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10 Best 24 Volt Solar Battery Chargers And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Having stable power is something everyone desires and battery chargers, like the 24 volt solar battery charger, can certainly make that possible.

Imagine going a day without power, life would definitely suck, as you’ll be unable to do much without a light source at the least.

A backup power source like solar battery chargers is definitely a necessity.

They come in different models and shapes tailored for a wide range of uses, and the available options include but are not limited to surface scrubbers; air crafts, computer backups, trolling motors, heavy equipment and mobility scooters to mention but a few.

I have used some of them to power my home, and others picked from close friends, who have had a rich review of the quality, and effectiveness of the listed products.

They represent the most affordable, effective and reliable products that I would ever think of as a power source.

10 Best 24 Volt Solar Battery Chargers Reviewed And Rated

These products are not limited but they represent the best of all time. Let’s get on with the list of the 10 best 24 volt solar battery chargers and their reviews for 2021.

1. Battery Tender 24V 2.5A Weatherproof Battery Charger

battery tender charger

Battery Tender solar battery chargers are approximately twenty dollars cheaper, when bought in pairs and amazingly for such a low-priced product, it comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer!

To start with, Battery Tender Waterproof Battery Charger is durable, fully mountable and has SC and RP protection. 

The two years warranty is an assurance, that it can always be replaced or maintained at no extra cost, if it malfunctions within 24 months from the time of purchase.

In addition, it also has a steel casing that gives extra strength.

It’s designed with the ability to ward off water, making it adaptive to different weather conditions.

This battery charger is light and portable, shock and vibration resistant and comes in two designs; one tailored for permanent usage and the other made for portable mounting.

It is fixed with an inbuilt infinite sequential monitor, that helps the battery deliver a proper amount of charge.

Battery Tender has the ability to charge, and maintain, both sealed, and flooded batteries, and does not attract any maintenance costs.

It has fitted floats/maintenance functions that self-maintain batteries and ensures proper storage voltage, reversing damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

The solar, comes with an alternating current of 6 feet, direct current output cord of 4.5 feet and a DC output accessory of 1.5 feet in length.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They are integrated with smart controllers that ensures battery is charged safely and correctly
  • The battery has reverse polarity protection, thus free from explosions
  • Spark-proof

2. PowerEZ 24Volt 10 Watts Solar Battery Charger

PowerEz charger

Unlike Battery Tender, PowerEz comes with two enhanced warranties.

A 5 years workshop plan, and 20 years output warranty respectively, with a 100 percent cash back guarantee, in case of malfunctions. 

PowerEZ is the most preferred, for trolling motor boats, RVs and marines. The manufacturer designed it in such a way that it self-regulates, assuring you of efficiency at all times.

The panel is thin, light and movable, therefore ideal for cars, boats, marines and RVs. 

Some of it’s exciting features are, a panel that has 4 exterior holes on every surface specifically crafted to ease mounting, fused solar panels, a 10 feet power cable, lighter plus adapter and auto battery adapter.

The semi flexibility nature, minimizes breakage, as it’s flexible though not bendable.

When it comes to fittings, the panel can be fitted on any surface and it’s not limited to curved, straight and vertical surfaces.

Working with PowerEZ is quite easy, as you don’t need to be knowledgeable with solar installations, to fix it.

If you are on the lookout for efficiency in power supply, then PowerEZ is the best bet to invest with. It offers a mix of quality and long lifespan.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Minimal knowledge required for one to do installations and its long lasting
  • High rate of conversion and efficiency with less space required
  • The solar charger is lightweight hence portable

3. NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2 Amp Battery Charger

NOCO battery charger

It’s one of the best available battery chargers, recommended for motors.

NOCO can be utilized on trucks, boats, cars, marines and RVs and many other devices. 

Technologically, we can call it a fast charger, because it charges car batteries in a few hours, unlike other makes that can take the whole day on a single battery.

