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10 Best Hummingbird Solar Lights And Their Reviews

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Tim Rhodes

Having a beautiful garden is every person’s dream and what better way to make it more pleasant than adding hummingbird solar lights, that brighten the scenic beauty especially at night. 

For this purpose, many companies have stepped into the solar power industry which is more Eco-friendly and saves a ton of energy.

However, only a few have managed to capture the true essence by fusing solar energy with the one of the essentials of a lively garden, the hummingbird.

With the invention of solar powered hummingbird lights, people can project their inner satisfaction for their garden with great enthusiasm and no longer have to count their lucky stars.

10 Best Hummingbird Solar Lights Reviewed And Rated

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s our list of the 10 best hummingbird solar lights and their reviews for 2021.

1. Sooreally Hummingbird Solar Lights

Sooreally solar lights

Starting the list off we have these solar lights from Sooreally. 

Apart from being aesthetic, these lights exhibit bright and vivid colors owing to the hefty amount of LEDs present, which have the capability to project bright and beautiful colors. 

They are very easy to install owing to their pole based design. 

The lights have a decent run time of 8-12 hours when charged to their fullest, which is about 6 hours of charge time. 

The design is something that has to be paid attention to.

The hummingbirds are made of high quality light weight plastic, and the poles are made of aluminum which can resist any sort of weather.

They are guaranteed to outperform any sort of weather without even the tiniest change in their performance. 

Sooreally have water proofed these solar lights, assuring the customers that it is definitely safe to leave them out in the rain without any sort of worries.

The plastic from which the hummingbirds are made, and the stakes are assured to endure the toughest weather. Not just endure it, but also outlast it. 

The only downside to these beauties is that you will not be able to put them on a floor, since these are soft ground supported stakes. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 12 led bulbs, 5 purple bulbs inside the pole and 7 one colored led bulbs at the top to give rich, vibrant and booming colors
  • Large surface area solar panel giving maximum sunlight absorption
  • Auto color changing multi-colored lights

2. Solaration’s Acrylic Solar Hummingbird Light Stake

Solaration stake light

Solaration’s Acrylic Solar Light stake is not much different from that of Sooreally, mainly because of the design of both products.

The main difference in both products is the size of the pole and the material with which the two respective poles are made.

The pole size for Solaration’s Acrylic Solar lights stakes is 30 inches, making them very recognizable which some people might prefer while others would beg to differ.

They are also featured with automatic lights of 5 different colors, and will light up once the sun starts to set.

Although Solaration claims the casing of the product to be weatherproof, there is no clear cut indication of it being fully waterproof so one has to be careful if it starts getting a little cloudy.

However, owing to their design, they are very easy to remove from the spot where they were placed.

They are great for placing near driveways or seedbeds to give them a more vivid look even at night. 

It has a simple design and can be installed without any hassle, which many of us see as a big plus since everyone wants to avoid getting entangled with wires. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reasonable for all seasons due to the large pole size making it aesthetic
  • Stainless steel poles
  • Acrylic material used for making hummingbird

3. New Creative Hummingbird Solar Lantern

New creative lantern

Stepping away from poles and spikes for a few minutes, we have New Creative’s Hummingbird Solar Lantern.

These solar lights are not the cliche solar lights everyone has or wishes to have in their gardens, but can be a great option for people looking to go vintage. 

It offers a unique blown glass design, with painted decal design which gives the lantern the beautiful and stand out appearance, enough to catch anyone’s eye.

Unfortunately these lights are not waterproof, but are water resistant.

So care has to be taken while placing them in their respective areas, especially if one plans to place them outside, as no one would want to ruin these beauties.

The charge time of this lantern has not been specified by the company, but looking at the battery i.e 300 mAh, which is somewhat small as compared to other options available in the market, one can safely assume that it might take up to 4-6 hours to charge completely. 

These lanterns are a great option to be placed near porches or just casually hung on doors as well, where there is ample sunlight. 

They come with an easy hoop design, which frees people from any sort of wire or stake related safety hassle, making these lights even more attractive and desirable. 

The solar panel on top provides excessive surface area to absorb more sunlight, and function efficiently.

Making it last up to a considerate 6-8 hours at night which should be good enough for most customers. 

These lanterns are a bit bulky in size, which some people may find inconvenient.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be used outdoors as well as indoors
  • Easy to hang loop design for hanging purposes to avoid complexity
  • Apart from lighting, can be used as a brilliant decoration piece

4. Geartist Solar Garden Hummingbird Flower Light Stakes

Geartist solar stakes


Geartist have tried something different like New Creative, and have decided to add flowers to their solar light stakes, which not only speaks volumes of their product but also adds to its beauty. 

