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10 Best Solar Wire Products And Their Reviews For 2021

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Solar wire can play a key role when setting up solar energy properly.

Solar wire types, also known as solar panel wires or photovoltaic (PV) wires, refers to the type of wires/cables required to connect your solar panels with the rest of your photovoltaic systems.

Choosing a wire that is too small for your PV system results in your battery bank not charging fully. As a result, your appliances may not work fully.

Electrical and solar panel wires normally are grouped using the same criteria, mainly by conductor types

Those made up of a single metal wire core are single stranded conductors and those with multiple wire cores type are multiple conductors.

10 Best Solar Wire Products Reviewed And Rated

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best solar wire products and their reviews for 2021.

1. 10 AWG Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire Solar Connectors

AWG solar wire
This is a great choice for those looking for a relatively longer wire, to connect their solar panel with the rest of their photovoltaic appliances.

This is a pair consisting of 30 feet black & 30 feet long wire.

Hence good for distanced connection between panels and either storage batteries or other appliances.

This is a gauge 10 wire, and therefore minimal risks with high voltages power or unwarranted loss of power.

They’re strand wires, wound very tight, and unlike other wires they are heavily insulated.

Making them rigid and not much flexible as one would expect.

This aspect qualifies this particular brand as good for heavy-duty application.

The MC4 connections normally fit snug in a much precise way.

The cable weighs about 2.5 pounds.

This cable is used with or without a raceway, but in accordance with the wiring systems regulations.

These are connection cables by Windynation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The cables are designed for outdoor use
  • Are moisture resistant
  • Corrosion resistant

2. 10 AWG Solar Panel and Controller Connector Adaptor Wire MC4 Extension Cables

AWG extension cables
This MC4 extension cable is great for connecting your photovoltaic appliances, to spaces of up to 20 feet apart.

These are cables from Renogy, and enter into the class of top-quality pair of solar cables you will find in the market due to the great customer experience.

Basically, these are two cables with hard plastic MC4 connectors at one end and bear on the other end (male & female).

The TUV Logo print per feet, indicates that the cable meets TUV standard for solar application.

This guarantees a value for your money, as attested for by people who had used it before.

This cable can help you maneuver even without a charger controller, but a charge controller is important, and completes your installation harm free to the intended appliances.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a black sunlight resistant cable that extends and locks built-in cables
  • This is a TUV tested cable as resistant to UV
  • Comes with a space advantage as it creates more space between your solar panel and charge controller
  • Great for ‘suitcase solar panels’ as it’s portable
  • The cable is adequately insulated and very flexible

3. 10AWG Extension Cable with Female and Male Connector Solar Panel Adaptor Kit Tool

AWG adaptor kit
This cable is great for those, looking to achieve a solar system wiring that is impeccably weather resistant (i.e. to both extreme heat and cold).

Most of the time it’s sold as one pair, (1 piece + 1 piece red) 10 feet 10AWG solar extension cable.

Alongside a female and male connector solar panel adaptor kit tool, an added advantage.

Different lengths, other than the 10 feet measurement, of this cable are also available in the market.

This solar panel cable is available in the market in three different sizes: size 14, size 12 and size 10 AWG sizes.

Using a large diameter cable, comes along with the advantage of minimal power loss in your solar panel system.

This cable has a self-locking system that is easy to lock and open.

There are two cables with connectors at one end connecting to the solar panel and bare on the other end connecting to the solar charge controller.

This particular wire works perfectly to its intended purpose.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is weather resistant (for both heat and cold)
  • It has a self-locking system

4. MC4 Y Branch Connectors Solar Connectors Extra Long Cable MFFFF + FMMMM Pair

These are connectors made in China by Renogy, and come with a hard-plastic coating suitable for parallel wiring.

These Y-connectors are able to maintain the voltage of the solar panel configuring, to match your battery size.

They come with one male to four females and one female to four females connectors.

It’s advisable to use MC4 Branch connectors to make tighter and waterproof connections.

