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Are you facing difficulties in finding the right color changing solar lights? Here is a list that can help you in finalizing your decision.

As the demand for solar products soars, its tech fastidiously continues to level up.

These past few years have borne phenomenal products that are remarkably improved.

Battery efficiency, energy efficiency, circuitry and color-changing components. 

As a result, it’s relatively easy for you to find a product that’s customized to your needs.

Still, without a benchmark to make a perfect choice, it’s a daunting task.

10 Best Color Changing Solar Lights Reviewed And Rated

This article will guide you into becoming a discerning (solar products) buyer who makes informed decisions within no time.

1. Topspeeder LED Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime

Solar Hummingbird Wind ChimeThe novelty of this light is the transformative design.

Topspeeder has spun the regular wind chime into a beautiful sparkling outdoor lighting accessory.

Their idea to merge this native American hummingbird into the model works like a charm.

The lights auto switch softly, to deliver a startling array of radiant colors. At night the ambiance they create amplified by the sound of the chimes is way too enchanting!

This makes them the perfect mood-setter for a romantic evening with a loved one.

This solar wind chime is made of sturdy glass to give the hummingbird a life-like appearance.

The strings are encased in plastic for durability. The good thing is, it’ll take them a while to wear out.

If you’ve charged it optimally during the day, comfortably expect six to eight hours of ample lighting. The batteries are replaceable and readily available. 

One more thing: The after-sales service is fabulous and provides a thirty-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Durability
  • Multiple values: decor prop and lighting accessory
  • User friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • Weather and water-resistant 

2. Lemontec Solar String Lights

Solar String LightsConsidered more of a decor accessory, these types of lights don’t require expert installation. This means you’ve got the freedom to deck your outdoors as you please.

If you’ve got kids or are young at heart, there’s no limit to the amount of FUN you can have creating gorgeous patterns.

The delight as these multicolored water drop string lights come alive in the evening is the stuff of memorable experiences. Plus, they’ll stay relevant all year round, not just at Christmas.

These lights are a cheerful lot that auto switch into different color hues –white, warm white, blue, and multicolored. Their quality production and glassy finish look incredible too.

To get the most of this lucent experience, you only need to work the two switches (of) on/off button and the bi-mode button. They’ve also got a sensor, meaning they can only come on when it’s pitch dark. 

A pack has 30 LEDs arranged 20cm apart on a long 20ft cable.

They’re water-resistant and highly durable.

You don’t have to take them down during rainy, stormy days. When fully charged, they’ll give you ten solid hours of super glow.

If you’ve got an issue, don’t sweat it. Their customer service is super responsive. You’re allowed a thirty-day window for returns and a 100% refund without any hassles.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • High durability 
  • Luminous lighting
  • Weather and water-resistant 
  • Enhanced features 

3. Wohome Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights

Solar Garden Stake LightsThe aesthetics of these lights are enough to get anyone excited.

Bet you’re already curious how these kaleidoscopic butterflies will complement your lawn or driveway –day or night.

Needless to say, it’s utterly delightful to watch them lustrously auto power when it’s pitch dark.

Something unique about this light is the transparent pole on which the butterflies sit.

It’s illuminated by five white LED bulbs to emit a complimentary radiant glow.

With this setting, all you’ll need to complete the look is a couple of dainty fairies to hop on the illuminated butterflies.

When fully charged, these lights will stay on for at most eight hours.

So for you to enjoy their brilliance, fully charge them by orienting the solar panel to the sun’s full glare for up to six hours or more.

If you’re planning to have guests over, they’ll be the perfect mood setters.

The installation is swift and straightforward, cabling isn’t required.

Simply plug the stake into moist soil and switch on the button at the back of the solar panel. They’re also tested and proven to be water and weather resistant.

Guarantees: It comes with a one year warranty and a highly responsive, after-sales service team.

Key Features:

  • Luminous lighting
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Multiple values–decor prop and lighting 
  • Weather and water-resistant 
  • Enhanced features 

4. Viaidol Solar Flower Lights

Solar Flower LightsThis is one of those quirky products you simply can’t avoid trying out.

It’s fascinating how Viaidol has unerringly designed life-like lilies. It’s a genius stroke to probably draw in anyone with a rumpled or non-existent flower bed!

