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10 Best Solar Rope Lights And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

If you’re enthusiastic about beauty in and around your house, you’ll find solar rope lights to be a formidable home accessory.

Rope lights are a favorite lighting solution for homeowners and event organizers who want to augment the existing decoration and give it a new lease of life.

Let’s talk a little more about convenience.

You don’t need to switch your garden lights on every sunset and off every dawn since solar rope string lights are automatic; they light up in the evening and turn off at sunrise.

10 Best Solar Rope Lights Reviewed And Rated

Here is a list of the top 10 best solar rope lights in which you might be interested for 2021.

1. Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar Lights

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar Rope LightsThis product is great for those looking for a lighting solution that matches their valuable investment.

Oak Leaf outdoor solar rope lights offer you and your family the convenience of illuminating your home using string lights in and out of season.

One thing I’m sure you’ll love about this product is that it offers you the flexibility to choose between steady-on light mode and the flashlight mode to create an ideal atmosphere in different occasions.

After installing these solar string lights, you’ll forget about electricity bills.

Oakleaf products are fully powered by solar energy.

A 41 feet long rope of string lights and 100 LEDs ensures that your favorite lighting solution is ideal for both outdoor and indoor decoration.

You can decorate your house for warming parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations, Christmas festivals, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Automatic function
  • Malleable PVC tube cover

2. Aluvee Solar Rope String Light

Solar Rope String Light

This product is good for those looking for a lighting source for decorating their home’s outdoor garden, Christmas trees, and wedding party trees.

You will particularly find this product ideal for lighting swimming pools as Aluvee solar rope string light is fully waterproof.

Like Oak Leaf solar rope lights, this product has two light modes (steady-on and flashing modes) giving you absolute control over the choice of lighting mode for your function or atmosphere.

You can never run short of color choices with Aluvee rope light since this product comes with 100 LED lights with an option to choose among nine different colors.

Owing to it’s beautifully designed attractive LED lights, this product has no limitations on whether you can use it indoors or outdoors.

Aluvee rope lights come with a 33 feet long rope light, allowing you to spread the lights over a wider area to create a lively stage for various occasions and functions in your home garden.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible rope string
  • Fully water-resistant
  • Automatic power ON/OFF
  • One -year warranty

3. IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope Lights

IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope LightsThis product is good for those looking for a solar rope light that can be both mounted on house walls and fixed into the ground.

With 8 different lighting modes, these lights provide the best opportunity to control the mood at your parties.

Are you planning to hold an all-night party and you’re worried about your lights dimming out too soon?

It cannot happen with IMAGE 8 Modes rope solar lights, which come with a 2400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that can light up your garden for over 10 hours.

This product has 200 LED lights and detachable design, allowing you to carry the panel outdoors for charging during the day while the lights remain indoors.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 2-way installation
  • Short battery charging time
  • High capacity battery
  • More running hours
  • Multiple light colors

4. SOCO Solar Rope String Lights

SOCO Solar Rope String Lights

This product is good for those looking for a durable lighting product ideal for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties.

The lovely blue color of SOCO rope string lights meshes perfectly with your favorite holiday decorations.

Rope string lights have 8 different light modes and an automatic ON/OFF function.

A waterproof covering for SOCO lights indicates that you can confidently use them to light up your swimming pool, bathroom, gardens, and trees, without the fear of damaging or short-circuiting them.

Moreover, SOCO’s 200 LEDs on a 72 feet long rope string don’t only give you an ideal lighting experience but also guarantee the safety of your children and pets owing to its low voltage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Low voltage
  • Long lighting hours
  • Sensor technology
  • Waterproof
  • High energy conversion

5. BINZET Outdoor LED Solar String Rope Lights

BINZET Outdoor LED Solar String Rope Lights

These lights are perfect for weddings, garden parties, patios, gates, and yards.

BINZET LED solar rope lights can turn your nights into starry.

Supplied with 100 LEDs, this product has a warm-white glow that gives a cozy festive touch to your backyard.

