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10 Best Solar Robotics Kits And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Solar robotics kits are now changing the learning process positively. You can easily teach your kids about the usage of solar right at home.

These are robotic kits that are powered using solar energy and kids can easily arrange them.

It’s even more convenient when they are playing as they can easily change any part of the kits.

They also come with a circuit which makes it more fun and exciting to operate. 

These are better than other toys that just waste their time as they can gain a lot of knowledge by simply using these kits.

10 Best Solar Robotics Kits Reviewed And Rated

Now after carrying out intensive research about solar kits, we have found 10 of them that stand out with the best features.

Let’s go through 10 of the best robotic kits as well as their reviews.

1. 4M Solar Robotics Kit 

Solar Robotics KitThis Rover is extremely easy for kids to build and construct. It is designed from a can that is attached to the various controllers.

It houses the wheels used for movements as well as the solar panel which serves as it’s the source of energy.

This is not just an ordinary toy as it won an award for its creative design in 2016.

The kit provides everything needed for constructing their very own Rover. It comes with a procedure that’s very easy to learn. 

Kids that are already interested in building machines will find this kit very interesting to use. This procedure only works if the kit is arranged accordingly.

You don’t have to worry as there is a manual containing the details of how to properly install it. This makes it so much easier and faster to learn than most robots with a complicated process.

This even gets more fun during summer as there will be a lot of kits around to recycle. 

Once you have completely set up the Rover, the next thing is to ensure that you provide it with sunlight. This should be at a level that will be sufficient for it to move. 

Key Features:

  • It helps prevent wastage of cans as you can easily recycle them
  • It is very cheap for most people
  • Comes with a detailed instruction of how you can set it up for usage
  • Comes with a complete set of tools as you don’t need to buy any other parts before it can work

2. OWI 14-in-1 Educational Robot

Educational RobotThis works effectively for kids that usually get bored while learning. It comes with a very creative and interesting set up which is very easy to understand. 

What makes it even more special is that it comes with 14 different configurations for you to try out. This means if you don’t like one, you can easily switch over to the next one. 

All of these configurations are very easy and convenient to work with.

You have all the required tools and parts to build different variations of the robot. You can decide to change the style any time you want without affecting the quality of the product.

This works with kids that are very curious about gadgets. The most fascinating feature is that it works on both land and water.

So you don’t have to worry if your kids are operating it at a location that’s very close to water. All you have to do is to choose a particular mode and you are good to go.

You can operate it in any direction as long as it remains charged with solar energy. This energy also lasts long which makes it able to operate for an extended period.

It comes with two levels of challenges which makes it suitable for all ages. It has a program for smaller kids and also for older kids. It doesn’t matter the location, it goes anywhere you instruct it to go.

Even if your kid is crawling, swimming, floating or walking, it will still come along. 

This makes it multifunctional and very useful in learning about mechanics.

This is a solar robotics kit that helps to improve your kid’s imagination and creativity. You can expect a lot of fun when working with this kit.

Key Features:

  • 14 possible designs in one single kit
  • Easy to use with water
  • Affordable for most people
  • Certified for STEM learning

3. DIY solar Car Kits to Build – Wooden Model

DIY Solar KitsThis is one of the best kits to use when the sun is out. It comes with a solar-powered motor which is very easy to arrange. This acts as the power source for the vehicle. It is a step by step process that’s not difficult to understand.

It comes with a static jigsaw made out of wood which can be operated by both the Adults and the kids. Once you have this down, you can then go-ahead to construct the car.

Arranging the car doesn’t require any technical tools like screws and bolts. The kit is enough for you to do that. A 6-color paint is also made available for you to choose from.

You can use this to select any pattern of your choice. This will then be used in decorating the car. 

You are guaranteed 100% safety when using this kit. It is non-toxic and it has been certified by CPC. Every single part of the kit is made from the wood of the best quality. This makes it easily removable from the plates. 

This is an amazing alternative for those that do not like using plastics. The materials are biodegradable and it comes in handy as a simple model car for all ages. 

Key Features:

  • Doesn’t require additional tools
  • 6 unique colors to choose from
  • Made from high-quality wood for better performance

4. TEDCO Tedcotoys kids activity 50-foot Solar Balloon

Solar Balloon

This is a Balloon that’s extremely easy to operate. It doesn’t require any difficult skills to blow the air inside and it doesn’t take too much time. You can simply open the balloon and fill it up with the breeze. 

When the warmth provided by the sun comes in contact with the inflated balloon, this gives energy and buoyancy to the balloon which makes it float.

This makes it a very good learning kit for kids as they can learn a lot about pressure. Kids can now learn about different important theories like Bernoulli’s equation, Pascal’s principle, heat energy and atmospheric pressure. 

You can easily explain the different principles to them while you operate the balloon. You can make them see how the principles affect the inflation and motion of the balloon.