The petals are made of UV resistant glass that makes it difficult to fade or wear out fast.

A stem has three lilies, and they’re packed in ones, threes and fives. For a sparkling experience, they’re auto operated on/off and effortlessly change to seven alternating colors.

The lilies can be bent to any angle without breaking.

They’re an absolute head turner and will make you look good when you’ve got guests over, are having a party, or a more massive event like a wedding or even an outdoor flower show!

Something important: The materials are durable enough to withstand adverse weather. If well maintained, they can serve you for a long time.

Their more extensive panel has a high conversion rate meaning more efficiency and more extended use.

Amazingly, Viaidol say they’ve tested and can confirm that these lights can last up to fifteen hours.

This product is very well packaged and so easy to install, you can almost do it with your eyes closed. 

Key Features:

  • Unique decor accessory
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency

For Illumination Purposes:

If you’ve got a dimly lit pathway or driveway, this might be of interest to you.

If you’ve got kids or have darkly lit sections in your outdoors, this will work perfectly.

They’re handy as guiding lights, providing safety in case of any hazards.

They also have on-off switches. This is a feature that enables you to store the electrical charge for a special event to maximize on the longest possible run time. 

5. YoungPower LED Solar Lights Outdoor 

Outdoor LED Solar LightsNot only are these lights astoundingly bright, but they also give off a starry pattern effect that heightens the overall effect as they auto switch.

With them, you get a two in one benefit of having the perfect decor accessory plus illumination for your lawn or driveway.

At first, their height could make you skeptical of their efficiency. However, they’ll blend right in with your flowers or vegetation to be visible at 10 lumens per head.

One of the satisfying things about this YoungPower product is the way it makes a space come alive at night.

It dispenses exceedingly pretty color changes to give you a wonderful Zen experience.

It’s actually very versatile and can be used at any type of event or establishment. 

They charge optimally for about eight hours to serve you from dusk to dawn for about twelve straight hours.

Besides, they auto charge and power smoothly, are sturdy, and super easy to install. No tools and wires required. 

Guarantees: YoungPower gives an eighteen-month warranty and has a superb after-sales service team. 

Key Features:

  • Water and weather resistant 
  • Luminous lighting
  • Easy to install
  • High durability
  • Multiple values: decor prop and lighting 

6. Roshwey Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway

Outdoor Pathway Solar LightsThis Roshwey solar pathway light is a fine example of a practical product.

For enhancement, it’s got nine modes and seven different colors. There are 12 LEDs in each head or fixture.

In each pack, there are a total of four fixtures emitting 600 lumens combined. How cool is that!

To appreciate it, you can alternate automatically between seven different colors to illuminate your lawn or walls.

They deliver an excellent light source at night that auto powers smoothly.

With a simple button, you can sit back, relax and choose whatever color you want. 

Their high-efficiency can see them go on for up to eight hours of lighting if charged for a full six.

It’s downward-facing LED casts a wide beam of light and is made of high-quality material that makes it not only water and weather resistant but very durable.

Something else: It’s effortless to install. The pole is adjustable. If you want it on the ground, simply spike it down but make sure that the soil is moist.

To hang it on a wall, they’ve included the mounts in the packaging. You’re fully sorted on all fronts.

It also comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee but only for undamaged products. If you’ve got any issues beyond this, their customer service is quite accessible. 

Key Features:

  • Luminous lighting
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Enhanced features 
  • High durability

7. YUJENY Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway LightsThis product is what you’d call small BUT mighty. Yeah, don’t let its size fool you. Glowing at 10 lumens apiece, they’re some of the brightest lights in their category. 

Colors alternate automatically and emit divine sunflower patterns on the illuminated space. The light cycle through different colors lasts about two to three seconds per color.

So, chill out and let this novelty sweep you away as it auto powers at dusk.

Yujeny has delivered a high quality and durable product. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, you don’t need to worry that the lights will go off or be blurry in adverse weather.

They’re not just built to light up pretty; they’re also made for such days. When properly charged, you’ll get optimum illumination for ten hours. 

Another thing: Installation is a breeze. Simply spike it into the ground and make sure the button’s switched on so that it charges quickly.