Ideal for almost any sort of place, these light stakes offer bright automated lights with the addition of flowers to make every penny spent on them worth it.

The IP65 build material of the solar sensor, makes sure that these solar stakes are waterproof.

The rods are made of high end material which can stand the test of weather, so you do not have to worry about them not being able to endure bad weather.

Geartist claim to have a wider surface solar panel, which absorbs considerably more sunlight and converts that sunlight into power more efficiently than any other product in the market.

When charged for 6 hours, the run time on these solar stakes is 6-8 hours at night time which is understandable considering the average battery size. 

The hummingbirds on top of the rods are made up of optical fiber, giving them strength and finesse with the LEDs inside having a nominal lifespan of 50,000 hours.

This might be a let down for some people, as the LEDs are the main things in these solar lights. Nonetheless, these are a great option for anyone looking to add to their gardens.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great and innovative for use in almost any sort of function
  • Exceptional for dry and arid areas to give them a more natural look
  • Bendable leaves and flowers

5. WSgift Solar Hummingbird String Lights

WSgift string light

Since we are on the innovation train, let’s keep it rolling and now is the time to mention WSgift’s Hummingbird String Lights.

They have taken innovation to the next level, by combining solar lights with everyone’s favorite fairy lights. 

WSgift offer these solar string lights, with a massive 30 hummingbird LEDs per pack which exhibit vibrant and powerful colors during the night time, making it hard to ignore these beauties in the market.

As environment is something that everyone should be concerned about, a great plus point to these lights is the use of Eco-friendly AA Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries. 

The build material used for the lights, is the latest IP67,

This means these lights are highly water and weatherproof, making them an ideal fit for outdoor use, regardless of the weather conditions.

The only hassle these lights come with, is their way of operating, which might be a little complex for someone who has been using rod/stake lights in the past.

These lights come with a separate 4.5 inch ground spike, which has a 7.5 inch solar panel assembly attached to it.

The fairy lights and the solar stake are to be placed near each other to optimize working, but it should not be a huge problem since, WSgift provide a detailed manual with every purchase.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Come with 3 different light modes namely chasing fade, steady on and slow fade
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Exceptional 8-12 hours run time

6. WERTIOO Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime String Lights

WERTIOO's string lights

WERTIOO’s Hummingbird String Lights are a must if you are into chimes.

These, like the rest of the solar powered lights, charge during the daytime and automatically light up at night after absorbing sufficient sunlight.

These solar chimes are a perfect fit to light up your porch or yard at night time, or even add volume to them during the daytime.

There are 7 bright LEDs placed in each of the hummingbirds respectively, which makes for exceptional emission of light during the night time making these noticeable and a must have for everyone.

The LEDs inside the hummingbirds do not heat up, unlike most LEDs.

Hence providing safety from any sort of burn damage fear, and making them safe to use near children as well, since lights do attract children. 

Like most of the solar lights, these lights are also very compatible and easy to install with no hassle of wires and spikes.

Just take them out of the box, switch on the power switch and hang them someplace where they get plenty of sunlight.

These lights are great to put on walls covered with vines, or around fences.

For indoors, they can be put up anywhere where there is sunlight coming through.

These come with a waterproof switch which keeps the inside of your solar light chime free of water even during rain. 

WERTIOO has also promised 100% money back guarantee if, the customer is not satisfied with his/her purchase or if the battery dies out without completing its promised time, which makes up for great customer service.

Some people might not be too pleased with the constant rattling sound the chimes produce, but some might enjoy it. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attractive flexible design
  • Easy to hang hook mechanism
  • A top gift idea

7. Xhope Wind Spinner Hummingbird Solar Wind Chimes

Xhope solar chimes

Next up are the Xhope Spinning Hummingbird Solar chimes, which add a different dimension to not only solar lights but to chimes as well.

Aesthetically they do not look very pleasing, owing to the complex and unique design. 

By looking at them one might wonder how these would fit in a garden, because of the amount of steel used which makes them more of an indoor product.

However, Xhope has assured that these spinning wind chimes are bound to add a rather romantic landscape to the lawn, garden or porch where they would be installed. 

These chimes also come with auto-light up LEDs, which charge throughout the day for about 6-8 hours and then run for about 10 hours.

The 600 mAH battery is installed, to make sure that these lights keep your gardens lit up at night.