Symbolic to its name, NOCO Genius is highly advanced, as it has well-structured safety standards that are enhanced with engrained spark-proof technology, and reverse polarity protection.

When it comes to pricing, NOCO is pocket friendly. You just need a few tens of dollars, which is quite fair for a gadget of its quality.

We considered NOCO, for its adaptability to an array of uses.

Just like PowerEZ, NOCO comes with a 5-year warranty, self-conversion of battery charger to a 5-amp constant-current, and optimization charge mode, that guarantees safe charging, and maintenance of batteries.

The charger has a sophisticated reverse mechanism, with the ability to inverse damaging effects, when the batteries are left uncharged for a long time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a spark-proof technology and polarity reverse mechanism that ensures safety and protection
  • It has a repair mode that enables self-reversal of damaging effects, hence improving longevity of the battery if left uncharged for extended periods
  • It has endless accessories

4. DuraVolt Trolling Motor Charger – 24 Volt Solar Charger

DuraVolt solar charger

DuraVolt has been designed specifically for fun, and for boat lovers.

It’s flexible, strong, and non-bendable, hence minimizing breakages associated with malleable chargers.

It’s worth noting, that DuraVolt does not call for any previous knowledge, or experience with solar installations to mount the charger.

Unlike other batteries, DuraVolt comes with simple, and comprehensive guidelines, for users to consider while installing chargers.

Sometimes, machines can break down, it’s normal, but with DuraVolt, it should never be a cause for alarm.

DuraVolt manufacturers, provide hotline numbers to all users, for consideration, when in need of personalized attention, and directions on how to use, or troubleshoot glitches. 

In case of a defect that needs quick redress, or if having a challenge with your installation, never hesitate to call the hotline numbers provided.

The makers assure buyers, that their products are weatherproof, and are made of non-glass materials, therefore can be utilized in all weather conditions.

It is recommended for camping, and boating among other external uses.

In addition to the above mentioned qualities, DuraVolt products are light and portable, made of slim design, and of a comparable design to most outdoor 24Volt battery chargers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers free tech support not common with many charger manufactures
  • It comes with an unbreakable elastic surface laced with semi-flexible aluminium support that makes the chargers ideal for mounting on horizontal to gently bowed surfaces
  • Does not require a voltage controller and offers 100 percent money back if one of your needs is not satisfied

5. Clore Automotive PL2410 Solar Pro-Logix 12/24 V 10 A Battery Charger

Clore battery charger

Are you looking for a low priced, stable, and efficient solar battery charger? Then you just have to taste the uniqueness of the Clore Automotive solar battery charger.

This selection will add value to your purchase, for there’s no better option than getting yourself a Clore Automotive PL2410 Solar Pro charger.

It’s a budget friendly solar battery charger, that is trending on the market right now, and can cost you less than most listed products available in stores.

Amazingly, Amazon doesn’t charge shipping costs, when customers buy Clore from their website.

Clore is top rated by customers, and reviewed more than one thousand times, as one of the best, cost effective solar battery charger, that runs full automatic operation.

Surprisingly, it’s low price, underscores it’s great performance.

The product is easy to manipulate, and can deliver a good, tailored charge to every battery it services.

Many battery users have lead acid batteries, but lack right information on which solar battery to consider, for recharging their batteries.

Clore will never disappoint you. It’s the only solar battery charger, tested and certified to be effective, and can properly charge customized lead acid batteries.

It works on many other products, therefore ideal for your investmen,t and worth the bargain.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has the ability to turn to soft start mode when recharging severely depleted batteries
  • It has a reconditioned mechanism that rejuvenates distressed batteries
  • Unlike most solar chargers that have reverse polarity protection, Clore has a battery fault detector patched with a reverse polarity protector

6. SOLPERK 20W/24V Solar Panel, Solar trickle Charger

SOLPERK solar trickle charger

SOLPERK offers one of the finest solar battery chargers with the ability to convert sunlight into electric energy.

