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10 Best Solar Powered Phone Cases And Their Reviews For 2021

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Wondering what to choose when looking for a solar powered phone case?

It’s a fact that smartphone batteries run out at the most crucial moments, leaving you in utter frustration. 

Whether you are traveling, having fun at a friend’s birthday party, out on road-trip with your family, or even trying to click a perfect selfie, a fully charged phone is always a plus. 

So let’s thank the ever-developing technology for removing this nuisance from our busy lives and developing solar powered phone cases!

The idea itself feels very futuristic to suck the power out of the sun and replenish our phones batteries, but it has been around in the market for quite some time now.

Now, you can have your phone charged all the time, anywhere, without the hassle of finding an electric outlet.

10 Best Solar Powered Phone Cases Reviewed And Rated

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best solar powered phone cases and their reviews for 2021. With that said, let’s get started.

1. SnowLizard SLXtreme iPhone 7 Case Rugged and Waterproof SnowLizard SLXtreme iPhone 7 Case Rugged and Waterproof

Starting with the best in the market, this solar powered phone case has an efficient battery power.

Offering four different colors, Snowlizard has done an aesthetic job in designing the outlook of their phone cases.

This cover has a solar power indicator that lets you orient it towards the sun for increased charging efficiency.

The best part of this product is that it’s waterproof! 

Now the pool parties will be even more fun without you having to worry about any water splashes on your phone while videotaping your friend’s somersaults. 

It’s ultra-efficient solar batteries give more than 185 percent power boost to the smartphone that roughly means 12h talk time. 

The material used is polycarbonate that resists overheating and extreme temperatures. 

Not to forget, the slick design makes the grip stronger owing to the rubberized sides; giving extra protection from scuffs and scratches.

The case can withstand a fall of 6.6ft! 

Last but not the least, the phone has a quick latch system that allows easy insertion and extraction of the phone from the case. 

Overall a nice product and easy on the pocket.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sturdiness
  • Waterproof
  • MIL-Spec 810G certification
  • IP-68 Ingress protection

2. EnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup for iPhone SE/5/5SEnerPlex Surfr Ultra Slim Battery Backup for iPhone SE/5/5S

EnerPlex has introduced an award-winning product that is probably the thinnest right now and cheapest in the market. 

This phone cover adds practically zero weight to your phone; making it easier to carry around. 

The integrated battery on the back of the cover keeps your phone replenished all the time; even on the night ventures! 

Their special copper-indium-galium-selenide solar cells can charge without the need of a bulky solar panel; explaining why they are thinnest in the market.

The case can hold its charge longer up to several hours in emergencies. 

Do you want 140+ hours of music? This feature will back you on a long road trip with your family. 

As with all the covers mentioned here, this also will protect your phone from accidental dings and drops. 

The manufacturer has carefully designed it in a way such that the phone gets charged first followed by Surfr battery charging.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Thinnest and lightest in the market
  • Durable and powerful
  • Priority charging

3. 24000mAh Portable Solar Power BankHuge Capacity IPX5 Rainproof LED Flashlights24000mAh Portable Solar Power BankHuge Capacity IPX5 Rainproof LED Flashlights

An extremely powerful solar charger of 25000mAh Li-Battery that is perfect for heavy-duty users who like to work outdoors.

A must-have product for those who love to camp, hike, and go on adventurous road trips to remote islands.

Having a built-in USB input port, this charger takes up to 8 hours to charge itself fully. 

Moreover, it is made of ABS material that can withstand drops and impacts.

It is rainproof and dust-proof with a slick-looking design that also has 2 LED lights at the bottom to provide an additional feature at night ventures! 

The manufacturers have carefully designed and put together all the elements for 100% customer satisfaction. 

The ability to charge three phones at the same time makes it a perfect gadget for family outings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • More output ports
  • Heavy duty
  • Durable

4. Solar Power Bank USB C PD 18W Fast Charger with 2 Flashlights and 60 LEDsSolar Power Bank USB C PD 18W Fast Charger with 2 Flashlights and 60 LEDs

Now, what can be better than an even higher battery power!