Count on their customer support throughout the product’s life-span. You’ll get a one year warranty and if there are any issues, a thirty-day money-back guarantee. 

Key Features:

  • Optimal lighting
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Easy to install and use
  • High quality and durability
  • Low maintenance

For Security Purposes:

These lights are better known as flood, spot or task lights. They’re built to be extremely functional and practical. Lately, their beams can be thrown further, adapted to any direction, and have high lumens. 

8. DBF Solar Lights Outdoor

Solar Lights OutdoorThis product is in a class of its own with brighter, focused light and customized options.

Its warm white is ideal for illuminating landscapes at 600 lumens.

When it comes to the color-changing part, it delivers BIGLY. It’s perhaps the only product in this category that can give you personalized options. For example, you can: 

  • Lock your favorite color. You’ve got a choice of seven radiant colors
  • Choose only RGB (red, green, and blue) to auto switch
  • Choose an all seven automatic color cycle

It’s got an adjustable panel that you can slant to optimize sunlight absorption.

For energy conversion efficiency, it has an upgraded solar panel. Its lithium rechargeable battery fully charges for a maximum of six hours in direct sunlight.

When fully charged, it can go on for six hours in summer and eight in winter. 

Seeing as they’re easy to install, you can either stake them into the ground or attach to a wall. Made of good quality ABS materials, they’re durable and have an excellent finish.

Additionally, they’re super resistant to water, heat, dust, snow and adverse weather. 

Key Features:

  • High optimal lighting
  • Easy to install and use
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Excellent quality and durable
  • Enhanced personalized features 

9. JSOT 7 Color Changing Solar Spot Lights

Color Changing Solar Spot LightsWith about 600 lumens, 18 LED, and 7 color changing spotlights, this is a pleasantly surprising product.

These lights come with an automated switch, which means they’ll auto charge at dawn and then auto power at dusk.

In terms of quality lighting, they’ll give you a reasonably long-range and bright flood of spotlight.

You can also easily adjust the spotlight’s direction to suit your projection. 

User experience: It’s got nine modes that you can use to pick the static version of each color or have it auto switch to all the colors. To install, you’ve got a couple of options.

You can either spike it into the (moist) ground or mount it on a wall.

This light is well-built with durable materials to withstand adverse weather or external pressures. Besides illuminating for security, they’re ideal for pubs, billboards, buildings and bridges. 

A sizable panel and battery mean you can optimize the charging to get about eight hours of bright lights. Once the cells wear out, it’s very easy to replace them.

Key Features:

  • Optimal lighting
  • Enhanced features 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Energy conversion efficiency
  • High quality and durable

 10. Ollivage Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway LightsOllivage’s solar pathway light delivers a superb experience.

Its clear plastic lens gives off a stunning starry pattern effect, which auto switches into seven different colors.

The colors are resplendent and very brightly lit.

As you know by now and to get your money’s worth, ensure that it’s fully charged for at least eight hours. This light at its best can give you twelve hours of awesomeness.

It’s ideal for pathways, driveways and landscapes.

Installation is an easy peasy affair. Once you’ve driven the stake into the ground, just make sure that it’s stable.

These lights auto power at dusk and auto charge at dawn. Durability seems to be one of its strongest suits.

It can withstand rain, frost, snow and adverse weather.

Their customer service is highly responsive and efficient.

It comes with a one year warranty and replacements or refunds for quality-related issues.

Key Features:

  • Optimal lighting
  • Water and weather resistant 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Energy saving 
  • High quality and durable 

How to Make the Selection

Here are six essential factors to guide your choice. 


What do you need the lights for? This is actually where the big search begins.

Are they for decoration, illumination or security?

The usage will determine the light’s intensity, which is measured in lumens.

Below are the minimum but scalable standards.

  • Decorative: 10+
  • Illumination: 50+
  • Security: 200+

Color changing

Colors enhance the mood to exude good vibes. Now add some lighting into the mix, and you’re looking at a sensational Zen experience.

Color changing lights give you a full spectrum of color options and capabilities.

From varying color options to brightness settings and lighting modes, you’re spoilt for choice.

