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10 Best Solar Powered Plugs And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Solar powered plugs are the best solution if you are tired of power blackouts in your home or at work.

If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective electricity, eco-friendly solar energy is the way to go.

Maybe you spend a lot of time outdoors without a power outlet at hand and have many gadgets that need charging such as fans, mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Again, solar powered plugs are the best solution!

Currently, there is a variety of choices of different solar powered plug models that have excellent charging speed.

10 Best Solar Powered Plugs Reviewed And Rated

In this article, we will list the 10 best solar powered plugs and review them for 2021.

1. SatStation Solarboost X With CLA Adapter and Case

Solarboost Adapter & CaseDifferent from other solar powered plugs, this charger comes with an in-built SOS mode LED flashlight, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities and in cases of emergencies.

It is perfect for camping, hiking, and traveling, especially at night.

With its Composite sheets of ABS/TPU (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene/Thermoplastic Polyurethane) it has superb features such as scratch resistance, anti-slipping effect, and splash resistance.

Its super thermoforming properties and sheets of ABS/TPU also have a very comfortable lining.

If you happen to travel with your children, pets, or encounter accidents, do not worry because this solar powered plug will survive almost everything.

The charger has a High Capacity 20000mAh Li-polymer battery, which can charge your phone 8-10 times.

Also, it can charge tablets 3 or 4 times with an average of nine days of usage per charge.

With 4.5W monocrystalline silicon, the dimensions of this charger are 162*88*36mm when folded.

It comes with four foldable solar panels of high efficiency, which can charge up to four to six times in comparison with other chargers, with an under the sunlight input current of 1A.

Thanks to the included micro USB cable, you can charge the device conventionally.

It comes with two USB ports of 2.1A allowing you to charge 2 devices at the same time, with a high speed of 2.1A.

While charging your devices, it submits optimal output by auto-detecting your gadgets.

You can be charging your cell phone and tablet at the same time.

The device comes with free carabiners for easy fixing.

It includes a CLA adapter for use with iridium 9555.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Powerful solar charger
  • Built tough
  • Foldable and efficient design
  • LED Flashlight
  • 2 USB ports

2. AIPER 60W Solar Charger

60W Solar ChargerThis product can be of use in snowy and light rain, and in the event of a disaster or earthquake.

The charger can survive almost anything.

Interestingly, this solar powered plug includes ten connectors of different sizes: Rockpals 5.5×2.5 mm DC Adapter portable generator, Jackery’s 8mm DC Adapter power station/ Goal Zero, and Suaoki’s 3.5×1.35 mm DC Adapter for, Paxcess and Aiper’s portable generator.

The 60-watt output should cover all your needs.

It’s also compatible with most solar generators/portable power stations in the market.

This solar powered plug boasts of high conversion efficiency of 23%-25%.

The dimensions when folded in inches are 13.9×14.7×1.4, it’s also made of four solar panels and the weight of this item is 7.19 pounds.

Its foldable design with easy-carry handles makes it convenient to carry wherever you go.

With a kickstand, one can easily adjust its angles.

The limitation of this product is that it only has one USB port 1.5V / 2A, but can automatically detect a device and charge at full speed.

It can also charge multiple portable devices at the same time, including smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, etc.

Unlike other manufacturers, this brand offers you a refund in case you are dissatisfied with the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 1 USB port 1.5V/2A
  • 60 watts output
  • Includes ten connectors of different sizes
  • Appropriate for movable generators
  • High conversion efficiency

3. RAVPower Solar ChargerRAVPower Solar Charger

This solar charger looks similar in appearance to the VITCOCO 16W charger that we describe later, but if we compare them in strength, this one is much stronger.

It has twenty-eight watts and it can charge various phone models like Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, iPhone 6s plus, SE, 5C, XS, XS MAX, iPads, and many more.

This plug has excellent weatherproof protection.

The charger is made of polyester canvas cloaked in IPX5 so you should have no concerns while outdoors.

It is simple to pack it and carry it in your bag because of its foldable style.

With 85% circuit conversion, it unleashes a blazing quick charging speed, 2.1A under direct sunlight, or up to 5.6A max using the 3 USB ports.

