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10 Best Solar Wind Charge Controllers And Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Looking for the right solar wind charge controller?

Everything is run on electricity, initiating it with your laptop, mobile phone, light, car microwave and many more.

Name one and guess the source of power it needs to work, the answer is electricity.

The use of electricity is well known and I guess there is no need to explain it further.

There are three modes to generate power from namely Water, Solar and Wind.

We are going to discuss the two abandoned sources of energy here: Solar and Wind.

Researchers have found numerous ways to combine these two forms of energy into one strong output, which we can use in the form of electricity to run in our households or work.

10 Best Solar Wind Charge Controllers Reviewed And Rated

With that said, let’s get on with our list of the 10 best solar wind charge controllers reviewed and rated for 2021.

1. Pikasola wind turbine and solar controller

Solar ControllerIf you are looking for a charge controller for either of your wind or solar panels to run for your house, boat or even street lights then this solar wind charge controller by Pikasola is a perfect match.

This 12/24V hybrid charge controller is suitable for wind generators (800w) and solar panels (600w).

The wind controller is charged with MPPT booster technology; this means that the wind turbines will be charged effectively and continuously even if the wind blows slowly.

However, PWM technology is used to charge Solar panel charge controllers.

The exceptional automatic system can be set by itself, once connected with the battery and once the software gets updated, it automatically controls the voltage to avoid any sort of burning/fire hazard.

It has four working models that can connect two DC modes.

The usage of the aluminum profile makes it more durable and the perfect dissipation of heat and self cools itself.

A simple LCD display that shows four lines of data makes it easy to understand and convenient to browse.

Also, with Pikasola, you can order your custom controller device as per your need (a 2000watt version for your solar panel or wind system).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Big LCD display-User friendly
  • Automatic battery voltage recognition
  • MPPT technology inbuilt in wind controller
  • Available in Gel, Lead-acid and Lithium battery

2. Missouri 12 Volt Wind and Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge ControllerThis charge controller is suitable for buyers who want to simultaneously use any two forms of energy together from wind, solar or hydro, the reason behind this is that this bulk charger doesn’t know the source of power and you need to input the voltage and amperage to make sure the source is not extremely high for this.

Then, this 12 volts 440 Amp/10000 Watt hybrid wind and solar charge controller by Missouri is what should be your first choice.

It is really easy to install as it comes pre-wired with 5 feet of heavy-duty cables and mounting plate of 12*11 inches of dimensions.

It is having a dual microprocessor that controls it and making it more stable and accurate in its processing.

It has user-changeable settings, which means multiple users can use it and change or end the dump voltage level once it reaches the end dump point voltage (it could be triggered anytime between 0 seconds to 999 seconds or 0 minutes to 999 minutes).

Moreover, this controller provides isolated electronic protection, which makes zero possibility for accidents that can happen with direct connection of wind or solar charges to the circuit board.

You can set the volt-meter to off, after a period of inactivity, which proves another point of its advantage of low consumption of power

However, it doesn’t have MPPT function, so the volts cannot be reduced from 24 volts to 12 volts.

In the display section, the actual battery voltage is shown with the battery status LED, where the GREEN LED means the controller is in dump mode.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pre-wired packaging
  • Can be used with both charges-wind and solar/hydro
  • LED display
  • Settings-User changeable 
  • Isolated electronic protection

3. MISOL Hybrid Solar Wind Charge Controller

Solar Wind Charge ControllerAnother most effective regulator that can control both solar panels and wind turbines at the same time is this device sold by MISOL called the Hybrid solar wind charge controller.

This device is perfect for you, if you are using a wind turbine of 500W or PV cells of 100W and your wind turbines charged current is maximum 40A(for 12V system) or 20A (for 24V system).

As the above two devices, it also has an LCD display for making it easier and more convenient to use by its users.

It is fully automatic and can automatically connect 12/24 volt battery systems, turns off the power when the battery is fully charged and also protects it from getting over-discharged, resulting in making fully it accident-proof.

As for being automatic, it stops the wind turbine if the wind speed is too high and restricts the electricity supply to solar panels during night time.

If you are living in a temperature zone of 10-50 degrees Celsius or where humidity is between 0-90percent, then this is the right choice for you.

The controller comes in packaging dimensions of 228mm*133mm*75mm with the weight of 1.2KG

Pros & Benefits:

  • Work with both sources: wind turbines and solar panels
  • Fully automatic
  • LCD display
  • Digital high accuracy control

4. Xantrex C35 Solar and Wind Turbine Charge Controller

Turbine Charge ControllerThis device by Schneider Electric Solar Inverters USA Inc is an absolute buy at this amazing price from Amazon.

It can be used with Solar panels, wind turbines and hydro generators.

Above all, it comes with a 2 years warranty.

It is PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) controlled.

There is no usage of mechanical relays or solenoids in this controller; it is a 100% solid-state controller.

It is best compatible with 12/24V of battery banks but the user needs to dump and charge it manually, as the device is not automatic.

However, it doesn’t come with a display screen and you need to buy it separately with a separate automatic brake system, which makes a fuss for a few types of customers.

Pros & Benefits:

  •  Pocket friendly
  •  2-year warranty
  •  Compatible for all three forms: Solar, wind and hydro 
  •  Solid-state controller

5. Mars rock Lithium Battery Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

Solar Hybrid Charge ControllerYou will love this solar wind charge controller if you are the one buyer who goes for the best features of the product along with elegant appearance.

It is specially designed for customers with wind-solar street light and complementary home systems of wind-solar (0-800W wind turbine and solar panels of 0-600W).

It is having the boost charging function of MPPT with 50 centimeters cable that is capable of the dump load.

