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10 Best Solar Shop Lights And Their Reviews For 2021

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A solar shop light can provide sufficient light for a longer period in case of any emergency.

It is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

However, finding a reputable solar shop light is not a walk in the park.

Some solar light sellers stock counterfeit goods. You might also get one with features that do not excite you.

If you are finding it difficult to decide which solar shop light to purchase, then this review is for you.

10 Best Solar Shop Lights Rated And Reviewed

Our review will help you to come up with the best decision, as it entails both indoor and outdoor solar lights for your shop.

1. LightMe Solar Light Bulb

LightMe bulbLightMe Solar Light Bulb is one of the best products from LightMe company.

This type of solar shop light is best known for its portability, you can walk with it across the shop since it is very light.

The light is also fitted with a photovoltaic panel with capability of converting maximum light from the sun to electricity.

All the power tapped is saved for consumption on a 3.7V and 1600 mAh inbuilt lithium-ion battery.

When fully charged, the LightMe solar light can provide light for around five to six hours.

The LightMe Solar shop Light is also made of special plastic material designed to enhance durability.

It has also a LED solar-powered bulb that is designed to give clear light and brighter light.

The bulb comes with its own solar panel. It connected to the lighting source using a 3.5M wire.

That gives you the freedom to place your panel at a far distance where it can harvest the maximum amount of light.

The best place is on top of the roof where there are little to no disturbances.

The shipping package comes with an installation manual. It is written in English and also contains a detailed installation guide.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a USB port to enable electricity recharging in case there is no sunlight
  • It has a hook that enables easy hanging
  • The bulb produces soft white lighting that does not affect eyes

2. Tera Light – Uranus Solar Lights

Tera lightTera light is a product from Uranus Solar Light company. 

There is a 12 feet cable that separates the lamp pack and the solar panel.

This provides extra flexibility and portability of the bulb.

Tera Light is best used as a utility light. With continuous exposure to solar, you are likely to emit the cost of grid electricity. 

Tera Light has an IR remote control function. You can turn it on/off at your comfort. 

The light comes with a big, advanced rechargeable Lithium-iron battery with 8,000 mAh power.

When fully charged, the light can last for around three to five hours.

The battery can run for many years as long as you maintain and service it well.

The light pack is made up of sturdy housing materials that include Toughened Glass and Aluminum Alloy.

As a result, it can withstand wear and tear more than other plastic-made solar lights.

There is also an LED battery indicator on the lighting pack. It monitors power consumption and also signals the best time to recharge.

For a maximum illumination of the room, Tera Light is the best option. The bulb has 10 Watts 1000 Lumen that ensures the largest glow.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can regulate between low and high light modes
  • You can adjust the direction of light
  • You can charge the bulb with both electricity and solar

3. Kyson Solar Lights

Kyson solar lightKyson company is reputed for producing high-quality solar lights, ideal for providing security outside the shop.

The outer case of the bulb is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum protection against any form of physical damage.

The lighting pack resembles a down lighter and thus easy to provide maximum illumination especially when placed at a high position.

You can easily control the light by use of either a remote control or a pull cord.

Kyson Solar Lights is energy-efficient and Eco-friendly. It can sustain the lighting needs of your shop as far as there is solar supply.

It has a 9.8*8.5CM Amorphous Silicon solar panel that is capable of tapping maximum solar energy.

The bulb is powered by a 3.2V/400 mAh lithium-ion battery.

At maximum solar intensity, you need only 6 to 8 hours to fully charge.

The battery will produce enough power to provide light for the next 12 hours at full capacity.

There is a 3-meter Lead Cable that separates the bulb pack and the solar panel.

It gives you the required flexibility when deciding where to place the bulb.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The bulb is resistant to both shock and vibration
  • Kyson lights have a simple arrangement and a lightweight design
  • It has a waterproof pendant light thus good to provide light outside the shop

4. EleLight Portable Solar LED Bulb Lights

Elelight solar LEDAre you looking for an energy-saving bulb? If yes, then EleLight solar light is your perfect choice.

The light is capable of consuming minimal energy and thus provide light for a longer duration. 

Installing this solar system requires no specialized technique since it is composed of lighting sources, solar panels, and a battery.

During the day, the solar panel can tap maximum energy.

It is then stored in a  3.7V 1600mAh in-built lithium-ion battery which is light and durable.

It takes a minimum of three hours to get fully charged on normal solar conditions.

The bulb has 12pcs lumen Epistar chips capable of producing enough light for both inside and outside of your shop.

When fully charged, the bulb can give light for eight hours straight.

The lighting source has a strong portable hook that makes it easy to hang at your preferred location.

The connecting wire between the solar panel and lighting source is 3.5M in length.

It gives you enough freedom when deciding on where to place your bulb and also the solar panel.

You can use solar energy to charge the lighting source or simply connect it to DC 5V source via USB cable.

