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10 Best Flexible Solar Panels And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Ever since the emergence of solar power as a reliable source of energy, there has been a concerted effort in the industry to find ways to make it as affordable and portable as possible and flexible solar panels have been introduced for this purpose.

Fast forward to 2021, and we find that solar power solutions have come a long way in making this form of renewable energy much more usable and convenient compared to the heavy structures of yore.

One of these form factors that has made solar power generation more approachable is the flexible solar panel design.

Flexible solar panels combine the twin advantages of being lightweight and portable to make for a more convenient energy solution for applications where portability is important.

The flexible solar panels available in the market can be categorized under “thin-film panels” that are made with layers that are over 300 times smaller than a regular silicon solar panel.

10 Best Flexible Solar Panels Reviewed And Rated

Today there are many options for flexible solar panels in the market, and choosing between them could be a bit of a task.

So let us help make your search easier with our picks of the best flexible solar panels in the market and why we think so.

1. WindyNation 100W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar PanelIf you are in the market for the best value, look no further than the WindyNation 100W Flexible Solar Panel.

Well known for its great value-for-money options, WindyNation ticks all the right boxes to give a great return on your investment with this flexible panel.

This 100-watt solar panel has a very good conversion rate, surpassing most of the other products in the market.

With its easy-to-install system that comes with pre-drilled and reinforced mounting holes, the mounting and installation are very ergonomic too.

Owing to its lightweight and easy-to-use design, it is the perfect companion for your outdoor expeditions.

You can easily pair it up with any standard solar generator to create a great portable system that can charge your cell phone or laptop on the go.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with pre-drilled and reinforced mounting holes
  • A strong and sturdy structure that can withstand up to 1-inch hailstones
  • Can be easily mounted with Velcro
  • Resistant to water

2. GIARIDE 100W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar PanelIf you are looking to get the best efficiency out of your flexible solar panel, then the GIARIDE 100W Flexible Solar Panel might be your best bet.

With a 21% conversion rate ensured by its monocrystalline solar cells, the GIARIDE flexible panel is easily one of the most efficient options in this list.

We would go so far as to say that an array of three of these flexible panels might produce more power output than most 300W flexible solar panels in the market!

Easily affixed using adhesives, it is perfect for portable usage on vans, boats, or camping on irregular surfaces.

Installation with any of the best solar charge controllers is also very easy.

You can just integrate it with any array of solar panels too.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mounting holes that are integrated
  • Can be easily mounted with Velcro
  • Very light and portable
  • Resistant to water
  • Dust-proof design

3. Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar Panel

An all-rounder in every sense, the Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel is the one to look at if you want the best of everything, albeit with a slightly higher price.

All we can say is this flexible panel commands its pricing with an ultra-flexible and ultra-light frame that delivers.

Its great portability and flexibility ensures that it is easy to carry, transport and affix on uneven surfaces.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, this solar panel is completely waterproof and can be flexed up to an incredible 248 degrees!

95% thinner than most conventional counterparts, you can easily set it up on yachts, trucks, boats, or for any outdoor application.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be flexed up to 248 degrees
  • Withstands up to 2400Pa extreme wind
  • Withstands up to 5400Pa snow loads
  • Ultra-lightweight at 6.2 pounds
  • Reinforced mounting holes
  • Super-thin lamination

4. Kingsolar 100W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar Panel

Manufactured by one of the traditional players in the market, the Kingsolar 100W Flexible Solar Panel is a reliable and high-efficiency panel.

Known for its high energy output, your life outdoors is going to be much more comfortable if you use this to support your daily technology requirements.

Made with high transmittance ETFE material, the power transmission is 95% better than regular solar panels.

Easily integrated with any array of solar panels, you can create a high power system without any hassles.

Easily installed on any surface, it is compatible with boats, yachts, RVs, trucks, and much more.

So living off-grid with solar power at your beck and call will become the new normal for you once you start using these!

