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10 Best Solar Tree Lights And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

If you are a tree lover, you’ll agree that one wonderful way to spice up your outdoors, is by using solar tree lights.

Trees are said to be planet Earth’s best friends and one could argue that they are rightfully so.

Since trees play such a vital role in protecting the environment and keeping it clean, without which we will not be able to survive, as civilized people it is only ethical that we keep the trees happy as well.

For this very reason, several solar power companies have stepped up efforts to make solar lights for trees which not only make trees look more majestic but also light up the gardens or orchids where these trees are.

Some companies have produced stake/pole lights to highlight the trees, gardens, and driveways while some have produced small LED solar lights to enhance the scenic beauty of their trees.

Whatever the use or purpose, one thing is for sure, the solar tree lights are bound to add to the already satisfying existence of trees around us.

10 Best Solar Tree Lights Rated And Reviewed

To aid people in the selection or choice of some of the best solar tree lights in the market, this article has 10 of the best solar tree lights that are currently available in the market.

1. LiyuanQ Solar Tree String Lights

LiyuanQ lights
Starting the list off we have the very in-demand and widely used fairy or string lights, with a twist.

The twist being them powered by solar energy which is not only ethical but super convenient as well.

These lights offer 100 LED fairy lights (made up of high-quality moldable copper) per pack, with 4 packs per purchase, which are bound to exhibit jam-packed lumens of light when used.

The lights, come with a steady 360° viewing angle giving off light in every direction and making every penny spent on them worth it.

To add more to their already purchase-friendly product, LiyuanQ has provided the customers with wires that can be bent into any desired shapes, thus making it easy to place near plants, bushes, and most of all trees.

They are soft and bendable and are certified safe from all sorts of safety hazards which also makes these lights very user and children friendly.

The most exciting part about these lights is the 8 color mode, that comes with these lights.

Some of these include twinkles, slow fading, the very exciting fireflies, and waves to name a few.

These modes not only provide exceptional customization but are also bound to uplift the mood and atmosphere making the trees around which these are installed very recognizably.

The solar panel provided with these lights is made up of high-quality fiber, which comes with a stake design, making it easy to handle and install.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Solar lights and the solar panel, made of IP65 standard materials which make them waterproof
  • Completely automatic functioning
  • Low heat emission LED bulbs making these lights extremely safe to use

2. Nektek Outdoor Solar Lights

Nektek lights
Nektek is a company known for its innovation and reputation.

Nektek has tried to revolutionize the solar light trend, by introducing 4th generation adjustable outdoor solar lights.

Their powerful 200-lumen LED bulbs, make full use of the sunlight at day time and then give off a staggering display of light at night, or as the sun starts to set.

This not only guarantees product satisfaction but also allows Nektek to live up to its promise, enhancing its public image, which is sure to make customers come back for more.

The build material for these lights guarantees to withstand any sort of weather, be it rain, thunderstorms, or even sandstorms.

Nektek however, has not mentioned anything about this product, being water or weatherproof.

These lights come with two working modes namely; “always on” and “automatic working” giving one, full control of these lights and its usage.

The LEDs installed, also involve two different light modes; high, and low.

The adjustable feature, allows one to adjust these lights for maximum and efficient sunlight absorption during the daytime.

The solar panel has a 90° rotating ability, while the light panel has an extraordinary 180° rotating capability, to perfectly absorb light up to 20% more efficiently.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Exceptional run time of 6-10 hours when fully charged
  • Easy to install stake mechanism
  • Safety approved by various certifications

3. InnoGear Solar Outdoor Lights

Innogear lights
InnoGear has given efficiency and sustainability a whole new meaning.

They achieved this by, introducing a high efficiency 1.5W relatively larger monocrystalline silicon solar panel, which guarantees a 30% faster light to energy conversion rate than any other related product on the market.

Like the previous product, these solar lights also have adjustable solar panels and lights, with an adjust limit of 90-180°, offering a very flexible usage of these lights be it indoors or outdoors.

The two working modes, high light mode, and low light mode offer a variety of options to choose from when finalizing the purpose and place of use, of these lights.

Also, it guarantees customer satisfaction by offering customers preferred and custom settings.

InnoGear offers a variety of options to place these lights from porches to driveways and gardens.

These lights are bound to lighten up the place where they are used, with a whopping 6 LEDs displaying brilliant and vivid lumens of bright light.

These lights also come with an easy to install stake mechanism. Just plant them, let them absorb sunlight, and enjoy the light show at night.

Key Features:

  • A decent runtime of 6-10 hours when fully charged
  • Completely waterproof with IP65 build material
  • Fully adjustable solar panels and lights

4. OSORD Outdoor Solar Lights

Along with lighting, OSORD has brought the joy of colors to the table, as well.

These solar lights by OSORD, offer a multi-color lighting display, giving way to a rather unique nightlife.