It weighs about 2.06 pounds.

Additionally, it can reduce the charging time, sense the optimal charging current for connected devices, and safely charge them.

When folded the dimensions are 5.9 x11.6 inches, while it’s unfolded it’s 20.7×11.6 inches.

However, be careful where you are leaving the charger.

You should avoid places that easily heat up such as sand, concrete, or similar surfaces.

The solar panel can overheat if placed on a surface that conducts heat easily.

And, lastly, a tip to note about this charger is to avoid placing it on rooftops where overexposure to sun rays can overheat the surface on which the charger stands.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three USB ports
  • Total Output: 5V/5.6A, 28W max
  • Two small USB cables enclosed within the package
  • Four stainless steel hooks

4. ENKEEO 50W Solar Charger

ENKEEO 50W Solar ChargerWith a formidable >20% alternative energy conversion, this charger is slightly more expensive, but it is of excellent quality.

With the capacity of 50 watts and multiple cables, you can connect your car batteries, cell phones, laptops, and power stations.

It is appropriate for all outdoor adventures, especially because it comes with a stand fabricated from monocrystalline panels, that holds the plug at a 45° angle.

It is larger than most chargers.

Depending on your needs, this charger offers 5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A inputs.

When folded, its dimensions are 19.9×14.1×2.4 inches.

Therefore, when folded, it is the size of a bag you can easily carry around.

However, when unfolded, its dimensions are 37.4×19.9×0.4 inches.

The solar charger weighs 5.37kg.

It has 3 USB ports with the PD protocol: DC, USB 2.0, and USB QC 3.0 quick charge output.

For day to day solar charging needs, the comes with 10-in-1 connector, DC-to-DC cable, 1 x 50W Solar panel, DC-to-Anderson cable, and SAW-to-Clamp for storage battery.

Therefore, this charger offers you security.

For reliable and safe charging, this solar powered plug comes with built-in TIR-C and MPPT functions.

It has the ability to charge mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and camping lights.

It can even charge power banks and many more, so no worries about your battery running low.

This solar powered plug can also be useful in charging your car battery.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Included battery clamps
  • Power of 50 watts
  • Comes packaged with multiple connection cables
  • 3 USB ports
  • TIR-C and MPPT operate

5. Vitcoco Solar Charger 16W

Vitcoco Solar Charger 16WThis transportable solar powered plug can charge every gadget you have at home.

It is not restricted to smartphones, tablets, kindle, camera, laptop, power bank, speaker, air pods, small fans, headlamps, and more.

So, if you opt for this charger, you should not worry about the different models you own as it’s suitable for any occasion.

It has two USB ports allowing two devices to be charged.

It also has a display that shows power consumption or discharge.

Except for the USB outlets, the unit is waterproof, but still, it’s important to protect it from getting wet, especially the outlets.

Unlike the polycrystalline panels, this single crystal solar powered panel can bring in higher conversion rates.

The solar charger is highly durable and rugged and it’s not easily damaged.

It boasts of the service life of up to twenty-five years.

With heat dissipation guard, you will be at ease knowing your phone won’t overheat while charging.

This product doesn’t contain any battery inside and it has sixteen watts.

What makes this charger very practical is the fact that you get two steel hooks along with your purchase.

You can suspend it on your backpack or if you’re out in nature and even mount it on a tree branch.

It is safe to leave your gadget like that, without worries.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fast charging
  • Not simply damaged
  • The service life of up to twenty-five years
  • 2 USB inputs
  • portable

6. TP-Solar 60W Movable Foldable Solar Panel Charger

TP-Solar 60W Solar Panel Charger
This product comes in two versions.

The first one is twenty-eight watts and the second is sixty watts.

Different from the other solar powered plugs, this product has a maximum power of up to 60 watts.

As it comes in two variants, the price depends on the power itself.

Therefore, consider the one that most suits your needs.

The charger consists of 4 mono-crystalline panels with enough solar cells that it can convert 22 to 25 percent of solar power into free energy.

This conversion efficiency is much higher than for most solar powered plugs.

