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10 Best Solar Screens And Their Reviews For 2021

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Looking for the best solar screens?

Now you can easily purchase solar screens online and install them yourselves without any hassles.

With an option of controlling the amount of light you want inside your homes, solar screens are proving to be the perfect Summer accessory to own.

The benefits? Lesser heat means lesser air conditioning costs, and not to forget the protection against the harmful UV Rays & Infrared Rays.

10 Best Solar Screens Rated And Reviewed

With that said, let’s get on with our list of the 10 best solar screens reviewed and rated for 2021.


We’ve all heard of SAINT-GOBAIN the mirror makers, but now the same manufacturer has its own range of Sun Guard Screens under their sub-brand ADFORS.

This Sun Guard Screen made from Fiberglass blocks an ample amount of the sun’s rays from entering your home or office, thereby reducing energy costs.

These can be easily installed on your windows, sliding doors, decks and patios.

What’s more is that these solar screens come with a Greenguard Gold Certification which basically means that this product is safe to use in healthcare facilities and schools due to its low chemical emissions.

While cutting down on the harmful rays of the sun, this Solar Screen has enough space for fresh air to pass through and keeps your space well ventilated with some light filtration.

And for the ones who have noticed their furniture and drapes fading due to the excess sunlight, the Solar Screen also prevents the same in turn increasing the longevity of your home accessories.

It’s not the easiest to install as you need to create a frame to install it on first, all you need to do is read the manual and install the Screen, and you need to have a basic tool kit handy.

It’s a one way screen, which means that during the day it allows one to see outside, but in the evenings with the lights on inside, your space would be visible from the outside so you may need drapes for privacy.

Available in packs of one, two, three or five, you can pick as per your specific needs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Protects your building from the harmful UV Rays of the sun by blocking 75% of the Sunlight
  • Helps in saving on air-conditioning costs as it prevents heat from penetrating the doors or windows
  • It is free of ortho-phthalates which earns it the Greenguard Gold Certificate
  • Keeps your furniture, drapes and carpets from fading, which is usually one of the persisting problems with direct sunlight

2. PHIFER Super Solar Screen

PHIFER Super Solar Screen
Another Solar Screen to consider is the one offered by PHIFER, an American manufacturer, that is one of the best makers of Insect Screens and Solar Protection Fabrics in the market.

This Screen protects the inside of your buildings from the suffocating heat of the sun and its glare and also from the harmful UV Rays that is one of the causes of Skin Cancer, resulting in a healthier and carefree lifestyle.

This is a great product for home owners and office buildings that seek daytime privacy with exceptional visibility of the outside.

Much like its counterpart ADFORS, this too comes with a Greenguard Gold Certification which suggests that it is also environment friendly and suitable for most types of structures.

What’s more is the PHIFER super solar screens are made from recyclable fabrics which helps it in doing its bit for leaving behind a minimal carbon footprint which is the need of the hour considering the Worldwide increase in carbon emissions.

The PHIFER Solar Screening works even when your doors or windows are open.

By blocking almost 90% of the Sun’s rays, this Super Solar Screen keeps the inside of your building safe from any damage that is generally caused by the light of the sun.

It also makes your TV viewing experience much better as it blocks the sun’s glare from reflecting on your TV screen.

Made from Vinyl coated fiberglass makes this Screen very durable, and by following the instructions carefully you will realise that the installation is not that difficult either.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Blocks 90% of the sun’s rays from entering your home or commercial establishment resulting in reduced energy costs
  • With protection from the harmful UV Rays, this product promotes a healthier lifestyle and comes with a seal of the Melanoma International Foundation (MIF)
  • Made from 100% recyclable fabrics
  • Comes with a 10 year exterior warranty

3. HIDBEA One Way Window Film

HIDBEA One Way Window Film
The HIDBEA window film gives a mirror effect when viewed from the outside which gives one ample privacy during the day time, and allows sufficient light to pass through enabling you to carry out all your daily chores with ease.

HIDBEA offers a non-adhesive static cling application that attaches to your doors or windows with utmost ease and can also be removed easily without leaving any marks on the glass.