Pros & Benefits:

  • High transmittance ETFE material
  • The junction box is sealed and waterproof
  • 23.5% efficiency

5. RICH SOLAR 80W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar Panel

Specially designed for high power outputs, the RICH SOLAR 80W Flexible Solar Panel is a great solution for heavy-duty portable applications.

Easily integrated into a solar panel array, this flexible panel is ideal for charging solar backup batteries at home.

With its high output efficiency, it can be used with any good solar generator to charge the equipment’s battery and power electrical devices simultaneously.

The ETFE laminated membrane provides improved reliability and portability for varied applications.

This also ensures a long life of up to 25 years and makes it highly recyclable after usage.

The honey-comb design enhances lighting and UV light transparency.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Self-cleaning nonstick surface.
  • Resistant to fire, corrosion and tear
  • Recyclable and long life

6. SunPower 110W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar Panel

The SunPower 110W Flexible Solar Panel is a powerhouse with great efficiency and portability.

The monocrystalline solar cells used in this panel deliver a whopping 25% conversion rate, making it a top-of-the-class performer in this list.

These high output solar panels are highly durable owing to the high-quality polymer construction, providing great protection from the elements.

This makes it a perfect solution for applications with heavy-duty energy requirements like mobile homes, RVs, boats, yachts, trucks and many more.

So go ahead and check it out if you are looking for a durable energy source to support your adventures!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best-in-class power delivery with 25% efficiency
  • High-temperature transmittance
  • Solid copper foundation that improves durability
  • Weather-proof

7. Genssi 100W Flexible Photovoltaic Solar Panels

100w Flexible Solar Panel

Are you looking for a great flexible solar panel option for your boat or yacht?

The Genssi 100W Flexible Solar Panels are one of the best marine-grade solar panel options in the market today.

These durable and waterproof, solar panels come with a 22% conversion rate, making them powerful and reliable.

Besides the marine applications, these solar panels are also great for general portability applications like camping, mobile homes, and vans.

You can pair these lightweight panels with a good solar inverter or generator and use them at home or on the road with ease.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Corrosion-resistant frame made from aluminum
  • High-performance multi-layer sheet lamination
  • Resistant to water
  • High-temperature resistance

8. ALLPOWERS 100W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar Panel

Known for its cutting edge technology, ALLPOWERS also manufactures some of the most durable and lightweight solar panels in the industry.

The ALLPOWERS 100W Flexible Solar Panel is right up there with the best performing panels with its 23.5% conversion efficiency.

This panel also features a water-resistant design that is much more durable than any regular glass panel.

This ensures a great power delivery combined with a highly efficient and reliable solution.

Popular for its usage with boats and RVs, the ALLPOWERS 100W flexible panel has a thin and flexible design that can be stored in tight spaces.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reinforced mounting holes
  • Easily stored in small or tight spaces
  • Resistant to water

9. Winnewson 100W Flexible Solar Panel

100w Flexible Solar Panel

The Winnewson 100W Flexible Solar Panel is another great portable solar energy solution that weighs just 4 lbs.

It is an ideal solution for your trip outdoors where you don’t want to forgo the conveniences of technology.

The Winnewson flexible panel also ensures great resistance to extreme weather conditions due to the panel and junction box that are water-resistant.

Another reason why this could be your perfect travel companion is because of how easily it can be installed using the six evenly spaced stainless eyelets at the edges.

You can easily affix it on to any surface using glue, double-sided tape, or Velcro.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight, just 4 lbs
  • Resistant to water
  • Can be easily mounted with Velcro

10. XINPUGUANG 100W Flexible Solar Panels

100w Flexible Solar panel

XINPUGUANG is a relatively new player in the market that provides high-quality energy solutions.

Its 100W flexible panels are great for outdoor applications with a 19.6% conversion efficiency.

Durable on irregular and curved surfaces, these panels are well known for their marine solar power applications due to their resistance to seawater, high temperatures and other extreme conditions.

This is also one of the most ergonomic solar energy solutions with a ready-to-plug package that can be installed without any solar installers.