It includes a fast, quick charge connector, a more accurate charging time, and has the ability to recognize your gadget.

Dual USB port, one 5V USB, and one QC 3.0 5V / 9V / 12V fast connector for fast charging.

The weight of the product is only 1.2lb and the size of the charger when folded is 6 inches.

It is waterproof, heat resistant, and adapts to all weather conditions because it’s made of oxford textile material.

Such materials are highly resilient.

With no internal battery, it can only charge your gadget when exposed to direct sunlight.

Therefore, you should avoid surfaces that may cause overheating such as concrete, rooftops, and sand.

This model is also excellent for highly movable generator power station brands such as Jackery, Enkeeo, Goal Zero Yeti, Webetop, Paxcess, Rockpals, and Suaoki.

So, while it’s appropriate for charging all kinds of mobile phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and many more, it can also charge movable generator power stations.

The TP-Solar panel charger interestingly comes with a twelve-volt battery alligator clip and extension cables and a cigarette lighter plug.

Its 3 port outputs charges 5, 12, and 18 volts.

It has the ability to protect your power structure from overloading or overcharging.

Likewise, it can also protect against overheating, over-currents, and discharges.

Thanks to its superb technology, the ETFE, its durability is 15 years.

The dimensions of this product when folded are 11,4×6,2×1,1 inches and unfolded it is 22,8×25,6×0,1 inches.

And it’s very light, weighing 3.1 lbs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fully laminated
  • Made of PVC textile material with a rugged finish, appropriate for all weather conditions.
  • ETFE technology and monocrystal solar panels
  • Triple ports output
  • PVC textile material
  • Comes in two versions: 28W and 60W

7. Waterproof, Movable, Flexible Folding Solar Charger

Flexible Folding Solar Charger
This waterproof, movable, flexible, and foldable solar powered plug is half the size of other chargers.

The Solar Camp is the name of the brand, and what makes it more unique is its adaptability and flexibility.

If you’re going on a trip with your family and pets, then you never have to worry about damaging your charger because it can survive any hit.

This solar powered plug is very thin and elastic because of its CIGS solar cells made of materials from places famous for quality of products, such as Italy, Japan, and Silicon Valley.

As it is 100% flexible, it is easy to fold and carry with other items you usually do when going fishing, backpacking camping, hiking, or picnics.

The manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty on it, and what’s really awesome is that it’s been heavy- load and puncture tested.

The charger is shock-resistant and shatter-proof.

It’s appropriate for most gadgets and the battery on your cell phone is fully charged within 1.8 hours, regardless of the brand.

It is green in color complete with enlarged loops which allows you to attach or hang this charger anywhere you want.

The charger also has a plug for dusting off all the dirt from your devices.

Its high conversion rate makes it possible to get a quick charge and good performance in low light.

The solar camp charger is waterproof and shockproof and can handle any weather conditions.

With an IPX6 junction box, this plug also has double USB ports that allow concurrent charging of two gadgets at a time.

Ideal for emergencies, the ultralight, and compact design easily fits into your survival/emergency kit, or bug out bag (BOB).

The bright color offers great visibility.

Consequently, you can hardly misplace the charger in natural wooded or desert settings and you can use it to signal for help if necessary.

This charger is suitable for any unpredictable encounters.

Customer reviews are favorable and, obviously, the product is in high demand.

Apart from being lightweight, it is adjustable and durable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The most long-lasting and flexible in the market.
  • Very thin and light
  • 12-month warranty
  • High conversion rate
  • Emergency preparedness

8. 11Watts USB Premium Solar Panel

11Watts USB Premium Solar Panel
This star charger has the highest quality portable solar panel in the market.

If you’re not one of those people who bring many appliances, and you need something simple, this solution is ideal for you.

This solar powered plug is suitable at camping or hiking when you need to charge your mobile phones.

The manufacturer of this premium solar panel claims that it can efficiently work for full twenty-nine years, as ultraviolet rays cannot easily damage it.

If really this is the case, it means that it’s more durable compared to other solar chargers.

However, what makes it long-lasting is the material used for its production.

Made of ETFE materials, it’s more durable than standard panels and PET materials, and its cells are wired and sealed.