The bulb uses manual controls to switch on and off.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The bulb has a long-life expectancy of over 5000h
  • It is an efficient bulb with a low power consumption rate
  • When fully charged, it can be used to charge other gadgets such as mobile phones

5. Nature Power Hanging  LED Light

Nature power lightNature power hanging LED light is the clear definition of value for money.

The solar system is capable of serving you for so long, with good maintenance.

It is one of the simplest lamps in terms of installation, as the process can take less than an hour without the need for technical skills.

Most of the lights in the market require extra expenses of wiring.

However, LED shed light lamps need no wiring at all. The only wire available runs from the bulb base to the solar lamp.

It is long enough to provide the required flexibility when deciding where to hang the bulb.

The lamp length is adjustable and can be set to a minimum of 7 inches in height and a maximum of 32 inches.

That makes the light convenient for shops with different ceiling heights.

There are low/high brightness settings that enable the light to regulate light usage.

With low brightness, the solar lamp can serve you light for 8 continuous hours.

The lighting unit is powered by a monocrystalline solar panel. It is a high-quality panel made of durable materials.

It can withstand different weather conditions such as rain and frost.

Both lighting and solar panel comes with special hardware that enables easy mounting on different places.

The lamp has a one-year warranty, which will cover the materials used and also cost of installation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The lamp is strong and durable, with good maintenance
  • The lamp can serve a shop with no electrical access since can provide light for many hours
  • The light is remote controlled

6. KK.BOL Solar Lamp

KK.BOL lampFinding a durable solar lab is the dream for many. KK.BOL solar lamp is the perfect solution.

It is made of ABS plastic, that is able to withstand different weather conditions.

The plastic is also dust and heatproof, thus requiring little maintenance.

It comes with a photovoltaic solar panel that is fixed at an angle where it can receive sufficient light.

There is a 3.5m wire connecting the solar panel to the light source (where it is plugged into a charging port).

It also comes with a 100cm USB cable, that can be used to draw charges from other gadgets such as power banks and laptops.

The lamp also comes with a 1600mAH/3.7V lithium-ion battery where the power is stored.

You can place the solar lamp anywhere inside the shop, with the help of a hook at the back of the lamp.

The bulb is capable of producing a maximum brightness of around 150LM, which is equivalent to a 20W incandescent lamp.

The KK.BOL solar lamp has a diode indicator, that  turns red when charging and goes off when the battery is fully charged.

When fully charged, it can provide lighting for around 7 hours.

The lamp is convenient, in the event of a power blackout.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can charge the lamp using both solar and electricity
  • The lamp has a low power consumption rate
  • The lamp has a Long Life Expectancy of 5000 hours

7. Kyson Solar LightsKyson light

Kyson Solar Light is a bit different from other standard lights in terms of design.

It comes with a lighting unit caged inside a black stylish casing.

The casing is made of ABS plastic which is strong, durable, and resistant from heat, dust, and different weather conditions.

Kyson Solar Light installation is simple and does not require any specialized techniques.

The installation manual contains steps that are easy to understand and follow. 

 In case the bulb blows out, you can always use locally available E27 Socket 3V Low-Voltage Bulb as a replacement.

The lamp uses a remote control system, which enables users control the light at a vantage point within the shop (a range of 5m).

The Solar Light comes with an external silicon solar panel, of capacity of 1.2 watts and also 4.5 volts.

Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, it can take a maximum of 12 hours to charge the battery to the fullest.

The Light has a 2000 mAh lithium battery capable of storing efficient power. When fully charged it can provide light for 8 hours.

Apart from solar energy, Kyson Solar Light can use electricity. It has a charging socket where you can plug a USB cable.

The light has a LED bulb that is known for its durability, longevity, and brightness.

The bulb gives enough light that can substitute bulbs powered by electricity.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The lamp is beautiful and thus improves the nature and appearance of your shop
  • Kyson Solar Light comes screws and hooks that give you flexibility when selecting where to fix it
  • It has a pull chain to switch the lights in case the remote control has no power

8. WONFAST Solar Light

Lixada light

WONFAST solar light is a product of Solar Light Mart and it features a wide round solar lamp mounted on a wall to give a larger glow.

It is always hard to have such a big standard electrical since they consume a lot of electricity.

However, you can now illuminate your walkway using WONFAST solar light that consumes free solar energy.

The lighting pack has four LED bulbs, capable of producing a combined brighter and whiter light.

These bulbs are energy efficient and more durable, thus providing value for money.

The solar light is also cost-effective since the LED bulbs have a longer lifespan of about 10,000 hours. That leaves you no worry of replacing them soon.

The lamp has a capacity of 5.5 volts and wattage of 0.44. As a result, you can charge it for a short duration and enjoy a long working time.

You can charge it using either solar or electrical energy.

When full, WONFAST solar light can give you continuous light for a period of not less than 6 hours.

The neck of the lamp is adjustable. It gives you the freedom to alter the direction of light and focus it at any point within the shop.

The lamp comes in different colors such as green, blue, purple, and white, catering to clients variety of tastes and interior design.