This acts as a fun and interesting way for kids to learn more. It works perfectly at any location where the sun is shining. 

Key Features:

  •  It is easy to assemble
  •  The balloon makes it easy and exciting for kids to learn more
  •  It doesn’t require any additional tools or batteries

5. OWI – Dodeca 12- in – 1 Solar Hydraulic Robot kit

Solar Hydraulic Robot KitThis is an incredible kit that comes with 231 different pieces inside. 

It contains 12 different configurations and combinations which makes it more fun and easy to operate. This contains a T-Rex, a Dodeca and also a Forklift. It also has a gearbox which makes it more convenient for you to move it smoothly. 

It even gives room for more flexibility as you can form different shapes and build different variations of the robot from the 12 combinations. This means you are free to try out your ideas and creativity with this kit. 

There are two different modes for you to choose from when operating the robot.

You can select between the animal lode and the automotive modes which comprise of different moves for you to try out. This gives room for more features for you to enjoy.

You’ll also have some fun teaching others on how to use it as it bases most of its movements on hydraulics. This creates space for more learning and understanding. 

Once you can locate a decent spot under the sun, then you can proceed with operating the kit for different purposes.

Pros and Benefits:

  • 231 pieces that come with 12 different models which makes it easy for you to build
  • It is not difficult to assemble or disassemble
  • It makes use of hydraulics ad it works perfectly under the sun

6. Supersmart choice S.T.E.A.M Line Toys 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robotic Kits

Educational Solar Robotics Kit

This is one of the best solar-powered robot kits due to its ability to run multiple tasks at once. This contains up to 14 different configurations that you can arrange to form different structures of your choice.

This single feature gives it an advantage over most robotic kits out there. 

This is another amazing solar robotics kit that works well with land surfaces and water surfaces. This simply means you can easily operate it as a boat or as a land vehicle.

This comes in very handy when you’re out on a picnic with the family at the beach or performing any other outdoor activities. Your kids can have some time playing with this and learning at the same time.

This takes their eyes off their iPads and iPhones as they can be more creative with this kit. 

This works well for them as they can work together and build the robot using recycled items. It also makes it possible to change from one form or shape to another.

This means if your kids are tired of using the same kit over and over again, you can easily change it for them to another one. This keeps going on for as long as possible as there are different possible forms to choose from.

This makes it a source of fun for your kids when it’s time for the holidays and you even need electricity to power it up. 

You can see how it helps you save money and effort. If your kid is also a potential engineer, this is the perfect tool for him as the kit simplifies everything about robotics.

It also serves as a means of educating and teaching kids about using solar energy. 

Pros and Benefits:

  • 14-in-1 different combinations to try out
  • Works perfectly on water and land
  • Suitable for kids of all ages to learn from

7. The Thames and Kosmos Solar Car Set Science Kit

Solar Car Set Science Kit

This kit makes it super easy for you to assemble and build a race car while using solar energy. It even gets more interesting as you can use it with a battery.

This gives you more flexibility to run it while you are indoors. All you need to do is to remove the batteries when the sun is out and return them whenever you’re indoors. 

This feature alone gives you so many possibilities with the robot kit. You are free to build it no matter the weather conditions. This limitless freedom makes it wonderful as a learning tool also.

Kids and anyone around you can play and have fun with this.

 This is a kit that’s fully functional and can work well when there’s sunlight. This means you don’t have to depend on electricity before you can command it to carry out various instructions.

Kids can also learn more about mechanics and solar energy at the same time

It comes with four different configurations for you to choose from.

 This goes all the way from building a race car to having a standard helicopter.

This makes it even much more amazing as it can work well on the air. You can control it to almost any location that’s on the ground and also on air.

 The guidelines for assembly are extremely easy to understand by almost anyone. This is not technically difficult for people to understand or use.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Comes with four distinct configurations for you to choose from
  • Has double sources of energy ( battery and solar)
  • Very easy to arrange
  • It can work on both air and land

8. Solar Lab 1.0 Electricity Learning Kit

Electricity Learning Kit

This kit is a little bit more complex than other kits. This is because it has been designed majorly for much older kids. This is the perfect tool for learning the different abilities and work functions that are made possible by the sun.

It also teaches you about how electricity can help you generate a decent amount of energy using circuits. 

It is a very fun tool to learn with especially for kids that have an interest in mechanics. 

It also comes with an instruction that’s so much easier to understand. It has so much information that will teach you about using both solar and electric energy at once.

You can learn on your own or bring others along with you to have fun together. 

This kit is well loaded to educate you about the science of how solar energy works. The most interesting part of it is that you don’t even need to assemble it before you can start using it.

Which makes it so much easier to use as it doesn’t require any technical know-how.

This is why so many users out there recommend it for others to use.

You should remember however that this product is not made with a lot of colors. So you need to put this to kind if you’re shopping for a very young kid. This makes it even more specific for older kids.

