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10 Best Indoor Solar Lights And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Indoor solar lights are compact gadgets, that consume sun-based energy, to convey light to your home.

These solar-powered lights are broadly utilized and promptly accessible in the market as they are relatively cheap, utilize less energy, easy to install, and dependable.

Affordable and clean energy is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs,) adopted by the United Nations Member States.

To achieve that goal, having a solar light is recommended for all households, as solar light is a form of clean energy and it’s also very affordable.

Solar lights are a sure option if you are looking for ways to light up your space, in case you do not have access to electricity and it is a good alternative for general lighting emergencies.

Be that as it may, with such a significant number of choices available today, it is difficult for customers to make sense of which solar lighting unit is the best option for them.

10 Best Indoor Solar Lights Rated And Reviewed

Making the right choice is important because not all solar options will work as efficiently or effectively, under all types of conditions, which is we have written a review of the 10 best indoor solar lights, in no particular order.

1. Sun King Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System

Sunking greenlight
We’ve got to start this review, with the easiest to use, and the most affordable indoor solar light.

Sun King Home 120 is a completely solar-powered lamp system, that features 3 lamps, that individually have mountable switches, to help light up an entire room.

Each lamp contains a strong Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery, which enables the lamp to provide up to 24 hours of light continuously, even if it has only been charged for a day.

The USB port helps to charge your digital devices, at any time of the day.

The lamp system comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year battery life.

The solar panel which comes with this light is close-packed, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the room or wherever it is placed.

Another great thing about this solar light is that it has a little clock on its back, to show how many hours of light you have left and when charging the light, the clock tells how effective the charging is, on a scale of one to five.

The lamp also holds up to heavy rains with no issues.

With so many features packed into one, Sun King Home 120 is a must-have personal power grid, for all.

Pros & benefits:

  •  Bright enough for a small room or relatively close reading
  •  Very durable
  •  USB port for charging portable devices
  •  Simple but functional stand
  •  Comes with its batteries

2. Nature Power Solar Powered LED Shed Light

Nature power light
On the off chance that you are searching for an easy to utilize, sun based light, Nature Power Solar Hanging Lights is the choice for you.

With this light, one needn’t bother with any electrical hookups.

It comes with remote control, a lithium battery, and it can be utilized for indoor or open-air use, on account of an 8-meter long wire.

The remote control can be utilized to program the unit, to turn on or off at specific occasions, modify the brightness, or set the unit to work automatically.

I would suggest this light anytime because the remote control permits you to choose the brilliance settings.

It can be as high, or as low as you need, for at least two hours of light or limit of ten hours on a day’s solar charge and the remote can likewise keep you, from bungling in darkness for the switch.

The sun based light isn’t wired and can be put in any place in the house, shed, deck, treehouse, etc.

One novel element of this Solar light is that the length can be acclimated, to whatever length suits and subsequently make it appropriate for a roof, whether high or low.

Pros & benefits:

  • Easily adjustable length
  • Easy to mount
  • Very bright
  • Durable
  • Remote controlled
  • Lightweight

3. KK.BOL Solar Lamp

KK.BOL lamp
The KK.BOL solar light is made of excellent plastic material, that is heatproof and has been intended to have the option, to withstand variable weather conditions.

This light is easy to carry around, particularly on the off chance that you do a lot of traveling and it is useful for crisis purposes, like power outages.

The sunlight based panel has a decent mix of power rate and battery prompting, a high conversion rate empowering you to have the option to store power and charge quicker.

This solar lamp has an indicator with the goal that when the light is being charged, the indicator shows a red light and this red light naturally goes off when fully charged.

It has a total of 7 hours working time if charged fully

KK.BOL solar light radiates a splendid white light because of the 12 light producers, giving out the brightness of up to 150 lumens.

This light accompanies a USB android wire, with an interfacing line of reasonable length.

One more astounding property of this light is its capacity to be charged by different methods, particularly by any charger with a similar charging port.

Pros & benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low power consumption
  • High conversion rate
  • Can be charged electrically

4. Designers Edge Rechargeable Solar Light

Designer's edge light
The Designers Edge Solar light is a generally excellent decision since it is made out of great material that shields it from the elements.

The solar panel can retain a considerable measure of daylight and the panel is exposed to the sun through the additional wire which is long enough, to allow you to install the light, wherever you want.