Compared to the previous charger, this product offers an even greater battery power of 26800mAh that means it can charge an iPhone 11 six times a day!

It has two in-built flashlights that are bright enough to easily light up a dark forest up to around 250 feet.

But you may think that the light during camping will attract mosquitoes, worry not because it has an orange-hued panel LED that is mosquito repellent!

What more can a camper ask for?

The charger can be hung on your backpack during travel and simultaneously be charged up by sunlight.

Last but not the least, the charger is rain-proof, so never say no to an adventure in a thunderstorm.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Waterproof
  • Extra Battery power
  • Two flashlights
  • Mosquito repellent LED light

 5. Waterproof Portable External Battery Pack IP65Waterproof Portable External Battery Pack IP65

This solar power charger has the ability to charge three times faster and higher light-absorbing capacity making full use of the abundant solar light.

The three foldable panels are responsible for better and enhanced efficiency that can be folded into the size of a smartphone; easy and handy.

Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast at a really affordable price!

The manufacturers offer a 10000mAh battery, the output current of which can be automatically adjusted to meet the optimum phone charging requirements.

This automatic feature saves the energy from being wasted and prevents the phone from overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.

It also has a built-in emergency LED light with four modes ‘Steady-Atmosphere-Strobe-SOS’, no need to be scared if you’re lost in the dark!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Protection from impacts
  • Three foldable solar panels
  • Four LED light modes

6. Waterproof Battery Backup Charger Solar Panel Charger with Dual Flashlights and CompassWaterproof Battery Backup Charger Solar Panel Charger with Dual Flashlights and Compass

High capacity polymer 20000mAh battery solar charger for only under twenty-five dollars! How can one not have this?

An eco-friendly, compact looking solar power bank that can charge itself in the sunlight.

This one has a dual USB port and a couple of bright flashlights.

There are five pilot LED light indicators that tell the status of charging by changing their colors; green indicating charging by solar light and blue indicating USB charging.

With a capability of 500 or more charging cycles, this portable, and light-weight charger is easy to hang anywhere, it can be hung on your backpack, fanny pack, or even your jean’s belt.

The built-in polymer lithium battery is anti-explosion and doesn’t get heated up easily.

The stylish design not only looks good but also provides robust protection from water, dust, drops, scuffs, and scratches.

There is an embedded compass on the back of the gadget which is an additional feature for adventurers; indeed a very sturdy camping gear!

Pros & Benefits:

  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Sleek design
  • 3 light modes
  • Additional buckle and a compass

7. Qi Portable Charger Type C Port Dual Flashlight, Compass IPX4 Splashproof, Dustproof, ShockproofQi Portable Charger Type C Port Dual Flashlight, Compass IPX4 Splashproof, Dustproof, Shockproof

BLAVOR’s black and orange solar power banks come with a 100% money-back guarantee and a very considerate customer care service.

The charging time of this device has been intensively tested and is very durable according to the manufacturers.

They can’t be lying, after all, they are providing a 100% refund guarantee that not many solar power bank companies offer.

The completely cable-free and tangle-free power bank has a 10000mAh battery that can charge an iPhone X up to three times.

The four rugged corner design offers protection and impact resistance and robustness, ideal for hikers!

One will have to make sure that the power bank is fully charged using an electric outlet, the solar charging feature is built for only emergency and outdoor situations.

The gadget will come with a free compass kit, not a bad product for under thirty dollars.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dual flashlights
  • Tangle free
  • Rainproof

8. Elzle Portable Power Bank Fast Charger Dual USB Compatible for Smartphones TabletElzle Portable Power Bank Fast Charger Dual USB  Compatible for Smartphones Tablet

Yet another heavy-duty solar power charger with an in-built 15000mAh battery by Elzle, a trusted brand.

What distinguishes it from the rest in the market is its integrated 6 surprisingly bright LED flashlights to lighten up your furtive late-night adventures.

The four LED indicators are helpful in showing the power levels of the charger.