It comes in a 2-pack; each pack consists of a 36 feet long rope string made from thin flexible copper, giving you the opportunity to be creative with shapes and designs to define your occasion.

With automatic light and dark sensor technology, coupled with low power consumption, BINZET solar rope lights guarantee you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted lighting.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Automatic sensor technology
  • Up to 12-hour illumination
  • 8 different lighting modes

6. LTE Solar Rope LED String Lights

LTE Solar Rope LED String LightsThis product is good for those looking for a solar rope lighting solution for both illumination and decoration.

LTE solar rope LED string lights have eight light modes that can suit your mood.

You can change these light modes from steady-on to flashlights with a combination of colors like weave, slow fade, on and off twinkle, etc.

LTE LED lights have an IP55 rating, meaning you can use them underwater or in rainy conditions without the risk of damaging them.

This product has an excellent energy saving ability, as after a full charge it can run for up to 12 hours in steady mode and 24 hours in other modes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • DIY-super long rope
  • Wall and ground mounting
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Long working hours
  • Multiple lights modes

7. LiyuanQ Solar String Outdoor Rope Lights

LiyuanQ solar string outdoor rope lights are good for those looking for ones with superior energy conversion and a 360-degree illumination experience.

These solar lights come with an IP65 cover that bestows on it the power to survive all sorts of harsh weather conditions.

If you care about the safety of children and pets, this product gives you peace of mind because Liyuan LEDs hardly overheat and work with low voltage.

The product has an extremely flexible wire that allows you to shape the lights into absolutely anything and twist them around objects.

For those interested in a charming romantic atmosphere in their garden, living room, or bedroom, LiyuanQ’s solar rope lights are your ideal choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 8 amazing light modes
  • 360-degree lighting
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Super high energy conversion efficiency

8. Lychee Halloween Rope Lights

Halloween Rope LightsThese Halloween rope lights are good for those looking for a combination of simplicity and aesthetic touch.

Lychee rope light’s 1200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery guarantees up to 10 hours of lighting experience.

The product combines solar powering technology and high water resistance, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The product has three light modes, steady mode, flash mode, and an off mode, giving you full control of your atmosphere.

Durability should not be a major concern for Lychee rope lights, as the manufacturer guarantees up to 50,000 lighting hours.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Up to 50,000 working hours
  • 1200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • IP65 rating

9. Lalapao Solar Rope Lights

Lalapao Solar Rope LightsLalapao Solar Rope Lights are a good choice for those looking for an outdoor lighting solution with an all-round bright lighting experience.

The product consists of 4-pack including four 33 feet long rope string lights each with 100 LEDs and a separate solar panel.

The product boasts of a 360-degree viewing angle, providing light all around your garden.

Lalapao solar rope lights come with eight impressive light modes for your different occasions and environments.

With a rating of IP64, this product is not only waterproof and heat resistant but also highly durable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • All-round lighting experience
  • High energy conversion rate
  • Impressive 8 light modes

10. Mpow 33 Feet 100 LED Solar String Lights

Mpow 33 Feet 100 LED Solar String Lights

This product is good for those looking for a warm white glow that is ideal for patios, gardens, and parties.

Its 33 feet long rope is made of flexible copper, which means you can coil it around objects and into various shapes to suit your occasion.

Like other lights, it comes with an automatic ON/OFF function that is responsive to daytime and night-times.

Mpow string rope lights are IP64-rated hence are both heat-resistant and waterproof, making them sufficiently durable.

The warm white light and high water and heat resistance give these lights an edge over many other similar products.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly durable
  • Warm white light glow
  • Automatic ON/OFF feature

Why you should use solar lights

Here is the list of reasons why you should opt for solar powered decoration lights.

1. Solar is the modern trend

Home lighting systems, water-heating solutions, irrigation pumps, vehicle powering systems, and virtually every energy-consuming system is shifting from electricity and petroleum to solar power.

We prefer solar power to other energy alternatives for its affordability and zero environmental pollution effect.

2. Healthier option

Humans are increasingly becoming conscious of environmental issues.

