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10 Best Solar Cap Lights And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

If you live in a larger house with a porch, you probably have an open space that needs illumination after sunset, and solar cap lights are the best choice.

Several options are available, all offering lighting solutions that you can place on the wooden or PVC posts of your porch, stairs, entrance, backyard, and so on.

Solar cap lights work by harnessing the sun’s power via solar panels and converting it to energy.

Many solar deck lights have attractive designs that serve both as a security system and as a charming decoration.

They usually come with batteries (removable and unremovable) that store the converted energy.

One of their main benefits is that they are easy to install, as they don’t require wires or any complicated or potentially dangerous equipment.

Besides, they can save you a lot of money and energy.

10 Best Solar Cap Lights Reviewed And Rated

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the most convenient one for you. Now let’s get on with our list of the 10 best solar cap lights and their reviews for 2021.

1. Davinci Solar Post Lights

Davinci Solar Post Lights

Probably the most affordable solar cap lights currently in the market, available in dark and light colors.

For an incredibly low price, you will get to two cap lights with two LED bulbs each.

With their 15-lumen warm white lights, they provide reasonably good illumination and are aesthetically pleasing, too.

They can be put securely on any flat surface and can fit on any wooden post around 4×4 or 6×6 inches.

Likewise, they are easy to install with the provided stainless steel screws that will secure the cap lights to their base.

The design is sleek, simple, and the base is adaptable.

However, depending on the dimensions of your wooden posts, the base may extend over them, causing it to be exposed.

The solar cap lights outer shell is waterproof.

It is made of industrial-grade plastic with UV fade protection.

The monocrystalline cell solar panels quickly charge the 3.2V 300 mAH lithium-ion battery under direct sunlight, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

The battery provides power for 8 hours of lights, which turn on automatically at night.

These solar lights have a photosensor.

The manufacturer also provides customer support, which is helpful, although it may be a little slow to resolve problems.

Customers find the Davinci solar cap lights a reliable solution.

Likewise, they claim that the lamps produce plenty of light, regardless of their use as accent lighting or a full light source.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly solar-powered solution concerning your ambient cap lights, the Davinci solar post light is the right one for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Great ambient or decorative lighting
  • Easy installation directions

2. Siedinlar Solar Post Lights

Siedinlar Solar Post Lights

These solar post lights have a sturdy metal frame with an attractive decorative pattern that captivates buyers (and their guests).

Coming in a set of two, they are a cost-effective solution for illuminating any back or front deck area.

The Siedinlar post cap lights fit any post between 4×5 and 5.5×5.5 inches and are easy to place at any location.

They might fit on 6×6 inches lamp posts too, but the base needs to be in a reverse form or removed.

After installing them, you can begin charging the provided AA battery according to the instructions.

When the Sun is down, they will turn on automatically and provide lightning for at least 8 hours.

The warm white safe-to-use LED lights can work over 30000 hours.

However, the provided screws for fixing the lights to the posts are not as durable as the cap lights themselves.

The manufacturer provides a very convenient 24-hour customer support and a 1-year worry-free warranty.

Unfortunately, the batteries have a shorter life span.

Also, they are not replaceable, which might be a problem in the long run.

If you are looking for an attractive-looking and very bright solar cap light in the lower price range, this is a good option for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of metal
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent customer service

3. GreenLighting Solar Post Lights With Adapter

GreenLighting Solar Post Cap Lights With Adapter
Designed to fit lamp post sizes 4×4 and 5×5, these lights come with various base adapters, which makes their fit adjustable.

These cap lights can be put only on top of PVC and vinyl posts, but not on wooden ones because of their wideness.

After a full day of charge, these solar cap lights provide up to 8 hours of ambient illumination with their 5 lumen LEDs.

They have a built-in sensor that detects sunlight.

Consequently, they can turn on and off automatically, without a need for a light switch.

Also, compared to other cap lights using conventional energy sources, wires, and outlets, these lights are much easier to maintain.

The GreenLighting solar cap lights efficiently illuminate staircases, backyards, paths, and gardens, for which they are perfect for outside activities in the summer evenings.

Although made of plastic, users found them more durable compared to similar products.

These lights are available in packs of various sizes from 2-12, and you can purchase as many as you need.

If you are planning to use them for an extended time, you can get a larger pack, even if you don’t need as many initially.

This solution is economically beneficial, albeit entirely optional and depends considerably on your budget.

Nonetheless, you can have spare lights, in case you need a replacement.

The GreenLighting solar cap lights could be the right product for anyone who wants a durable yet affordable and attractively designed accent lighting source.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable
  • Come with handy base adapters
  • Have a nice design

4. Solar Basics Accent Lights

Solar Basics Accent Lights
These outdoor lights come with an internal lithium-ion (non-removable) battery, which charges through the solar panels during daylight.