These Y connectors are able to withstand a voltage of 1000V DC(TUV) and of 600V(UL).

You make incredible wiring using these connectors, which is easy and efficient, on your roof when joining individual solar panels.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s Quick and simple processing process
  • Simple removal of plugs without the aid of any extra instrument


5. BougerRV 10AWG Solar Extension Cable

BougerRV cable
This great product, made by BougerRV, is now available in the solar wire market.

The extension cable, comes with male and female extra free pair of connectors solar panel adaptor kit tool (20ft red & 20ft black).

The pricing is also great and ensures that there is a sure value for money.

This cable comes with a free pair of separate connectors.

It’s a one pair ( 1 piece black + 1 piece red) 20 feet 10 AWG solar Extension cable.

The connectors are attractive and friendly to work with.

These extension cables, made from copper metal, have heavy insulation suited against wear and tear.

These two cables have connectors at one end connecting to the solar panel and base on the other end connecting to the solar panel and bare on the other end connecting to the solar charge controller.

The solar panel cable is typically sold in 14, 12 and 10 AWG sizes. Using a large diameter cable will minimize power losses in your solar power system.

This wire provides a great customer experience and is a 100% ‘buy-again product.’

Pros & Benefits:

  • It extends and lock built-in cables
  • It’s weather-proof and built to withstand extreme heat and cold weather

6. #10 Red and Black Solar 10′ long for connecting Charge Controller to Battery bank

Red and black battery bank
This extension cable marks our #6 and is recommended for connecting your charger controller with the battery.

It’s made in the USA by Global Solar Supply.

The cables come with UL listing materials cable Spec. clearly printed on the cable.

This #10, 1000VDC solar cables are sold as two cables, one black and one red.

Whereby the red takes positive and the black takes positive.

Each of these cables is 10’ long with 3/8” ring terminus on one end of each cable.

Pros & benefits:

  • It’s fast and easy to install
  • Easily connects your charge controller and battery bank with this kit

7. Sun YOBA 5 Pairs of mc4 Male/ Female Solar Panel Double Seal Cable Connectors

Sun YOBA connectors
This connectors are IP67 Waterproof.

From Sun YOBA this is our double seal solar cables that have locking tabs and are very compatible with the MC4 connectors.

They come fully disassembled, and its advisable to also buy a connector crimping tool when getting the cable.

The price matches the services these connectors give, a great consideration to someone looking for more affordable energy.

Many users of this cable connectors highly recommend it to the new users due to the convenience it brings along.

Its rated current is 25A (2.5-4.0 mm2).

It has a degree of protection of IP2*/IP67, and the recommended test voltage is 6000V (50Hz, 1min).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • The voltage rating is 1000V DC
  • The flammability rating is UL94-VO

8. RICH SOLAR 20 Feet 10 Gauge Solar Extension Cable One Pair

Rich solar cableThis pair of extension cable has tinned copper as the contact material, and is perfect for off-grid solar kits.

The pair has an MC4 connector at one end, that connects to the solar panel, and is bare on the other end connecting to the charge controller.

Inividual wires are 20 feet and the pair have a double length.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed for outdoor application – UV, moisture and corrosion resistant
  • Has a male and a female connector
  • The insulation material is TPE
  • Long service life of more than 25 years

9. Zamp Solar 120MALEUV Solar Wiring

ZAMP solar wire
This particular wire has a length of 10′, and if you have a Zamp-ready system, this is a good choice since Zamp uses reverse polarity.

It’s great for use with solar panels of 60 watts or more, and is normally good with solar panels mounted on the roof/side wall point and 3 port cap.

It is a portable connector with a maximum capacity of 250watts.

Hence, it can be used with mobile solar energy systems.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works with original hardware solar RV kits
  • It has a male connector end
  • Has a solid copper core
  • It is UV resistant
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

10. VIKOCELL 1 Pairs Solar Y Branch Connectors 2 to 1 Cable Splitter for Solar Panel System

VIKOCELL connectorsThese branch connectors upgrade the waterproof degree, to IP67 special design for stronger two plug pins on male connectors.