Much like the purpose of solar screens, this reflective film protects your home and office space from the invasive sunlight and also the Ultraviolet rays that cause damage to your eyes and skin.

And over time it makes it your money’s worth by helping you save on the mounting costs of electricity since it also blocks the heat from penetrating inside your building.

By also reducing the sun’s glare it also makes TV viewing or working on your laptops or desktops much more enjoyable.

As is the case with most solar screens out there, once the sun sets people on the other side of the window will be able to see the inside of your room, but having a set of drapes or blinds handy can help keep your privacy in check.

It is fairly easy to install, just make sure to remove the protective layer, and to use a lot of soapy water which will help in squeezing out all the air bubbles that may form on the film’s application.

The HIDBEA films are made from Vinyl which are slightly less durable than their Fiberglass counterparts, but with its easy to apply and remove capabilities, that shouldn’t be much of a bother.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Prevents 91% of the Sun’s rays from entering your rooms, thereby reducing the overall damage caused by UV Rays
  • The mirror reflective film adds style to your ordinary looking glass panes
  • The Static cling application makes it very easy to apply and remove if required, and protects your glass from ugly looking marks
  • With advanced heat blocking technology, save money on your electricity bills

4. GILA Glare Control Smoke Film

BDF Window Film
Another Solar Screen to consider is the one offered by GILA FILMS that offers effective glare control while allowing enough Sunlight to slip through.

If you don’t mind a little Sunlight while enjoying a reduced glare and protection from UV Rays, then you would find this product to be the most suited for your needs.

This Smoke Film is ideal for people who heavily use any type of electronic devices like your computer screens or the TV or your touchpads, by reducing the outside glare up to a decent extent.

UV Rays which are harmful for your skin and eyes, and also cause your furniture and carpets to fade, are reduced by a significant percentage ensuring a safe and secure environment and reduced maintenance costs.

There is also protection from the full brunt of the Summer heat, that increases the life of your air-conditioners and brings your energy consumption down making it a much sought after investment over the long run.

The GILA film allows for an easy DIY installation as the screen has an adhesive material that easily clings on to the glass, and is also quite strong and durable.

You can cut the film as per the size of the windows or doors, and can be applied to both single pane or dual pane windows, for a better and smoother installation experience we recommend the involvement of two people.

It can be used on glass, plastic or plexiglass materials with ease, and can easily be peeled off for future use as well.

This product comes with a Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects with a no-charge replacement on the submission of a valid warrant claim.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Makes viewing electronic screens comfortable
  • It keeps your house cool by rejecting almost 46% of the Sunlight from entering your premises
  • Keeps your environment healthy by blocking the harmful UV rays by as much as 98%
  • Can be peeled off easily and reused as per need

5. BDF Window Film

BDF Window Film
Another solar screening product to look out for is the one offered by BDF or BUYDECORATIVEFILM which maintains the perfect balance between light exposure and heat control, ideal for the ones that enjoy a little bit of Sunlight.

The BDF film gives a classic tinted look to the windows without seeming either too dark or too light, so that you can savour the Sunlight, without letting the heat in making you uncomfortable.

If privacy is not a problem then this is the film to go for, as the black tint doesn’t black out the view from outside.

It helps you in keeping your space environment friendly by reducing your energy consumption and promoting a responsible lifestyle and in doing your bit at making the World a greener place.

Since this Solar Screen reflects off the UV Rays, you can rest assured that your furnishings are safe from fading off.

Also if you have houseplants, then you might just love this product as the limited Sunlight that enters should keep your plants healthy.

And to make installation seamless, the packaging also comes with a set of tools (a squeegee and a pen-knife) and an instruction manual, just make sure to use lots of soapy water to prevent the film from sticking to unwanted surfaces.