The 10 LEDs present in this light give an absolute splendor that is reasonable enough for your lighting needs and even with the brightness, the bulbs do keep going for quite a while as they have a normal of 10,000 hours working time.

The Designers Edge sunlight based light has two methods of lighting and these include a full brightness and a dim mode.

In full brightness mode, all the LED bulbs cooperate to gracefully light your space for a normal of 2 hours and in dim mode, just 5 of the LED bulbs work, providing you with light, for a normal of 4 hours.

Pros & benefits:

  • Long extension cord for easy installation
  • Stand for easy mounting
  • Long-lasting Eco-friendly bulbs
  • The design is convenient and stylish
  • Two different modes for lighting

5. WONFAST Portable Gooseneck Mini Rechargeable Solar Light

Wonfast solar light
The WONFAST sun based light is made of top-notch, heatproof plastic material, that shields it from the elements, even though it’s not waterproof.

This sun based light can be charged using various methods, particularly daylight or USB cord.

Charging can take up to 10 hours when charged through sunlight, however, it takes just around 3-4 hours to fully charge, while charging through a USB cord.

The WONFAST solar light has four strong LED bulbs with a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, that radiate a brilliant, white light, giving you less stress over changing bulbs continually.

The solar light likewise has a flexible neck, which permits you to modify and change the position of the neck however it might suit your light needs, making this item refreshingly significant, by understudies and laborers.

WONFAST sun based indoor lights, also come in an assortment of colors which include; blue, green, purple, and white.

This is an extremely pleasant feature, as you get the opportunity to pick a color that suits your preferences, and your interior decor.

Pros & benefits:

  • The product is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Gives out bright white light.
  • Multiple charging methods
  • Durable LED batteries
  • The product comes in different colors to suit personal tastes

6. LightMe Solar Light Bulb

LightMe bulb
LightMe Solar Light Bulb can solve emergency lighting problems, in case of power interruption and it is suitable for vacation in different areas since it is easy to carry.

The Solar light bulb has a panel that absorbs sunlight and converts it to a form of power and there is an inbuilt lithium-ion battery in the Solar Light Bulb.

Here, power is stored so it can be used later and it is good to note that on days when the sun doesn’t shine, the solar light bulb can be charged with electricity.

The quality of lighting of this bulb is high, as it has 12 LEDs that contain lumen Epistar chips, enabling the bulb to produce a supremely bright light, of approximately 140 Lumen, which is why this piece is a good recommendation.

The total package of this solar light bulb contains; one LED bulb that is powered by solar energy, a solar panel, and a 3.5-meter long wire, which can be used to connect the bulb and the panel.

Always ensure that the solar panel is placed in an area, where the sun can easily reach it.

The LightMe bulb is made of ABS plastic material, which gives it durability and resilience.

Pros & benefits:

  • Long wire for easy connections
  • Bright, white light
  • Modified for lighting in emergencies
  • Can be charged with electricity

7. Kyson Solar Lights

Kyson lights
Kyson Solar lights, are one of the best remote-controlled Solar lights you can find.

The solar light has a gooseneck, which allows you to adjust and change the position of the neck however it may suit your light needs, making this product appreciated majorly, by students and workers.

The product also comes complete with remote control, which enables the owner of the light to place it anywhere.

Another amazing feature is that the light has 2 modes, Constant light mode (which is activated when you press the “on” button on the remote), and Intelligent Mode(activated when you press the “auto” button on the remote).

They detach easily from the solar panel, which makes it easy for carrying around the house if need be.

Pros & benefits:

  • Can withstand variable weather conditions
  • Two different working modes
  • The solar panel can be easily adjusted
  • Its light can easily be detached from the solar panel
  • It has a gooseneck, that is flexible enough to allow you, to rotate it into position

8. Tera Light – Uranus Solar Lights

Uranus solar lights
Tera Light – Uranus Solar Lights is one of the best choices in the market because of the high level of brightness of its lights, and everyone knows that it is better to pick a piece, that can give us a high level of brightness.

This particular product can supply an area or enclosed space, with an almost blinding light and this is because of its very bright light, with a lumen value of up to 1000.

Another wonderful thing about the Tera Light is its included remote control, battery indicator, and 12 feet cable, which enables you to use it easily, no matter where it has been placed.

You don’t need to place the entire product in the sun to charge, as you can just fix only its solar panel in a very sunny area, to enable it to absorb energy from the sun.

It is important to know that Tera Light – Uranus solar lights, has the rare ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, as it’s made of very strong materials.