The learning process is quite in-depth and very interesting for learning. 

The materials and parts used for this product are made with the best quality. It’s unlike some kits that would easily break down as it’s quite strong with high resistance to damage.

This shows that you will be getting a huge return from your investments. 

Pros and Benefits:

  • It comes with great value
  • You don’t need to assemble it
  • Gives you well-defined teaching about the photo-voltaic generation of electricity

9. World Pride Solar Powered 5 Pack – Grasshopper kit

Grasshoper Kit

This is one of the best solar-powered robot kits you will find out there. It comes with a model that’s very much easy to understand. This makes it very much recommended for kids of all ages to learn.

If what you have been searching for is a set of robot kits that’s not too difficult to understand, then the World Pride Solar Powered 5 Pack – Grasshopper kit is what you need.

It also teaches about the science behind solar energy and mechanical energy. This gives a more practical approach to learning which is easier to understand.

You can imagine the vast amount of knowledge your kids will be getting from this. 

One interesting fact is that it doesn’t require any form of assembly or arrangements. This saves you a lot of time and effort. It also serves as a fun toy for kids to play with.

This works fine for you if you have little kids. You can teach them about how it works and you’ll find out how easily they will grab the teachings. 

However, It may appear too simple and basic to older children. This is due to the reduced level of complexity it has. So you need to keep this in mind when you’re going shopping.

One other interesting fact is that little sunlight is sufficient for them to begin operation. Once you remove them from their boxes, they start working immediately. This is done for way usage at almost any location.

It is also one of the cutest robot kits out there as the appearance looks so wonderful. This is the perfect tool to keep a bored little kid busy and also teach them some important aspects of how solar energy works.

However, the fact that it’s cute and easy to use doesn’t mean that you should leave it alone for your kids to handle. You need to pay attention and supervise every activity.

Doing this will help you keep your kids safe from unwanted injuries. You will also be keeping the robot kit safe. 

Pros and Benefits:

  • It’s very good at teaching small kids
  • It has a very cute appearance which means your kids will love it
  • It works immediately as it gets into contact with the sun
  • It comes in a pack of Five

10. Robotime DIY Solar Power Robot Kit. – Suitable for Ages 14 and above

DIY Solar Power Robot Kit


This robot kit can be a bit more complex for little kids to understand, except for kids that have a high level of intelligent quotient (IQ).

It comes with more functionalities and abilities than most kits out there. It is built with the structure of a real-time space Rover. This makes it so much cooler for kids to play with.

If your kid also shows interest in mechanics, then you might consider getting this for him/her. It has most of the features that you would find in any other robot kit. It even performs better than most of them. 

This works well for you as it creates the perfect atmosphere for spending some time with your kids. 

It has great potential for teaching kids about the science of how solar energy works. This also an approach to learning that’s more fun and exciting. 

Recreating the spirit Rover can also help you learn more as an adult, so it’s not for kids alone. And when it comes to assembly, it’s so much easier than you think.

You can follow the detailed instructions that are provided alongside the kit. This also comes with pictures so that you will be able to learn faster and easier.

This makes it much more interesting to work with, unlike some other robot kits. 

You don’t need any other toolset or equipment to operate it. You will find every single thing you need to create an amazing robotic vehicle right inside the kit.

It has a solar panel that stores the energy from the sun. This energy is then used to connect with the motor which then powers up the car for movements.

You need to remember to always place it where there’s direct sunlight for faster operation. It even has an advantage over other robots which were made of wood.

This means the materials last so much longer as you can easily recycle them. 

This works well if you observe that your kid is losing interest. For example, if you notice that your kid has grown older and needs a different toy, you can easily turn them into compost and avoid unnecessary pollution.

You can imagine how this will help you live healthy as well as the people living nearby at the same time. 

Pros and Benefits:

  • It is suitable for kids that are of age 14 and above
  • It is certified for learning by S.T.E.M
  • You can easily recreate the Mars Spirit Rover
  • The parts are made to be biodegradable
  • This material helps reduce waste and limits the amount of pollution in the environment

Why Do You Need A Solar Robotics Kit?

Now you might be wondering why you really need a solar-powered Robotic Kit. Well, this is because they are really amazing when it comes to saving power.

You can imagine the amount of energy that goes into making a machine work. This is something complex made so easy and simple for you to use.

It also offers you a great way to bond with your kids and learn more about technology.

Choosing The Right Solar Robotics Kit For You

Solar robotics kits are one of the ways to build kids positively for the future.

This makes it possible to teach kids about mechanical energy at the same time.

It also acts as a way of making kids interested in joining the S.T.E.M.

This is the discipline that oversees the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and how they are applied in the real world.

This doesn’t just work with the classroom application, it also oversees how it is applied economically in the workplace and also in the community.

Your kids need to learn all about these solar robotics kits because they will help them shape their thinking.

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