Stainless steel is used for the casing, which means that these lights can somewhat withstand water and bad weather to some extent, whereas high quality plastic is used for the hummingbird design. 

Since it has just one LED, it is not the brightest of the lot, but still a viable option whether indoor or outdoor if you are willing to add a little beauty around you.

Also, there are not many settings and color shades to choose from and this might be a bit of a let down for most people. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique design for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to handle
  • Viable and strong

8. JOBOSI Clear Hummingbird Solar Chimes

JOBOSI solar chimes

Another chime designed solar light which is available in the market, is the JOBOSI Clear Hummingbird Solar Chime.

It is very similar to the previous chime solar lights, but the difference is the performance of the LEDs installed which play a major role in the decision of purchase.

The lifespan of LEDs used by JOBOSI is a whopping 100,000 hours, which makes their product reliable, easy to purchase and can even pave way for further recommendations to friends and family.

These lights like most of the others are automatic, meaning that they soak up sunlight during the day and light up as soon as it starts to get dark, making any area in which they are installed look blooming and vibrant. 

Apart from the exceptional LED working capacity, JOBOSI claims that the battery installed, will last up to a good 600 days before you would have to think about replacing them.

This is great news for people who want to buy, hang and then forget about these lights.

Not just a good performance battery, but a battery that is 100% replaceable (free of cost), if it does not perform up to its potential of 600 days. 

Easy to use design, makes these lights even more tempting for most of the customers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rainproof and moisture proof
  • A good 10 hours of run time
  • High quality and durable material build

9. MUMTOP Hanging Outdoor Hummingbird Solar Lantern

MUMTOP solar lantern

These lanterns are almost identical to that of New Creative’s.

The big difference between them is that, these lanterns are fully waterproof meaning, you do not have to worry about them even if it is raining. 

Apart from being waterproof, these come with 20 powerful LEDs to produce that bright and scintillating effect, which is bound to make your outdoors or indoors beaming.

The design and color on these lanterns is also waterproof, meaning it will not fade away if exposed to water or rain and the metal casing will keep the inner side protected at all times. 

MUMTOP has given customers the option to either use it as a lantern, or a table lamp owing to its design which is very user friendly.

It also comes with a powerful yet replaceable battery, and a wide solar panel for maximum absorption of sunlight.

With a charge time of 6-8 hours and an extraordinary run time of 8-10 hours. 

These lights like the rest of the solar lights are also automatic, meaning they will turn on automatically once it starts getting dark.

The only concern, is the fragile material (glass), which the main panel is made of. Thus handling it with care, is necessary.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adds beauty indoor and outdoor
  • Convenient to use
  • Auto-light function
  • Convenient hoop hanging design

10. GIGALUMI Hummingbird Garden Solar Lights

GIGALUMI solar lights

The last product on this list are the garden lights or lamps by GIGALUMI.

They have a very unique and simple design, which includes a pole/stake on top of which a solar light with a solar panel is attached, having a hummingbird design on it to make it look more pleasing to the eye. 

Much like the stake lights, these are also made to be just stuck in the ground and then forgotten.

GIGALUMI offer these lights in three sizes, which are 22 inches, 31.5 inches and 41 inches respectively.

Giving anyone who purchases these lights, loads of options and ideas as to where, how and when these lights are to be used. 

These lights can be used in various places and not just gardens.

They can be used near the driveways to light up the driveway at night.

They can be used near the front gates and even around the sidewalks to give your house a gorgeous look at nights even.

GIGALUMI have assured that these lights are completely waterproof and weatherproof.

They have also offered a free one year replacement warranty, which goes to show how confident they are in their product.

These lights are a definite yes for anyone/everyone looking to add something more to their property, however these are not the best at giving off explosive lumens of light.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 8-10 hours run time
  • No wires
  • Explosion proof and heating proof material

Finding The Right Hummingbird Solar Lights

There are a ton of options available on the internet, with this industry ever growing.

Nevertheless, purchase is directly linked to the purpose for which the lights are intended

No matter the size of your garden, be it a small or a big, no matter how bloomed up or arid it may be, the ten best options have been laid out for everyone.

From stake lights, to pole lights, to chimes and lanterns. Whatever one sees fitting for his/her garden, is just a click away, through the links in this post.

Every product comes with exceptional customer service care, to ensure that the customers achieve utmost satisfaction which keeps them coming back for more.

These are the 10 best hummingbird solar lights available in the market, with each possessing stellar qualities.

Whatever your choice from this list, satisfaction and happiness is guaranteed.

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