Even with its fairly large size and the fact that it’s made of very sturdy materials, the manufacturers ensured that the product is lightweight, and therefore very easy to carry around.

It may interest you to know that Tera-Light Uranus company gives a one-year warranty on this particular product, so why shouldn’t you check it out?

Pros & benefits:

  • Ability to fill a room, with an enormous ball of glow
  • It has a remote control
  • One-year warranty on the products
  • Lightweight

9. Roxy-G2 Solar Outdoor/Indoor Lighting Kit.

Roxy-G2 lighting kit
The ROXY-G2 Solar Light is one of the great options if you want to install a solar light in your house, permanently.

Even though this light may cost more than solar lights with similar features, other wonderful features come with it.

This solar light possesses a photosensor attached to its back, which makes it turn on automatically at dusk, and turn off in daylight.

It’s an ideal product for a garage, shed, porch, or balcony and if you don’t like the automatic sensors, there’s an option to turn it off, to keep it charged for emergencies.

With a brightness measure of 150 lumens, its light is about the same quality, as the other solar lights on this list.

Nevertheless, what makes it quite different, is that it comes with different brightness options, in case you want a different brightness level.

Another amazing feature of Roxy-G2 Solar light is that its lens has been made in such a way, that it enhances the projection of the light, therefore, making the light appear brighter.

The solar panel in this kit is one of the strongest panels found in any solar kit, as its panel is firm, and its front is made of glass and aluminum frame.

Even more, the wire which connects the light to the solar panel is up to 15 feet long, enabling you to install the light and panel anywhere you want it.

There are a lot of wonderful reviews made by customers because they love the many functions, especially the bright light, and we’re sure you would love it too.

Pros & benefits:

  • Stores energy in the durable lithium battery
  • Can last all night
  • There’s an option to dim the LED if you want
  • It has a strong panel and a very long wire, to place the light anywhere
  • The photosensor feature present in this lamp makes it perfect, to serve as a security light in our houses

10. EleLight Portable Solar LED Bulb Lights

EleLight LED bulb
This solar bulb light is very simple, elegant and is great for indoor or outdoor lighting such as chicken coops, camping tent, hiking, fishing, and can be used for reading or as emergency lights in the house.

The total package comes with 12 LED lights, which have a brightness of up to 140 lumens, making it a perfect choice for night lighting.

After charging the bulbs fully, they can be used for up to eight hours straight and it is also highly efficient, whilst consuming power at a low rate.

This product has a very firm, handy hook, with a 3.5-meter-long wire that connects the bulb to the solar panel, making it easy to hang it anywhere you want, without the help of a technician.

The LED bulbs are made of special plastic material, that prevents the bulb from being broken easily, thereby making the bulbs durable.

Pros & benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be hung on a wall
  • Eco-friendly
  • USB charging enabled

Final Thoughts

The factors below are to be considered when picking an indoor light, for your space;

  • The size of your space and where you need to introduce the light
  • The length of the light-to-panel link, and whether it’s long enough from outside to your installation point
  • The measure of time you will need, to utilize the light, the perfect number of lumens, and the color temperature necessary.

On the off chance that the aesthetics of the light is imperative to you, you may likewise need to consider the structure of the light, and ensure you pick one that suits your space, in terms of color and design.

Also, remember to think about the nature of your light, assuming you will be profoundly reliant on the use of the light, and be sure to focus on those that are made with solid materials, that are intended to last.

Nonetheless, in case you’re just keen on infrequent use, some lighter-weight materials may do fine and dandy.

Remember to check the nature of the solar panel itself and ensure you get one that can withstand various climatic conditions.

Choosing The Indoor Solar Lights That Work for You

It is very important, to put your solar panel in an area that is well exposed to daylight, since this will influence how splendidly the solar light would be, as much as the amount of time it would work for.

All things considered, the more sunlight the solar light is presented to, the more the brightness and working time.

Keep in mind, if your panel will be in a zone that doesn’t get much daylight, plan to get a sun based light, that has a more significant level of brightness and longer active time.

This is to compensate, for the dimmer light and diminished working time, that will be brought about by the absence of sunlight absorption.

There are a whole lot of options to choose from, especially in this era where online stores abound.

Since you have read this review, we trust that you can identify the specific indoor light, that suits your requirements.

I entreat you to get your solar light today since it’s the best source of clean energy out there!

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