The lamp is simple to install. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a lightweight lamp that is easy to move around the shop
  • The bulbs are brighter light than standard electrical bulbs
  • The lab has an outer case made of high-quality plastic material than guarantees durability

9. Lixada Solar Pendant Light

Lixada lightLixada ltd is another reputable company known to produce high-quality solar light at affordable prices.

The Lixada Solar Pendant Light, is one of such.

The lighting source has a sleek and shiny black housing that is very attractive.

In the luminous flux of the pack, there are four LED lights. They combine to provide your shop with a very bright illumination.

The lamp provides a 180-degree beam of light that can illuminate a distance of 26.2 ft.

Lixada Solar Pendant Light is an affordable and durable solar lamp.

It can provide your shop with enough illumination while saving on your electricity bills.

It is powered by a 14.0×12.7cm amorphous silicon solar panel. You can position the panel on the rooftop to collect maximum sunlight.

The panel charges a 3.2V and 400 mAh lithium battery. They are connected using a 3 meters cable.

When fully charged, the Solar Pendant Light can provide lighting for a maximum of 12 hours.

The panel is adjustable. You can rotate it in various angles to harvest maximum light.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The lamp is waterproof and also heat resistant
  • You can control the lights through both remote and pull-cord switches
  • The battery has a short charging duration of 3-4 hours

10. GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit

GVSHINE solar kitHaving a larger solar panel feeding the lighting source gives you the ability to utilize solar energy to the maximum.

GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit will make you forget the need for electricity.

When fully charged, GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit can light all corners of your shop.

It has four LED bulbs that give a combined glow.

The lamp comes with a 20 W flexed solar panel. This type of panel makes it easy to install in irregular surfaces such as irregular roofs.

There are diodes to show power levels when charging.

The yellow diode indicates the level of charge is very low.

The green diode indicates medium power. When full charged, it automatically stops charging.

The solar also has a charging port that is universal. You can charge other devices such as a fan, phone, and a power bank.

The manufacturer designed the system, to endure different weather conditions such as snowstorms, heavy rain, and hurricanes.

The bulbs produce fresh orange light that gives your shop a decorative glow and good illumination at the same time.

The bulbs are also portable, thus you can use them as a torch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The whole system is easy to install. It does not require any technical skills
  • You can control the brightness of bulbs thus regulating power consumption
  • The bulbs can be controlled using a remote

Advantages of Using Solar Light in Your Shop

1. Cutting on Cost

Solar light reduces the cost of electricity.

All you need do, is place your panel in a place where it can harvest maximum sunlight.

You will write off monthly electricity bills completely, if you select a good solar light.

Solar light installation is simple and does not require the cost of wiring.

2. Eco-Friendly

Solar power is referred to as green energy.

Installing solar lights in your shop gives you reliable energy that is free from pollution.

4. Perfect for emergency

Purchasing a solar light is a good option in case of any emergency.

Since solar power comes off the grid, it can serve as a substitute in event of a blackout.

The solar light will serve you, as long as sunlight is obtainable.

4. Multipurpose Light

Solar lights are more convenient compared to electric bulbs, as they are temporarily mounted on surfaces.

You can change their location without the need for technical skills.

Other bulbs have hooks that can attach and detach anywhere and at any time.

Solar lamps can also be used as a torch.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Solar Shop Lights

With the current number of solar light producers in the market, it is not easy getting one that meets your needs.

Here are some factors to guide you when making a decision:

1. Budget

Solar lights differ according to their prices.

The quality of a solar light, is sometimes a function of the cost.

Hence, the higher your budget, the higher your chances of getting quality solar lights.

2. Shop Lighting Requirement

Most people rush to buy a solar light with the aim of reducing the electricity bill.

This is wrong, as the lighting needs of the shop need to be determined first.

The size of your shop will determine the type of bulbs needed and also the capacity of the panel.

A large shop will require stronger LED lights and batteries with a higher capacity.

3. The Climatic Conditions of the Area

The type of solar panel you need will be influenced by the meteorological conditions within the area.

For example, areas with little sun duration will require a panel with more cells, so as to maximize the limited solar light.

Areas with heavy rains and snow require you to purchase a lighting system that is made of durable materials.

It is the best way to avoid frequent repairs that could be costly.

4. Availability of Spare Parts

Repairing your solar shop light is most times more economical, than purchasing a new one.

However, not all solar lights have spare parts available locally.

It’s best to select a reputable lighting provider, within reach, in case a spare part is necessary.

Always go for the light with the best warranty policy.

Choosing The Best Solar Shop Light For You

Having a great solar light is the best step in cutting electricity costs.

It will also build a base of clean energy, free from pollution.

After reviewing the solar market, we have presented you with the best solar lights for use in shops.

The lights vary in price and attributes.

It’s important to analyze them all before making your final decision.

If you know of a solar shop light that isn’t on this list and should be, let us know in the comments below!

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