The LEDs used in these solar lights have a variety of options, from RGB lights to automatic lights, and single color lights, which can be selected by operating between different modes of colors respectively.

The automatic light feature, like in most of these solar lights, is still available in these lights as well.

OSORD offers a more sensitive solar panel comparatively, which offers considerable absorption of light for about 10 hours to charge to its fullest.

It then gives off brilliant and vivid displays of beautiful colored lights, with the help of a whopping 18 LEDs per solar light, as soon as it starts getting dark.

These lights also come, with a handy nine-light mode feature, from RGB to color lock to RGB color change to name a few, which just adds to the brilliance of the manufacturing and ease of use, of these lights.

OSORD hit the bullseye with this one.

The ease of installation of these lights is just unprecedented.

They can be stuck into the ground near driveways, porches, or trees or mounted to walls to offer bursts of light energy.

All in all, this is a pretty viable option for anyone looking to bolster the true essence of their gardens or driveways, residence in general.

Key Features:

  • 18 LEDs per light to offer intense lumens of light
  • Completely water and weatherproof
  • 360° adjustable stake and light mechanism

5. H*Sheng TPK Solar Garden Lights

H*sheng garden lights
Taking a break from stakes and poles, H*Sheng has introduced something different, yet unique, with these outdoor solar disk lights.

Although not very recognizable, these lights are built to get the job done, with a massive 8 LEDs per light, unlike any other solar disk light on the market, which offers 6 LEDs.

The solar panel on these lights is relatively smaller, owing to their design, but when fully charged for about 10 hours, these lights offer a very commendable 6-8 hours of runtime at night.

H*Sheng has obliged the environmental code, making these lights emit almost negligible amounts of carbon, thus making them extremely environmentally friendly.

Also, with the IP65 build material, these lights are guaranteed to be water and dustproof and have been tested to withstand any sort of weather as well.

These lights are also automatic, meaning they will switch on automatically once it starts getting dark.

The only downside to these lights is the built-in and not separate solar panel.

Hence, care has to be taken while placing them, as these lights require very direct exposure to sunlight, for them to function to the best of their ability.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel material to resist rusting and  harsh environments
  • Easy to install mechanism
  • Bright and warm tones of light

6. JESLED Solar Landscape Outdoor Lights

Next on the list, is a not so aesthetic but laudable solar light from JESLED.

These solar lights offer a whooping 14 LEDs per light, with a passionate 650-lumen light show, which is guaranteed to light up one’s garden, driveway, or porches where these are installed.

Alongside their powerful lighting capacity, JESLED has upgraded the solar panel, making it much more sensitive to light.

It has also engineered it to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight, to outperform most of the competition in the market.

A very interesting feature that JESLED has added is the addition of the dual light mode, but with a twist.

The two lighting modes; low light, and high light modes have two separate run times.

The low light mode has a jaw-dropping run time of 12 hours, whereas the high light mode runs for about 6 hours, which makes sense when considering the battery used for these lights.

JESLED has also ensured that these lights are very receptive to sunlight, and can automatically detect changes in sunlight, meaning there is no hassle for an on or off switch.

Just insert them in the ground or mount them on the walls and forget about them.

These lights are also adjustable but to a certain extent which is bound to 90° only.

Key Features:

  • IP67 build material makes these lights waterproof
  • Easy installation methods with a stake and screw option
  • Considerably less charging time of 4-5 hours, as compared to other solar lights available in the market

7. ASENEK Outdoor Solar Spotlights

ASENEK spotlights
If one ever needs a wider beam range solar light with RGB as well, ASENEK has them covered.

Their 4 in 1 outdoor solar lights offer a quick 4 color change style, which is perfect for lighting up trees, flags, and walls to name a few.

An interesting feature in these solar lights is the design of an extra battery case, for places where sunlight is not adequate.

These batteries are 3 AA batteries and are removable as well.

The solar panel is quite broad, which is bound to offer considerable absorption of sunlight, and an adjustable panel to put it wherever considered convenient.

The runtime of these solar lights is also quite remarkable, going 8-12 hours when fully charged.

This is mainly because of the powerful and large 2200 mAh battery, fitted in the solar panels.

The installation mechanism is also very easy, with the stake model or the screw model. to mount these lights on to the walls, making them useful indoors and outdoors as well.

The only downside to these lights is their bulky build, which might be a hassle for some people.

Also, the connecting wires are not mentioned to be waterproof or water-resistant, so extreme care and precaution must be taken, whilst going near these lights on a rainy day.

Key Features:

  • Can work at temperatures as low as -55°
  • Automatic lighting system
  • Rotating and adjustable light mechanism

8. SUNNEST Outdoor Solar Lights

SUNNEST solar lights
The most in-demand outdoor solar lights these days, are the SUNNEST Outdoor Solar Lights.