Ensure delicate handling as the slightest fold would create a permanent mark on the film, but with the instruction booklet and the right tools in place it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A mildly dark film that ensures minimal view-shielding and optimal heat control to make your indoors ideal for Summers
  • Cost effective as it reduces your air-conditioning costs and even prevents your furnishings from wearing off due to exposure to direct Sunlight
  • The film is quite durable and is made to last for many years, for its use of strong adhesives
  • A DIY-friendly product that comes packed with a basic tool kit and an instruction manual for ease

6. ARTHOME One-Way Mirror Film

ARTHOME One-Way Mirror Film
Another decent buy off the racks is ARTHOME’S One-Way Mirror Film that is another glue free product, that makes peeling it off and reusing it easier, and it has no chemical release either.

Much like a few others in the market, this vinyl film too has a static cling property which makes it free of adhesives creating a lesser impact on the environment, making your space more sustainable.

It keeps most of the Sun’s heat and light out, and helps in bringing down the energy costs significantly while allowing privacy during daytime, and promotes exceptional thermal insulation due to its thickness.

Sheltering from the harmful UV Rays is also what this Mirror Film provides, that ensures a safer atmosphere inside, by protecting your skin and eyes.

Although this film is easy to clean and maintain and has a scratch-free coating, it is not friendly with plastic or plexiglass surfaces, or frosted glass either.

There is an option to choose from 4 different sizes as per the dimensions of your doors or windows.

This too comes with its own tools for installation and an instruction guide along with an anti-scratch layer on the surface is what makes this film easy to put up yourselves without any additional hand.

You can place it anywhere from your bedroom to your living room or your office, and can sit back comfortably and carry on with your various activities.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rejects 85% of the Sun’s heat thereby making the rooms more Summer friendly and resulting in reduced electricity costs
  • Blocks 98% of the UV rays resulting in a healthier lifestyle, and prevents the furnishings from losing their character
  • The 0.19mm thickness provides superb thermal insulation
  • A static cling design that is glue free that makes it easily removable and reusable that aids environment protection

7. FILMGOO Blackout Matte Glass Tint

FILMGOO Blackout Matte Glass Tint
This Glass Tint by FILMGOO blocks off 100% of visible light and is a great product for night-shift workers and napping kids as it improves the sleep quality exponentially during day time.

It protects your privacy perfectly at all times of the day as it prevents light from passing through from either side of the Solar Screen, and if you work better under complete darkness from the daytime glare then this could be a good choice for you as well.

For the ones planning to build a home theater system, you may find this film to be very ideal as it would prevent any glare or excessive light from reflecting on your TV screen giving you an immersive experience.

Since there is absolute protection from Sunlight, this also means that it protects you from the Ultraviolet Rays and also blocks the heat of the sun, resulting in savings on your energy costs and in promoting an eco-friendly environment.

This film is also frosted that adds a little bit of a texture to the surface.

The product is glue free with no chemical discharges that makes it easy to remove without leaving any residue, and also makes the product reusable as and when one finds the need to.

The non adhesive nature of this film makes the installation process quite uncomplicated and hassle free.

The Screen is suitable for smooth and flat glass surfaces, and good for your sliding doors, windows, kitchen or patio doors, bedroom or living room doors and windows, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Blocks out 100% of the light making your room as dark as the night during the day, and its two side privacy eliminates the need of curtains during the night
  • Obstructs 99% of the UV Rays from entering your space, which keeps your environment safe and also prevents your furnishings from ageing
  • Has a non-adhesive design that makes installation and removal of the product easy
  • It is also easy to reinstall the film providing it is not damaged

8. VELIMAX Shiny Frosted Window Clings

VELIMAX Shiny Frosted Window Clings
The VELIMAX Frosted White Window Clings are the go to solar screens for the ones that don’t prefer black and also like the Light of the Sun to shine in during the day.

Made from environment friendly materials, this is a static Window Cling without glue that makes its placement and removal quite easy, without leaving any marks on the glass of the doors and windows.

This is the most ideal cling for your bathrooms, living rooms or office spaces, that provides maximum privacy while allowing ample natural light to enter into the enclosure.

It not just blocks off the damaging UV Rays, but also wards off excessive heat and glare preventing your upholstery and furniture from losing their charm, while enabling a healthy atmosphere.