The packaging also includes several attachments for mounting the lights on walls, lamp posts or using their stakes as a column for pathway light.

Although these outdoor lights have a bit larger and sturdier dimensions, their price range is unique.

Their installation can be versatile, yet simple.

Also, they offer one of the most economical environmentally-friendly solutions.

The modern monocrystalline solar panels are on the cover of the lamps protected by the weather-resistant tempered glass.

The material covering the lamps is a mixture of resin and acrylic.

Users find their design durable in harsh weather conditions.

After the battery fully charges, the 50-lumen bulbs provide up to 12 hours of light.

A reflector enhances their glow.

Each pack includes a flame and a LED bulb.

The first one has a flickering flame effect while the second is multidirectional.

Users found their light soft, warm, and reasonably bright.

Besides excellent customer service, the manufacturer also provides a 2-year warranty.

The solar basics lights are the perfect solution not only for private at-home use but also for bigger establishments.

Most users recommend these solar cap lights for patios, driveways, and so on.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three different mounting options
  • Excellent for professional use
  • Can be used in any climate

5. Classy Caps Regal PVC Solar Post

Classy Caps Regal PVC Solar Post Cap

Solar cap lights combine traditional design and high performance that will keep your area bright all night.

Available in two colors, white and tan, they are stylish and fit in almost any decor.

Yet, they are effortless to maintain.

The four LEDs cast a brilliant white light downward and shine up to three times brighter than similar products.

The Classy Caps solar lights come with two AA 1000mA Ni-MH batteries with superior performance.

They provide and a lighting source that lasts at least 8 hours after a day of charging.

Even when charged in overcast weather over the winter months, their large solar panels provide 5 to 6 hours of light.

According to users, when charged during days of long and high UV exposure, their light can last up to 12 hours.

The outer material is UV resistant PVC.

The caps don’t fade or turn yellow after being exposed to direct sunlight over time.

Additionally, you can purchase a durable external pyramid cap and base trim skirt for the protection of your Classy Caps solar cap lights.

Since their lights focus downwards, they are a genuine direct illumination source for mailboxes, house numbers, and so on.

They may be a little more expensive for single cap lights, but their design and performance suggests they are a good investment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for direct lighting source
  • Long-lasting UV resistance
  • Large solar panels provide efficient charging

6. iGlow Solar Light Post

iGlow Solar Light Post

These classy looking solar cap lights produce a genuine vintage feeling whether in black or bronze.

Coming in a pack of 4 and given their performance, they are an excellent choice.

Also, they are a budget-friendly option with guaranteed quality.

Although they are lightweight, customers found them durable and reasonably water-resistant.

The material of the caps protects the lights and the pre-installed battery from the outside weather conditions.

The bright white SMD LED is long-lasting, with an automatic light sensor.

Plus, the solar panels are made with new and improved technology.

The packaging includes various fence post attachments and parts for mounting these solar cap lights.

When used in a smaller area, the iGlow solar lights provide reasonably good illumination.

Unfortunately, they are not sufficient for huge decks and backyards.

Nonetheless, compared to products in a similar price range, the battery charges quickly (within 4-6 hours even in the shade).

Yet, the directions of the installation process are not quite clear, but the customer service can help.

It is also worth noticing that they fit solely on square 6×6 fence posts with no possibility for adjustment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reasonably cost-efficient
  • Quick charging time
  • Beautiful, eye-catching design

7. Torchstar Solar Post Lights

Torchstar Solar Post Cap Lights
These solar post lights have 8 LEDs emitting warm white light in a 360° angle.

They come with two 600mAh batteries.

Solar panels quickly and efficiently charge the batteries during the day and provide at least 12 hours of light during the night.

Made of PVC, wood, or vinyl, these Torchstar cap lights are compatible with posts of various sizes.

The packaging includes all attachments needed to mount the lights to fenceposts or other flat surfaces.

The lights have a beautiful design.

They are waterproof, UV resistant, and withstand extreme outside temperatures.

They can also serve as an ABS lampshade.

With adjustable light direction, the emitted light is softer and perfect for evening hangouts.

The manufacturer provides excellent customer service and a 12-month warranty.

Users reported pleasant, ambient lighting.

Moreover, they are satisfied with the sturdiness and durability of this product.

Compared to other lights in a similar price range, the Torchstar cap lights are a little larger.

Coming in a pack of two, they are a good option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly and solar-powered outside light source.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide compatibility with fest posts and railings
  • 360° angle illumination for extra brightness
  • Come with a lampshade

8. Noma Solar Post Lights

Noma Solar Post Lights

These outdoor waterproof cap lights will give your garden, deck, or patio a sleek and modern touch.