The manufacturer believes that energy remittance is guaranteed and increases with the availability of sunlight.

The more the sunlight the more energy, it is fitted with angles thus it’s adjustable and easy to mount.

Unlike most battery chargers that come in different designs, and in compact shapes, SOLPERK products have brackets used in adjusting the mounting angle, for better sunlight reception.

They are designed for all users, and therefore no skill is required, when installing SOLPERK products.

There aren’t many products free of pollution as SOLPERK products.

The manufacturer has stressed, that the products utilize Eco-friendly technology. making SOLPERK the best environmentally friendly battery solar charger, in the market.

The product is of high quality, and is slightly small compared to many designs on the market, hence its less imposing and covers a smaller surface.

Customers cite its efficiency, and high power productivity as the reason why they recommend using SOLPERK, thanks to the additional polycrystalline solar cells, that ensure continuous, and effective power transmission.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Its environmental friendly and pollution free
  • Low consumption of power therefore the battery is unchangeable
  • Durable and efficient

7. ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charger


ALLPOWERS are top rated, as the most effective, strongest, and durable solar battery chargers on the market.

Priced low, but reviewed as best bargain, they are fitted with a USB output voltage of 5V/3A, and battery Voltage of 12.

The solar automatically gives us 24V on conversion.

It has an adjustable power rate, that ensures efficiency, and can store converted power for long hours.

SOLPERK had instructions that help customers during installation, but for ALLPOWERS, it is simpler to manipulate as it comes with displays that aid installations.

The ability to shift modes, gives it an edge over most solar battery products, and therefore can effectively be used for commercial, industrial, and domestic uses.

For safety of your product, it’s recommended that you purchase original ALLPOWERS products from the manufacturer, or licensed distributors.

The company guarantees 100 percent cash back, with a warranty of up to 1 year on all products, purchased from them.

You’ll never appreciate the value of a solar battery, if the quality of heat dissipation is not good and constant.

For ALLPOWERS solar battery charger, the manufacturer assures you of good performance.

If you want quality and better performance, it’s advisable that you shelter ALLPOWERS products against direct sunlight, to maximize efficiency, and productivity, as exposing to direct sunlight works against the output, and limits productivity.

Pros & Benefits:

  • ALLPOWERS solar battery chargers are reliable for domestic and commercial use
  • The product is dependable, easy to use and its adjustable
  • Its priced low hence, affordable to budget spenders

8. TP-solar 10W


If you are interested in a mix of value, and budget friendly solar products, then you’ll have to consider TP-solar battery chargers.

Many customers who have reviewed i,t say they prefer buying it over hundreds of other solar battery charger products available on the market, because the TP-solar products are durable, efficient and pocket friendly.

Looking to spend under forty dollars, you can’t go wrong with the choice of Solar battery charger from TP-solar.

Excitingly, when you buy TP-solar you make meaningful gains, as the price reduces considerably with few dollars, when you purchase it alongside other products.

The package comes with a 10watts solar panel, attractively designed with a sleek design.

The manufacturer, stresses on the availability of different modes, and so far, TP-solar offers 12V/24V IP67 with a waterproof intelligent charge controller.

It also comes with two cables, of 6.5ft that has alligator clips, and O-ring terminals for battery charging connection.

The accompanying essentials, make it easy to fix.

TP-solar is “U” shaped, and has a rack bracket for easy installations/mounting. 

It is stylish, smaller in size and lightweight compared to the other solar chargers available.

With all these eye catching description, still, the manufacturer has offered a 1-year warranty for the product you purchase from TP-solar.

This makes the TP-solar battery charger, an amazing bargain, and you won’t regret giving it a try.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The Smart and sleek design is attractive and gives great satisfaction
  • The solar has the ability to shift modes between 12/24V
  • Its Light, easy to install and portable

9. Renogy Wanderer 10 Amp 12V/24V PWM

Renogy Wanderer

The Renogy Wanderer, is just mind blowing.