The glass on which this film is applied should be flat and smooth, and also allows one to cut it into any shape that best meets your requirement.

The average life of this product is about 3 years and it also comes with a 30 days return policy against any product defects.

To install this Film you would need a basic tool box, while this comes with a very handy instruction booklet along with the product.

Over time this Solar Screen, like its counterparts results in reduced energy consumption that allows you to save a considerable amount of money, realizing the investment in very little time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Blocks off the Ultraviolet Rays that is one of the top reason for skin cancer and also helps prevent other lifestyle problems
  • Protects against the sizzling Summer Heat thereby reducing your energy consumption
  • Non adhesive nature of this product makes it very easy to install and removal for reuse with an average life of about 3 years
  • Provides you with 100% privacy as it blocks view from either side of the surface on which it is applied

9. COAVAS Blackout Window Tint

COAVAS Blackout Window Tint
Another one offering a 100% light blocking feature is the one offered by COAVAS that satisfies the demand of the ones seeking a dark or blacked-out room during the day, which tends to be cheaper than a premium curtain and provides better protection from Light.

It is best for babies, toddlers, and people that work night shifts, who need a peaceful and non disruptive sleep during the day.

This ensures utmost privacy as it blocks view both into and from the room which could be ideal for both your workplace and home.

Keeps the Ultraviolet Rays at bay and provides much needed relief from the heat, which results in reduced air-conditioning running and maintenance costs, and also prevents your furniture from aging and discoloration.

It comes with no glue, all you need is lots of soapy water and installing it becomes uncomplicated and error free.

These sheets are best suitable for clean and dry smooth surfaces, and are not a good option for use in bathrooms or on damaged glass.

It also comes with grid lines on the back of the protective case that helps you in cutting the right size as per your doors or windows.

With 24 Hours customer service, the COAVAS service team is just a call away to solve your problems and help you with installation if required.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% light blocking that is ideal for night shift workers or late sleepers and babies and toddlers
  • Protects against the UV Rays and the extreme heat during the day
  • Effortless installation, and reusable sheet that can be easily removed when required
  • 24 Hours customer services to solve all your queries and issues that may arise

10. TOPDESIGN Decorative Window Clings

TOPDESIGN Decorative Window Clings
If you want to add a little bit of style along with ensuring Solar protection, then you may want to consider TOPDESIGN’s solar screens.

It uses 2-3 layers of printing technology, that ensures that the pattern remains clear and crisp over an extended period of time.

By using Japanese UV ink, it could protect against the harmful Ultraviolet radiation for over three years, and is also Greenguard Gold certified meaning that it is non toxic and has a minimal impact on the environment.

This product too is based on static cling, and avoids the usage of any adhesives, which makes it comfortable to install, and even remove and reuse it as you see fit.

It has a metallic frosted texture which means that as the light falls through the glass, it gives a shiny metallic silver reflection.

It is very ideal for your living rooms or bedrooms, and even for conference rooms and work cubicles, and also looks great in shower enclosures in the bathrooms.

And what’s more is that in case the film breaks within one year of usage or if the film fades within three years of its usage, then TOPDESIGN will provide a free replacement, which shows their dedication towards perfection and customer satisfaction.

Comes with an easy set of instructions to install the film onto your doors and windows without any outside help.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A decorative film that is pleasing to the eyes and makes your home or office space more pleasurable to be in
  • Protects against the UV Rays that tend to harm your skin & eyes, and also prevents against the aging of your furniture
  • Has absolute glare control that makes using electronic devices seem trouble free
  • Comes with up to 3 years of warranty against defects as listed

How To Find The Best Solar Screens For You

Solar screens are a great accessory for your home or office, not just for their health benefits but also for their positive impact on the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

And for the ones that have to work through the night, solar screens ensure that you get a sound sleep once you hit your bed in the morning, by blocking the light of the sun and its heat.

With a plethora of options available online, these top ten picks must really narrow down your search for that perfect Solar Screen.

If you feel we have missed out on an option worthy of being on this list, do mention it in the comment box below.

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