This panel is ideal for application on yachts, sailboats, coaches, cars, golf carts, camper vans, and general camping purposes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Marine-grade durability
  • Advanced multi-layer sheet lamination for reliability
  • Can withstand high wind pressure, snow loads and high temperatures
  • Great performance on irregular surfaces

Are Flexible Solar Panels Right For You?

Choosing to use flexible solar panels is really a decision you should be making on the basis of how much portability you require for your applications.

The durability you require for the application is another important factor that should weigh in on your decision.

Here is a look at some important pointers before you consider getting yourself a flexible solar panel.

Pros & Cons of Using a Flexible Solar Panel

One of the major advantages of using a flexible solar panel is its usability on any type of solar project.

Because flexible solar panels are lightweight and made from thin-film laminations, they can be easily used on projects where structural integrity might be an issue.

This means you can use them on pretty much any kind of irregular surface, be it for outdoor explorations, carports, or any other relatively unconventional structures.

The lightweight nature of these panels also means you can use it on roofs or surfaces that might not be able to bear heavy loads.

Another great advantage of using flexible solar panels is the significantly easier installation or mounting.

This means that you won’t have to bear huge installation costs for setting them up either due to the reduced labor requirement.

Again, due to how lightweight these solar panels are, coupled with the flexible nature, they are great when portability is a requirement.

You can easily pack and store them into your car, camper, or even stove them away into tight storage spaces, making them very ergonomic when traveling.

A common disadvantage with using a flexible solar panel is the comparatively lower conversion rate they offer.

This is majorly due to the thin film lamination used.

So for common applications like setting them up at home, these might prove to be comparatively costlier than traditional solar panel options since you might have to set up an array of a significant number of these panels to get sufficient power.

This would also mean that you need much more real estate to accommodate such a large array.

Flexible solar panels are more suited for application on campers, RVs, boats, and camps where the major concern is portability and durability.

The reliability coupled with enhanced resistance to wear and tear is great for application on moveable surfaces and mobile solar projects that do not require large amounts of energy.

When Should You Choose Flexible Solar Panels?

The best time to consider flexible solar panels is when you need them for portable applications.

All the panels listed in this article are great solutions for this type of requirement.

They can be easily used for your mobile solar projects like RVs, cars, boats, yachts, sailboats, mobile homes, trucks, camping, and outdoor expeditions.

The right one for you depends on the exact application and the importance you attach to each factor like efficiency, power output, weight, weather resistance, temperature resistance, or resistance to seawater.

Choosing the right flexible solar panel for you

Flexible solar panels are varied and offer a combination of different advantages.

The decision to choose a particular flexible solar panel is really dependent on the factors that are the most important to you.

If you are looking for the efficiency of power output, then the SunPower 110W flexible solar panel is the best for you, with its incredible 25% conversion rate.

If you really want to go lightweight with your usage, then the Winnewson 100W flexible solar panel might be what you are looking for, with its 4 lbs lightweight frame.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty marine-grade flexible solar panel that can withstand seawater, high temperatures, and other forms of extreme weather, the Genssi 100W Flexible Photovoltaic Solar Panels or the XINPUGUANG 100W Flexible Solar Panels might exactly be what you should go for.’

If you are looking for a flexible solar panel that is easy to store and gives great performance on the go, then look no further than the Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel.

All things considered, if you are like me and are looking for good value for your money with multiple use cases, then you can just go for WindyNation 100W Flexible Solar Panel.

It’s easy to install, has a great conversion rate, and is also well priced.

Buying Guide for Flexible Solar Panels

Besides choosing the right flexible solar panel for you, it is also important to keep these tips in mind to make an informed choice:

Efficiency & power

The efficiency of the flexible solar panel is one of the most important aspects you should be looking at, as it has a direct effect on how well it will perform when you are outdoors or traveling.

We have listed some top-notch panels with efficiencies ranging from 15 to 25%.

The power output is directly related to the efficiency and wattage of your flexible panel.

Your choice should ideally depend on the exact applications you would be using these for.

If it’s just an intermittent usage, you can easily use the cheaper lower-efficiency systems.