It does not disconnect without the mc4 disconnect tool.

The “Y connectors” will keep up the voltage of your panel configuration to match your battery size.

These connectors are solely compatible with MC4 connectors, and come as one male (MMF) and one female (FFM) connection.

It withstands a voltage of 1000DC, contact resistance of one meter.

It has a temperature range of -40°F to + 194° F, Insulation material PC/PA and a contact material of copper and silver.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The photovoltaic plastic material used comes with anti-aging and resistance to UV radiation
  • The Mc4 metal pins use 100% tinned copper creating more safety and durability
  • Can reach up to 25 years of outdoor service

What you should know when choosing the right wire size

Wires used in solar systems are rated by their Amp.

The higher the current of your solar system is, the thicker the pv required for proper functioning of the entire system.

The currents and voltages of your solar energy system, will determine the size of wires you buy.

Significant voltage drops, will occur resulting in significant energy losses, as well as overheating that can cause a fire.

You can use a Solar Wire Size Calculator to select the proper wire for your needs.

The thicker the wire, the easier it will be for larger electrical currents to flow in it.

Therefore, short wires with large cross-sectional areas have a small electrical resistance that results in small voltage drops.

Solar wire thickness:

The thicker a pv wire is, the higher the cost and the opposite is also true for thinner wires.

This is because, thicker wires are capable of handling more amps.

When choosing the thickness of your wires, you can go either of these two ways.

A little thicker for safety, or just thick enough but vulnerable to sudden power surge.

To make a great choice, it’s advisable to buy a solar panel wire that is big enough to deal with the biggest current (amp) drawing appliance you have, and using that wire for all the other runs to the AC breaker panel.

PV wire length:

It’s important to consider the length of your solar wires.

Longer than average PV wire connecting high current appliances, needs a wire with more amps.

Longer wires need a high amp rating, so consider going for a little thicker wire.

Also, thicker wires would cushion high current appliances, that you will probably buy in the future.

There is a 0% harm of preparing for the future early, especially when it will save you from having to upgrade to thicker wires.

It’s also imperative to keep in mind that it’s wiser and less costly, to try and use solar panel wires that are shorter in length, than to have to buy very thick (and expensive) wire to compensate for unnecessary length.

Consider consulting a certified electrician to make sure you have chosen the best types of solar wires.

How are solar panels made?

This is a question that crosses the mind of many solar energy users.

Solar is now in the mainstream as the world’s cheapest energy source.

The fact that solar energy is very efficient, and a source of “green” energy makes people want to know and comprehend how solar energy systems work, how they are made and what the parts of a solar panel are.

Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film (“amorphous”) silicon are some of the materials used to make solar panels.

Interested in making your own solar panel?

If you are considering having a solar panel that is self-made, then consider some factors such as the longevity of its output, efficiency and the overall cost.

How to economically and efficiently use of your solar energy:

1. Make sure you reduce the electricity consumption of your building.

Eliminate devices and appliances that consume too much of electricity.

2. Install LEDs in place of light bulbs. 90 % of energy is lost as heat with the light bulbs.

This is because light bulbs are based on glowing filament made from tungsten.

The modern LEDs make use of more than 90% to produce light.

3. Turn off standby mode.

Many electrical devices consume electricity even when they are not in use.

Many of this tip are found online and can help you save your solar power to a great extent

Final Thoughts On Solar Wire Products

We researched a lot of information, and we hope that the insights provided in this article will help you choose your solar wires/cables wisely.

Once you have the right information regarding items on the market, it’s easy to make an informed choice.

Basic adherence to the safety precautions will truly bring effectiveness, efficiency and reduced chances of damage to your solar energy systems.

Read more of our article and grow with us in realizing a clean environment where we use green renewable energy for sustainable development.

Do you think there is a wire or cable that was left out? Please leave your opinions and comments below!

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