Since solar energy conversion systems have no known effects on human health, we consider solar powered light systems both healthier and cleaner home lighting and decoration alternatives.

3. Easy installation

Forget about hiring electricians to install lights, repair broken electrical cables, etc.

Solar lights can be installed anywhere and by anyone, regardless of expertise and experience.

Solar rope lights bring out the expert in you as you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to install them in your house or garden.

4. No more bills

Are you tired of electricity bills at the end of the month?

Although the initial investment might seem intimidating for some models, over time you’ll realize that solar lights save your money since you have no regular charges for the product.

5. Zero maintenance fee

Solar powered lights use LED lights that don’t overheat and have a relatively long lifespan.

All solar light components, including the inbuilt rechargeable battery, LEDs, and solar panel have an average of 20-30 years of maintenance-free operation.

What to do in case your solar lights won’t work

Rarely do these lights not work.

However, if that happens, you might not need to contact the retailer.

Here are a few home fixing tips you might want to try out first.

1. Remove the battery pull tab

Newly purchased rope lights have a tab between the battery and device terminals.

This tab stops batteries from discharging.

If the battery isn’t powering your solar lights nor it is charging, check for this tab and remove it.

2. Test the solar panel

Most rope lights have a sensor technology to turn them off during the day when lights are not needed, you might not know whether the system is working.

To test the lights, you may need to simulate darkness by completely covering the solar panel.

3. Ensure the manual switch is ON

Sometimes you don’t notice the ON/OFF switch behind the solar device.

The automatic ON/OFF system works only if the manual switch is in ON position.

If your device is not working, check and make sure the switch is ON.

Note that your battery may also not charge unless the device is switched on.

4. Clean the panel

Accumulation of dust and dirt might reduce the amount of light reaching the photovoltaic cells in the solar panel.

Since solar panels power the solar lights by converting sunlight into electrical energy, wiping off dirt may solve the problem.

5. Try regular dry cells

Solar light might sometimes fail either because the battery isn’t charging or the panel isn’t working.

Try powering the lights with ordinary dry cells.

If the system works with regular batteries, try charging your solar battery for 72 hours and check the lights again.

If normal batteries do not power the light, you may have to replace either the rechargeable solar battery or the panel.

Most models come with a warranty; hence, the retailer should replace the product.

How solar rope lights work

Most of the products on this list come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and a solar panel.

During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electrical power charges the inbuilt battery.

To conserve energy during the day, since you don’t need light at daytime, these products have a light sensor technology that switches off the LED lights at dawn.

At sunset, the automatic ON/OFF switch turns on the LED lights and the battery discharges it’s stored power to run the lights.

If you turn the device switch off;

  • The solar battery won’t charge
  • The automatic power ON/OFF switch won’t work

Some models are so efficient at energy conversion such that the battery can still charge fully even under minimal exposure to direct sunlight.

Installation, Care, and Maintenance

You don’t have to be an expert or have any experience during installation

To fix your lights, you can simply hang them around objects, furniture, trees, rails, swimming pool edge, bath, etc.

You can simply shape them into designs that appeal to your desire.

You only need to ensure that the solar panels have direct contact with the direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight ensures a shorter charging time and a better charging.

There are no uniform rules and regulations for maintenance.

Carefully read the instructions manual that comes with your product to learn more about basic care and maintenance requirements for your product.

What are the available solar rope lights options?

You might want to consider the available solar rope lights options before you choose a particular model or brand that best meets your home lighting expectations and falls within your financial limits.

The differences among these products might be about the brand, model, number of LEDs, battery capacity, and panel energy-conversion efficiency.

For example, some solar rope string lights models have 100 LEDs while others have up to 200 LEDs.

Whether you should opt for 100 LED or 200 LED solar rope string lights, it depends on the amount of light you require, the size of space you want to light up, and probably how much money you wish to spend on the product.

Models also come with different battery sizes such as 800mAh, 1200mAh, or 2400mAh, which also influences the brightness of the lights.