Imagine having a solar battery charger, that is Bluetooth enabled! How easy can operations be?

We live in advanced times, where technology has solved a number of issues, and BT is one of them.

Renogy leverages Bluetooth technology, a feature not so common with other solar battery chargers.

Renogy battery charger, is advanced, and of better quality, than most solar battery charger products on the market.

It’s capable of charging over-discharged lithium batteries.

This feature is the identity, and distinguishing character, that sets Renogy apart from other solar battery chargers available on the market.

Secondly, it comes with an option, of a mobile application that can be installed on a mobile device, and is able to communicate using Bluetooth ,to charge a number of batteries (Renogy BT smartphone app).

When the application is installed on a phone, it triggers charging, a rare feature that is hard to come by when purchasing solar battery chargers.

That’s the technology that distinguishes Renogy Wanderer, from the crowded market of solar battery charger products.

Renogy is compact shaped and easy to fit across all surfaces whether curved, smooth or rough.

It has a high intelligence protection, against inverse polarity, short-circuit, overcharging, and reverse currents.

Of all the products we’ve listed, only Renogy offers a Backlit LCD screen, that indicates system operations, different load controls and displays error codes.

Renogy also has an integration of 5V 2A Universal System Bus, that helps in charging of USB devices.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bluetooth Character eases communication between devices thus multiple charging from the same device
  • Backlit LCD screen display, diverse load controls and error codes
  • High intelligence protection against reverse polarity

10. MOHOO Solar Charge Controller

MOHOO charge controller

It’s one of the budget friendly solar battery chargers, available on the market.

The prices are slightly above twenty dollars, but its productivity is super excellent.

This is undoubtedly one of the best, and ranks higher in performance against other expensive products available on the market.

MOHOO has excellent heat dissipation, with a dual reverse current protection, and produces relatively low heat to protect your batteries.

It is important to note that all components associated with MOHOO, produce heat when running.

The manufacturer advises that you shelter it, from direct sunlight, for better dissipation, and to cover them from over exposure, that might affect performance.

Installing MOHOO is simple, and easy, as compared to other products.

One doesn’t necessarily need to have prior knowledge of solar handling, to establish connections with this type of solar battery charger. 

For effective productivity, and performance, always fit the solar charge controller to the battery, as close as possible, to sidestep voltage dropping, caused by over long wires.

Long wires can affect normal voltage judgment, however, MOHOO has an intelligent panel that regulates performance, and switches between modes, for effective performance.

For instance, for lifespan protection of the battery, when the voltage of the battery drops below 8V, the solar charge controller, turns off automatically, and also disables the LCD.

It comes with a dual USB port 12V/24V, and with a rated discharge, and charge current of 30 amperes.

The manufacturer has also stressed that for effectiveness, ensure the battery has the right charge, for the solar to recognize the battery type.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dual bottom design for easy set up and installations
  • Battery reverse discharge protection, under voltage and over voltage protection
  • Dual USB ports with the ability to switch modes for effective performance and productivity

Choosing The Best 24 Volt Solar Battery Charger

Solar battery chargers, are a must have, for anyone interested in stable power supply.

Whether you have a boat, RV or a car to power, you can always choose from an array of budget options, to costlier products, according to your preference, and the amount you are comfortable spending, without worrying of debts.

To keep your life powered for longer, and to ensure you do justice to the ecosystem, we have selected the ’10 best 24 volt solar battery charger’ options, out there for you.

We have worked the hustle for you, you only need to decide which of these, fits your pocket, and needs.

However, before buying a product, always confirm the warranty, and marks of standards, for security reasons, and to be sure that you are getting your intended product.

 Secured products, always have hotline numbers, and a manufacturer’s address that one can reach out to in the event of product malfunctions, difficulties installing the product.

Our links are the most secure, and reliable, making it easy to choose from the variety of products highlighted.

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