These lights are not just aesthetically pleasing owing to their economic design, but are also very easy to use, which is any customer’s dream (simplicity with aesthetics).

Interestingly, the build quality is also exceptionally good, with the IP44 build material.

SUNNEST has claimed these solar lights to be all kinds of weatherproof, and also the stainless steel used for the stakes is guaranteed to not rust, no matter the rain or snow.

The best thing about these lights is that they can be used in many ways, in several places.

They can be used to light up dark driveways, near bushes, or even around trees and alongside the porches, just to bolster the attractiveness of one’s residence.

SUNNEST has made the lives of a lot of people easier, by removing any/all sorts of wires, freeing their customers of any potential safety hazards, which just stacks up the benefits of buying these lights.

The lights charge for about 6-8 hours in full sunlight and then give off light, for about 8-10 hours, which is exceptional, considering the small 25mA battery used in these lights.

Also, these lights when turned on, offer a unique design, which is a plus point for most of the customers looking to add to their gardens or driveways.

Key Features:

  • Variety of uses
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Amorphous silicon solar panel offering efficient light absorption

9. MEIKEE Solar Outdoor Spotlights

MEIKEE spotlights
Another one, on the list of outdoor solar lights, is the MEIKEE Solar Outdoor Spotlights.

Although similar in design to most of the outdoor solar spotlights in the market, these lights pack intense lumens of light, owing to the 15 LED per light design.

These lights can be placed in gardens, near trees, or bushes and can even be mounted on to walls, due to their flexible installation mechanism.

The cast aluminum used in the manufacturing of these lights makes sure, that these lights will stand the test of any kind of weather, from rain to snow.

Alongside being weatherproof, these lights offer good heat dissipation, meaning that these lights will fend off very low amounts of heat energy when turned on.

This not only reduces any risks of hazards but also gives way to the ecological campaign being run, to preserve our beautiful planet Earth.

The solar panel on these lights is also a separate panel, with considerable surface area to absorb maximum sunlight during the day, and then light up as soon as it starts to get dark.

These solar lights have SMDs instead of LEDs, which offer brighter light and comparatively long-lasting life.

Not just the mount and the lights, the connecting wires are also waterproof.

These solar lights might just be the all in one package.

Key Features:

  • 45° beam and 270° solar light adjustable angle making these lights extremely flexible
  • IP66 waterproof build material
  • Easy installation methods

10. YUNLIGHTS Solar Garden Lights

YUNLIGHTS garden lights
The last solar tree lights, or outdoor lights, are the YUNLIGHTS Solar Garden Lights.

Not the best-looking design owing to their simple look, but these solar lights perk up some ears when mentioned, with their capabilities.

To start with, these lights offer two modes; warm light mode, and white light mode.

It all comes down to the type of light one would prefer in their garden or their area of installation.

The charge time of these lights which is 4-5 hours, is relatively low as compared to most of its competition, which can go against them.

These lights also come with adjustable solar panels and light heads, to offer perfect illumination angle, maximum absorption of sunlight, and efficient charging effect under sunlight.

The build material is IP55, which means that the YUNLIGHTS Solar Garden Lights are fully water and weatherproof, guaranteed to stand any sort of weather.

The material used in the manufacturing of the stakes for these lights is also guaranteed, to withstand any sort of weather or resistance.

Also, these solar lights are relatively larger as compared to most of the solar lights, but the 7 LEDs in each light will make sure to display a bright and dazzling show of light.

All the features that these lights offer, surely make up for the lack of ambition and innovation of their design.

Key Features:

  • It can be used in many places
  • Long run time with short charge time
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic build quality

Making a Choice

After carefully analyzing and viewing 10 of the best Solar Tree Lights, the decision to choose one or more comes down to the type and place of use.

This is because, as much as these lights serve a common purpose, the build, quality, and performance are what separates them, from one another.

If adding a little beauty to one’s residence is the main concern, without compromising on the quality of the product and getting value for the money spent, SUNNEST Outdoor Solar Lights are the way to go.

These lights are not only compact and simply designed, but also give off staggering lumens of light, with an efficient charging system to round it all up.

If lighting is the only concern for you, then JESLED Solar Landscape Outdoor Lights are what you should be looking at.

The powerful LEDs exhibit bursts of light, which are enough to fulfill anyone’s lighting wish, along with providing a touch of elegance to one’s garden or driveway.

Finding The Perfect Lights For You

There are a lot of options available online or in the market, because of the exposure that the solar power industry has garnered.

However, the selection of a relevant product only comes down to the type of use, one prefers.

There is no doubt that competition over the years will increase as technology progresses.

These products, alongside being super-efficient, are also very Eco-friendly, which might be a major cause for attraction, towards them.

All these products provide exceptional customer care with warranties. to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, whilst keeping the respective product at the top of the food chain.

So whether you have a garden to illuminate or a driveway to light up, these are the 10 best solar tree lights available in the market right now.

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