How to select your ideal solar rope string lights

Ensure that you get it right when you go out shopping, we have a list of factors that you may consider before purchasing.

1. Panel size

Larger solar panels have more photovoltaic cells, meaning that they charge the battery within a shorter time than smaller panels.

This assures maximum battery charge even with partial sunlight throughout the day.

If you live in a region that is partly cloudy for most of the year, you’ll rather consider buying a product that comes with a larger solar panel.

2. Energy conversion efficiency

Averagely, solar lights have a sunlight-to-electricity energy conversion efficiency of about 13%.

A few, however, have higher conversion rates, meaning they can charge the battery much faster than average solar light products.

3. Battery capacity

The capacity of a solar battery determines how much charge it can hold after a full charge and by extension the maximum working hours for your solar lights.

For instance, a product powered by a 2400mAh battery will light up your space for more hours than a product with a 1200mAh capacity battery.

If you want longer operational time, you’ll want to invest in a higher capacity battery solar rope lights product.

4. Light brightness

LEDs glow more brightly if the solar battery is fully charged,

The amount of light partly depends on the strength and duration of sunlight.

We can, however, not underrate the effect of the quality of your solar battery and the size of LED lights that come with your product.

Solar rope light with a high capacity battery, larger LED lights, and large-sized solar panels will give you brighter lighting experience.

If you desire to have brighter lights, you should consider a solar rope lights product with at least 1200mAh battery, large LEDs, and a bigger panel, although this will cost more money.

Pros and cons of these lights

As you plan to go shopping for solar rope lights to light up your home or garden, or to decorate your anniversary celebration, you should keep in mind that everything has a downside.

You should learn about both the advantages and the disadvantages of installing solar rope lights in your external and internal spaces.

Now onto the pros and cons!


1. Aesthetic value

Do you intend to add some beauty to your birthday celebration party, wedding dinner party, Christmas festival, or baby shower?

These solar lights decorate your venues with minimal effort and without the need for any expertise to install them.

If you want to show your guests how creative you can be, these products give you the flexibility to bend your rope string lights into creative shapes and designs.

2. No more bugs

Solar rope string lights produce a warm white glow that is ideal for your outdoor venue but not for insects in your garden.

You don’t have to worry about bugs invading your garden if you use these lights to spice up your party.

3. Cozy

Would you like to improve the ambiance?

These solar lights improve the beauty of your space and create an ideal atmosphere for any occasion.

You also have the freedom to choose one of the modes that come with solar rope lights.

4. Economical

Solar rope lights are for those looking for a pocket-friendly quality lighting product.

Whether you’re buying them for outdoor or indoor spaces, solar rope lights are fairly affordable.

5. Length choice

Solar rope lights give you a chance to choose between long or short rope lengths.

If you want long solar rope lights, you’ll probably be more comfortable with solar rope lights with 200 LEDs.

Those who don’t care about the length can save some little cash by buying 100 LED solar rope lights.

Basically, the number of LED lights increases with an increase in the length of its rope.


1. Durability

There are so many solar rope light brands into the market and each comes with different quality standards.

You might not be able to distinguish between the best quality and the on-durable brands so easily.

However, if you choose one of the rope lights we have discussed above, you’ll get value for your investment.

2. There is no ideal length

You will be disappointed if you go out looking for a fit-all string length.

Some solar lights products come with a 16 feet long rope, others come with 20, 33, 41, 72, etc.

You may have to do some preliminary assessment of your space before you purchase your favorite solar rope lights.

3. Prohibitive cost

Solar lights are generally cheap in the long-run, considering that there are no monthly bills or maintenance costs once you buy them.

The good news is that you still have the option of buying cheaper, more affordable solar light products.

Some models have only the basic features, sufficient to create an aesthetic atmosphere.

Finding The Best Lights For You

Solar energy is environmentally friendly, cheap, safe, and renewable.

Most home lighting products use solar as the preferred energy source.

Choosing the best solar products requires knowledge of the available products in the market, their features, and their pros and cons.

To make an informed choice, you need to consider how they work, their maintenance and how to fix common problems.

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