If the application is much more heavy-duty, like in the case of extended outdoor expeditions or trips, you should consider an array of the higher efficiency units.


Another important factor when you decide on which flexible solar panel to buy is how easy it is to install on the surfaces you are planning to mount it on.

Most of the applications of flexible solar panels involve mounting and removing them from surfaces like RV roofs and mobile homes as and when required.

So it will save you a lot of time if you get panels that are easy to install.

Some of the better flexible panels have pre-drilled mounting holes for a simple set up by screwing the panel on to the surface.

These types of panels can really speed up the installation process for you.

Size & Weight

The size and weight of your flexible panel will have a direct effect on how portable and usable it will be for applications where mobility is important.

How easily you can carry them around and how easy they are to stove away will have a significant effect on the general ergonomics of your solar power setup.

Some of the flexible panels in this list like the Winnewson 100W Flexible Solar Panel that weighs just 4 lbs is a great option to go for if you want a good lightweight solution that you can use on the go.

Industry certifications

Since flexible solar panels are normally used for non-stationary or leisure applications, a lot of them tend to have lower-quality standards compared to traditional solar panels.

In order to make sure of the quality of the flexible solar panel you are buying, it is a good practice to check for industry certifications that attest to the quality of the product.

These include manufacturing quality certifications like ISO 9001 and IEC 61215 and UL fire safety certification.

Make sure to check the data sheet that comes with the product for these certifications to make sure that the flexible solar panels have been made with the minimum manufacturing standards.

Warranty check

When getting your flexible solar panels, a good warranty period shows that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in their product.

All the flexible solar panels listed in this article have good warranties that should keep you covered for a long time.


Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (or ETFE) solar cells are superior in performance compared to polyethylene terephthalate (or PET) solar cells owing to their better light transmittance and better durability.

So this should be an important consideration while getting the right flexible solar panel for your application, especially where portability and reliability are very important.

Maintaining Your Flexible Solar Panel

Since you’ve reached this far in the article, we are guessing that you are definitely going to end up buying a flexible solar panel for your application.

So here are a few tips to maintain your flexible solar panel well to ensure long life and reliability:

Avoid bending them too much

Yes, they are flexible and you are in the market for applications where you will have to bend them.

But you should know that these flexible solar panels are bendable to a limit, beyond which they will start to crack.

So you should always try to flex them just as much as required for fitting them onto the surface you are installing them on.

Store them when not using

Some flexible solar panels are known for their all-weather credentials, flexible panels do get affected by long exposure to UV radiations, high temperatures, and any other extreme elements.

It is always a good practice to store them away when not in use to ensure their long life.

It might help to use Velcro to fasten them to your surface when in use and remove the panel whenever not in use.

Clean them regularly

Since flexible solar panels have wide-ranging applications, most of them of the portable nature, it is very common to find that they have amassed a lot of dust and dirt, not to mention bird droppings.

It is always a good practice to clean them regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and power output.

You can use a soft cloth with plain water to clean them gently on a regular basis.

Be gentle when transporting

To avoid any cracks or surface irregularities, it is always good practice to be gentle with flexible solar panels.

When transporting or storing your flexible panel, try to place them flat without stacking anything on top of them.

All About Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels have come a long way in creating a niche market for themselves, combining great portability and durability to offer reliable solutions for your mobility projects.

So be it boating, camping, trucking or any other application where you need a good source of off-grid portable power, flexible solar panels are very ergonomic solutions to keep your electric devices up and running with renewable energy.

Especially in today’s reality, where we are all carrying veritable computers in the form of smartphones, tablets, and laptops with us during our journeys, flexible solar panels provide the ideal solution for hassle-free energy to power these devices.

The flexible solar panels have the potential to simplify your full-blown expeditions with their ergonomic design and portability, all the while providing a good amount of juice so you can enjoy all the technology you enjoy on a daily basis running.

This has made an off-grid extended nomadic life possible for many who crave for it, complete with all the bells and whistles associated with modern technology.

They are also perfect if you are planning intermittent forays into remote locations, or just want a hassle-free energy solution for frequent outings that you plan.

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