The outer case is made of strong ABS and PC material that will never break no matter how hard the fall.

It can simultaneously charge two devices with high efficiency and fast speed.

Comes with an exquisite packing, this product is ideal for fishing, camping, and also long hour flights, as this is a flight approved product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Six flashlights
  • Strong material
  • Flight approved

9. BigBlue 28W Solar Phone Charger with Digital AmmeterBigBlue 28W Solar Phone Charger with Digital Ammeter

Bigblue has unleashed a powerful and unparalleled product that is a bit pricey owing to the great features it offers.

One distinguishing feature is its four foldable solar panels that can be handled very easily.

The built-in ammeter can measure the current overflow and control it while charging the phones.

It has an exclusive smart IC technology that can detect the phone’s needs and provides a healthy charge to your phone. 

An extremely high solar conversion efficiency of about 25%, puts this product on a pedestal.

The compact and lightweight design offers four hooks that can be used to conveniently hang the charger in any place with the best sun rays.

It doesn’t end here, this product is made of an industrial-grade high strength PET body that is impact, water, and dust-proof.

Lastly, the product comes with a free USB cable!

Pros & Benefits:

  • A total output of 25W
  • Four foldable solar panels
  • Over voltage protection

10. Portable Solar Power Bank, Dual Outputs & Type-C Input, Waterproof,15 LED Flashlight for OutdoorPortable Solar Power Bank, Dual Outputs & Type-C Input, Waterproof,15 LED Flashlight for Outdoor

15 LED flashlights! Yes, you read that right.

With this gadget, the nights can feel like days because it offers heavy-duty flashlights that can illuminate your surroundings for over 30 hours.

It has four lighting modes that include steady, weak light, flash, and SOS.

A trustworthy outdoor friend, that has a 16000mAh power battery to keep your phone replenished all the time.

It has a type-C input that allows its fast charging taking up only 6 hours.

Made of ABS material and very easy to carry around, it doesn’t take up much space and can prove to be your partner in hurricanes as well.

You can take this solar power charger in your carry-on luggage on the plane while traveling the world!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 15 flashlights
  • Multi-protection technology
  • Type-C port

How to select the best solar powered case for your phone

This section is mainly for newbies who have been trying to buy the best solar powered phone case for themselves but know only a little about how these gadgets work.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to pay over forty dollars and later pray that the product works well.

From being quick to being strong to getting enough juice in the battery to last us all day long, we ask a lot from our smartphones.

But maybe we are asking too much if we expect a stock phone to do all of these, right out of the box, and we should just let our phone handle just the phone functions, and then find a case that can provide security and battery extension, while offering a way to recharge our phone with the energy freely accessible from the sun.

Here are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself before opting for the best phone case.

What is the Model of Your Phone?

You need to shorten the list of phone cases on amazon by selecting your phone model and brand either for android or iOS phones.

The solar phone cases are not available for all the models and you may be unlucky to have a phone model whose solar power case is not manufactured yet.

How Long Will You Use the Gadget?

Will you be camping for a week?

Do you like to go on long tours?

Or you don’t really like outdoor activities, but it will be cool to charge your phone by the pool occasionally while reading a book?

Different cases have different battery powers and capacities which means some can keep your phone charged for days and some only a few hours.

So before selecting the charger, check its battery power and whether it will work for you or not.

How Long Will You Be Able to Charge?

Solar powered phone cases usually take several hours to charge the phone compared to the fast charging via conventional electricity.

It depends on the solar energy conversion efficiency of the charger.

So, if you need something that would charge your phone faster than the rest of the phones in the market, you’ll have to compare the charging speed of the products.

How Much Can You Pay?

We are always looking for a product that has a reasonable cost and fulfills all our needs.

If you’re for the cheapest product then be ready to compromise some of the features because with quality comes a price.

To answer this question, you’ll have to be a bit keener and more skeptical in scrutinizing all the specs of products.

Does Your Phone Get Dropped a Lot?

Now, this may not sound very important, but it is.

The solar power case has a complex integrated system that consists of panels, wires, and other electrical elements.