The solar-powered LED fence lights, charged by monocrystalline solar panels, can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Undoubtedly, they will last for years.

They are easy to install on any 4×4 or 6×6 fence post.

Customers verify their high-quality performance.

Coming in a 6-pack, they are one of the most affordable solar cap lights currently in the market.

This product is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a practical, modern-looking, sun-powered solution for outdoor lighting.

The LEDs are not too bright, although they do offer subtle ambient lighting.

Their brightness considerably depends on the level of the light outside, as they are sensitive to any source of illumination, even artificial ones.

Regrettably, the batteries included in the packaging have the capacity to store only 300 mAh.

However, the batteries are replaceable, and you can install some with a larger capacity.

That way, with just a little more investment, you will have longer hours of illumination throughout the night.

Pros & Benefits:

  •  Cost-efficient
  • Satisfied customers
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Modern, yet durable design

9. Garden Sunlight Solar Cap Lights

Garden Sunlight Solar Cap Lights

If you have a larger outside area that needs illumination, you probably require more cap lights.

In this case, a budget-friendly 12-pack of solar-powered cap lights is a great option.

Made of plastic, these lights have a modern, classy, yet durable design.

Made with the latest technology, their solar panels provide users with a super-efficient charging experience.

The panels power a pre-installed 3.2V lithium-ion battery, which stores enough energy for the lamps to last up to 8 hours after a full day of charge.

Each cap light has 5 LEDs emitting bright white illumination with a light output of 78 lumens.

These Garden Sunlight solar cap lights emit a light up to 20% brighter than that of similar products.

It’s also worth mentioning that they don’t have broad compatibility; they fit only on 5×5 vinyl or plastic fence posts.

Technically, you can put them on a smaller post.

Additionally, you may have to use different (longer) screws or attachments for their installation.

Despite that, their quality and efficiency earned them a perfect customer review score.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Verified quality and durability
  • Come in a bigger, more economical pack
  • Brighter light source compared to other similar products

10. Westinghouse Solar Post Lights

Westinghouse Solar Post Lights

Another cost-effective solar cap light option that is available in sets of various sizes.

Although Westinghouse solar posts lights are a little more expensive compared to similar products, their quality, verified by satisfied customers, justifies the price.

Mountable to 4×4 posts, these lights come with highly precise instructions and measurements so you can determine ahead with certainty if they fit your requirements.

Their LED bulbs provide up to 10 hours of cool white illumination each night after a day of charge, depending on the weather and seasons.

They shine brightly for approximately 6 hours.

After that, they become dimmed but still provide a subtle light source.

This feature makes them perfect if you are looking for more brightness during early evenings and only some security lights after midnight.

With each light comes a powerful 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery, a cap light base, and a rail adapter for easy mounting.

Although the included screws are small and of lower quality, new users found these lights surprisingly easy to install.

After attaching them, you can pull off the battery cap to make them ready for the charge.

The manufacturer’s customer service is responsive to any inquiries or potential problems related to its product.

Pros & Benefits:

  •  Auto-dim energy-saving feature
  •  Easy to place on any flat surface
  •  Come in various pack sizes

Tips For Choosing the Best Lights

Before opting for any of the solar cap lights available, you need to consider the exact measurements of your posts so you can find the right fit.

Nonetheless, if you are not sure about the dimensions, you can choose the lights that are compatible with all types of posts and surfaces.

You also have to think about safety and durability.

One of the reasons people are choosing to install cap lights on their porches, stairs, or entrance areas is that they provide safe passage.

You want to make sure you invest in a product that you can rely on for an extended period.

The longevity of the cap lights depends on their ability to resist harsh weather conditions and exposure to UV light.

For example, some plastic shells might crack or dent or white paint can fade or turn yellow.

Another thing that you need to consider is the color and the design of the lights.

Make sure they fit your decor.

Also, pay attention to the options for brightness and the direction of the emitted lights.

Some solar panels charge batteries more efficiently than others, giving you more stored power.

Also, some deck lights may be sensitive not only to sunlight but also to other artificial lighting.

All these aspects will affect the final price of the product, as higher quality lights are costlier.

The amount you are likely to spend depends on your budget.

You should consider investing in a mid-range solar cap light that lasts longer and thus makes it cost-effective.

Finding The Best Lights For You

Solar energy is the most affordable environmentally-friendly alternative energy source available.

Using a sun-powered option as your outdoor lighting source is a great way to save time, energy, and money.

You don’t need wires or any complicated equipment to install or use solar powered lights and caps.

Since many solar cap lights have a light sensor, they turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

You can even choose the intensity of the lights, depending on whether you prefer only subtle accent lights or you need them bright enough to read.

In any event, they are a great investment if chosen wisely.

High quality and properly installed solar cap lights can last for years.

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