More importantly, look out for the range of colors on offer with your chosen product.

To manage your expectations, don’t assume that what’s listed is what you’ll get. Ask probing questions, then decide. 

The Battery 

In winter, the lights won’t be as bright as they would be in summer.

Similarly, if you live in a place that doesn’t get tons of sunlight all-year-round, you’re better off with high lumens.

Brightest doesn’t mean longest. More so, if you’re interested in illumination and security. Figure out what’s more important between the two.

A good battery needs about five to eight hours charging to be fully functional.

Battery life depends on the strength of the cell. Some batteries can last from four to eight hours and a maximum of fifteen.

Make a note whether the light comes with rechargeable or replaceable battery –if replaceable; confirm that it’s available within or near your vicinity.


Excellent features enhance the user experience. During winter, for instance, you’ll need to adjust the light’s intensity for it to stay on longer.

Some lights have settings for automatic, manual, or both. Though rare, go for both. But only if the product ticks all your boxes and the reviews are positive.

Additionally, some have the brightness mode for ease of adjusting the levels of brightness. Others enable you to change the panel’s direction as you please.

Physical Durability and Quality

You definitely don’t want to buy something that unravels on day one. Consider whether it’ll withstand the roughness wrought on by nature, pets, kids and the occasional gardener.

Analyze the manufacturing materials. The best ones are sturdy plastics and steels. For casings, go for a UV protected plastic. 

To verify water, dust, and weather resistance, check for any certifications such as IP65 and FCC CE ROHS.


Don’t compromise on it. Warranty offered on a product is indicative of its quality and the seller’s commitment.

Also, no-one’s perfect. There could be faulty products or crucial parts missing that aren’t your fault to bear.

The Selection

Now that you know what to look for, here’s a choice of the 10 best color changing solar lights on Amazon. They’re broken down in terms of usage for your ease of reference.

For Decorative Purposes

Decorative lights are used to emphasize the aesthetics of a space. They don’t need to have high intensity; hence, can last for days.

Their value, though, is not just attached to the lighting component. Some people want them to look good during the day time too. In this category, there are also the accent solar lights.

They’re a cross between decorative and illuminating.

How to get the best out of your lights?

Remember: It’s not enough to get the best product. To get the best from it, you’ve got to take excellent care of it.

Some care and maintenance pointers shared by some of the manufacturers are routine. You can easily weave them into your schedule.

Regularly maintain lawns, vegetation and trees

At least twice a month or depending on how regularly they overgrow, weed out the flower beds and prune the hedges.

Clear out any overhanging vegetation that could be blocking the panels from soaking in enough energy.

Clean the fixtures 

As much as these products are resistant to elements of nature and adverse weather, they need regular checks. Simply clean the surface with a very soft brush, a soft lint-free cloth, soap, and water.

Apply the same techniques as you would cleaning windows and glass surfaces.

Check for oxidation

For this, you’d need to dismantle the battery. Before you do, refer to the manual so that you don’t miss anything. Once dismantled, what you’re looking for is a white silverish powder.

Brush it off with a soft brush. If it doesn’t come off, try sandpaper. If it still doesn’t work, consult the seller.

Readjust positions

Since they’re so easy to install, it means they’re also easy to destabilize, especially if you’ve got pets or kids. Recheck the installations and firm up where need be. If you find any broken down pieces, replace or consult the seller. 

Finding The Right Color Changing Solar Lights For You

From this choice of the 10 best color changing lights, it’s evident this industry is abuzz with mind-blowing innovations. 

Functional color changing solar lighting products can enhance your outdoors, well being and save you money. You’ve already seen how easy they are to install, use and maintain.

When sourcing the best color changing solar lights, first develop a benchmark process, use the benchmark process to choose, and then devise a plan to get the best out of your investment.

Nonetheless, don’t be alarmed if it all seems a bit much to take in at once.

As you become a regular consumer, you’re also becoming experienced at what works and what doesn’t.

Just continue to update yourself. Research exhaustively, (re)learn, and follow the latest trends on ongoing innovations.

It would actually be foolhardy not to be a solar product enthusiast.

Because sunlight is free and widely available. All you’ve got to do is figure out the best way to use it, to enrich your life.

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