Thanks to its solid and stable USB charger, it can deliver maximum power to your devices consistently.

Many competitors have complex and cheap circuits which can lead to more inconsistent and problematic charging.

The device comes with free carabiners which make fixing easy.

This charger is super firm and waterproof, with 5V 1.9A excellent charging power.

The thickness of the panel is only 1-2mm and the weight of the whole charger is minimal.

Its size, when collapsed, is 9.6 x 5.9x 0.2 inches.

Therefore, it is easy to pack and bring everywhere!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of ETFE and PET materials
  • One USB port
  • Charging power of 5V.9A
  • Twenty-nine years lifetime
  • Premium quality US solar cells

9. Hanergy Solar Backpack

Hanergy Solar Backpack
Unlike other solar powered plugs, you can carry the Hanergy solar as a regular backpack, so you can carry it everywhere, always.

The technology nowadays allows you to carry a backpack full of wires charging gadgets without worries or the need to stop at a charging point.

With this backpack, it will only take 4 hours to charge your iPhone under ideal sunlight conditions, because of its high transfer efficiency technology.

The charger backpack contains 2 USB ports, one on the outside, and the other on the inside.

You can charge your cell phone and power bank at the same time.

What is interesting about this backpack is that robbers cannot steal your items.

The backpack has a security zipper at the back of the bag in which you can put your valuables such as ID or Wallet.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it does not feel like you are carrying a heavy load on your back.

This makes it functional and comfortable during use.

Most importantly, it has a comfortable handle for cell phone placement in which you can put your smartphone and it will protect it from falling out because of the anti-skid design of the holder

With its ultra-large capacity of 20L, the backpack is suitable for day to day use or 2 to 3 days short trips.

The solar bag includes two outer zips and two pockets on the sides.

You can carry your water glass, clothes, laptop, books, electronic devices, and other items.

It is perfect for business trips, hiking, travel, and office.

Thin, flexible, scratch-resistant, and waterproof, its solar panels are built of CIGS material.

Load your items into your backpack, and carry with you all the items you need for your daily use or a short trip.

Additionally, you are also carrying a portable and eco-friendly charger.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Solar panels integrated on the backpack
  • 2 USB ports
  • Two charges enabled at the same time
  • Anti-theft protection

10. ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Foldable Solar Panel Kit
Finally, on our list of best solar powered plugs is the one with 120W of power!

Along with monocrystalline Sicily solar panels, the weight of the entire package is 8.42lb.

This package comes with a battery clip, 120Watts collapsible mono solar panel, LCD PWM 20A Controller for Lead Acid Battery, and port for DC Adapter.

Its DC 8-IN-1 adapter is suitable for Aimtom, Prymax, Rockpals, Suaoki, Acopower solar power station, and most laptops.

However, 8mm DC input gadgets need an extra adapter, which is not inclusive.

The dimensions of this product are slightly larger.

Its dimensions are 62.2×21.5×0.2 inches, but when folded, it looks like a briefcase and is easily movable.

This charger is able to solve many daily problems.

It can charge batteries on most types of laptops and iPads, tablets, GPS, digital cameras, and solar generators.

It can charge even your car battery with its DC output.

With the charger, you can travel anywhere without uncertainty and feel relaxed knowing that you have a mobile charger.

It has connectors for various gadgets.

This kit has wires and a controller installed, which protects appliances from overcharging and overloading.

The charger is long-lasting and made of oxford textiles, for which it splash-proof.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large power gadget
  • Resilient and lasting
  • Compatible with all brands of cell phones and laptops and generators
  • Portable

Final Thoughts On Solar Powered Plugs

The solar powered plugs featured will not only make everyday life easier but will also make your outdoor trips twice the fun.

All solar plugs presented are durable, compatible with different devices, portable, and efficient.

They have many benefits important in cases of an emergency, blackout, or on trips.

Solar chargers allow you to carry and charge as many gadgets as you need.

Thanks to the steadily advancing technology, the internet, and the world market, it is now very easy to purchase a product that will ease your everyday life.

All of the chargers featured in this article are top-rated among Amazon customers.

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