It is more prone to damage than your average phone case and repeated falls can affect the charging capabilities.

But it doesn’t mean that these cases can’t withstand impacts and damage.

Many manufacturers as mentioned above have done a spectacular job in producing products that are made of high strength materials that can withstand occasional drops.

Moreover, there are some which also give your phone screen protection owing to their advanced designs.

Power Output

This is a very important point as your phone may require a different current power than the charger is offering, and this can sometimes lead to battery damage.

Other than this, the power output defines how many cycles of charging it can undergo before dying out.

You can check this out by seeing the numbers in mAh in the specification section of the product.

Greater the number, the longer it stays usable and can charge your phone.

Read the reviews!

You must always check out the reviews and feedback of the customers because customers don’t lie after all they have paid or the product.

After going through the above review, you will get an idea of what the market is offering, at what price range, and with what special features.

Cons of a Solar Powered Phone Case

With many advantages, there come a few disadvantages that need to be considered and compromised.

The charger will not work efficiently if it can’t find ample sunlight.

This is seldom a problem but at night or on a cloudy day your phone might show the low charging error on the screen.

It takes an average of 5-7 hours to charge the phone completely whereas the conventional chargers take an hour to perform the same task; some of you may find that a problem.

These chargers are pricey because of the heavy material and components and sometimes they require maintenance which simply adds to the cost.

The charger’s solar cells may deteriorate resulting in poor efficiency and charging capabilities.

Some people will just like to buy a simple charger for obvious reasons.

How Do Solar Powered Phone Cases Work?

We use all kinds of gadgets in our daily routine, but do we know how they work?

Knowing the science behind our favorite products is always fun so here is a brief description of how the solar-paneled phone cases work to charge our phones without the need to find a direct electric outlet.

Sun gives off an unimaginable amount of energy towards earth every day but most of it is wasted because this energy dissipates everywhere rather than being concentrated to one point.

For harnessing energy solar panels were made that can concentrate much of the sunlight to a small area.

In a solar cell, the light is absorbed and an electron in one of the bonds is excited to a higher energy level that lets it travel more freely than when bonded before.

In solar panels, each solar cell which is also called a photovoltaic cell, consists of silicone and the sunlight knocks an electron free, forcing the electron out of the silicon junction.

Kudos to the scientist who came up with this marvelous idea of putting a solar panel on the phone case.

The concept is unique and relatively new and recently manufacturers have started to see the immense potential in it.

Saving Money

Isn’t it fascinating how you ‘d save money by not using electricity, you ‘d be using energy effectively, and you’d just have to focus on finding the sun instead of finding a power outlet?

This is a very eco-friendly approach and energy will be conserved if people start charging their electronics using the sun.

Let’s see what elements and materials are required to create this unit.

Almost everything you need is the right connectors, the right amperage, and voltage of the device and a battery to store the energy collected by the solar panels.

Photons knock electrons loose from atoms during the conversion process and this is the subatomic energy packet which forms the basis for light.

Next, sunlight photons carry sufficient energy to jar electrons from their orbit into the silicon element which is the material used in most solar cells.

Lastly, this solar energy recharges a battery by reversing the electrons flow, refilling the electrical potential of the battery.

Finding The Best Solar Powered Phone Case

There are several reasons for profiting from the sun’s free and plentiful resources.

However, the first and foremost explanation is that using solar energy to power our world is better for the atmosphere than burning fossil fuels to produce the energy that we need.

Ironically, coal, oil, and gas – the fossil fuels on which we have depended in the past – are early recipients of solar energy since they were created from decomposing plants hundreds of millions of years ago.

But trying to burn the fossil fuels from these decomposed plants has a negative impact on our environment because the process releases carbon dioxide and other gases – called greenhouse gasses – that trap heat in the atmosphere of the Earth.

So, here’s the catch – harnessing energy directly from the sun does not increase terrestrial temperatures.

There’s an abundance of choice available for you to choose from, few of them have been listed above with their reviews and special features.

So, go and get your favorite product and charge your phones wherever you are!

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