One can never go wrong with the beautiful custom-made digital LCD display, where the operation mode of solar panel, wind turbine, battery status is extremely easy to understand.

It can efficiently work with any gel, lead-acid, ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Custom-made digital LCD display
  • Work with both: Solar panels and wind turbines
  • Work effectively with different battery types
  • MPPT charge function to avoid accidents

6. Original Factory Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

Hybrid Charge ControllerThis device can work with both solar panels and wind turbines at the same time, which means you can connect both sources of power with it.

The controller is designed for 12/24Volt, which is an automatic match for 0-600W for solar panels and 0-800W for wind turbines.

This device has an MPPT function that manages the system to work normally at low wind speed.

It includes dump load, which protects the device by auto-braking over-voltage and saving excess power to use when the power is low, which makes the system to work smoothly without stopping.

The manufacturers suggest keeping this item in a safe and dry ventilated place, as it cannot survive in direct sunlight, rain or humid environment and to protect it from flames and sparks, it’s strictly banned to put it in an explosive gas atmosphere.

Just like other devices, it is also having an LCD display for simple and quick understanding of customers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • LCD display-easy usage
  • MPPT function-support continuous process
  • Perfect protection function-auto braking
  • Work with different batteries-Gel, Lithium or lead-acid

7. MOES Dual Power Controller

Dual Power Controller

MOES provides this most intelligent dual power transfer controller, which is having all the exceptional qualities that you cannot find anywhere in this category.

It has a huge powerhouse of ATS-110kw between an off-grid system and public power because the public power is separately connected with the device and customers have to properly check whether all the wires are connected correctly or not, before turning the power on.

It takes less than 10ms to transfer inverters to public power and less than 16ms for vice-versa.

The user can change the settings of DC 12/24/48V, AC100-120V 60HZ/220-240V 50HZ as per their need, make sure you set recovery voltage is higher than cut-off voltage.

Additionally, on cloudy or windless days, the product works like a UPS but in the opposite direction like when batteries went low, it will switch to the grid and will switch back to battery power once the back to the recovery point. (Grid mode is a normal public mode of electricity generally provided by the government or maybe privately depending on your location). 

It can work effectively with gel, lead-acid, lithium, sealed and other types of batteries.

The digital LCD display shows real-time battery voltage and working status of public power/inverter/battery.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides Big Power
  • Fast power transfer time
  • Customized cut-off and recovery voltage
  • Works with different battery types
  • Digital LCD display

8. SolarMr Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

Solar Hybrid Charge ControllerIn simple words, this controller by SolarMr is looking-wise simple yet intelligent design and has powerful control that makes it safe and reliable to use.

This product is specially designed for converting electrical energy that is generated by solar panels and wind turbines to charge the batteries with a strong control on the functions.

This 12/24V Solar and wind controller can hold a maximum current of 50A and maximum voltage up to 50V.

The digital LCD display helps users to use it effectively and wisely as all the parameters are clearly visible and good to understand with charge indicator light and battery indicator.

The in-built MPPT function helps to control the speed of wind power and make better usage of it, which is way better than the conventional PWM function.

However, the steples PWM unloading feature in this product makes sure that the product provides the best protection from overvoltage and overcurrent auto-braking protection, solar anti-reverse charging, lightning, reverse battery connection and open circuit protection.

The system is intelligently controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, hence ensuring excellent stability and performance.

Pros & Benefits:

  • LCD display
  • Inbuilt MPPT function
  • Powerful control functions
  • Digital intelligence control

Solar Hybrid Charge ControllerThis powerful device by iSunergy is having MOS tube PWM charging technology to make it a more stable system for customer’s use and power consumption can be used to its optimum level. 

It is a simple-looking yet the intelligent design that is extremely powerful in terms of control with stable performance with safety and reliability.

Battery voltage and it’s electricity quantity are displayed in the LCD screen with MPPT function for the best use of wind energy which is a unique equipment protection system in this device that automatically launches when the power of the wind turbine exceeds the range of battery and charge absorption.

It comes with an unloading mode that is a dump load ceramic resistor as well which absorbs the excess wind speed that can be used later when the wind speed is low.

It comes with numerous sorts of protections, which are lightning protection, battery open-circuit protection, battery reversal protection, over speed and over-voltage soft automatic brake protection.

It can take a maximum of up to 600W input power from wind turbines and up to 400W from solar panels with the highest volt up to 50.

It can operate perfectly with 0-90% humidity in the environment as it has the radiator way to emit heat.

You can add an additional flexible circuit to boost the charge.

The package dimensions would be 7.64*6.65*3.78 inches with 2.76 pounds of the product’s weight.

Pros & Benefits:

  • LCD display
  • Simple and reliable product
  • MOS tube with PWM charging technology
  • Equipment protection system

10. PAIALU Waterproof Solar Wind Hybrid Charge controller 

Solar Wind Hybrid Charge ControllerPaialu is a professional distributor of electronic components.

The second company in the list that looks for the satisfaction of customers rather than just selling to customers and never looking back on them for feedback.

This 12/24V waterproof solar wind hybrid charge controller is made up of aluminum alloy and can operate with a 400/800W wind turbine controller and 500/1000W of a solar generator.

However, you cannot connect a 12V of Solar panel and 24V of wind turbines at the same time with the device, it can hold either 12V or 24 volts at one time which makes you connect both the sources of solar panel and wind turbines whose combination volt is either 12V or 24V.

This nice appearing device is easy to install and simple to use with clear instructions and operates conveniently. 

Also, the aluminum alloy body of the product makes it waterproof and flexible to be used in harsh environments with low temperatures adding reliability in its performance with long service life.

Moreover, the pocket-friendly price is another positive side of the controller to make a purchase with an approximate size of 130mm*82mm*21mm.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Price-friendly
  • Waterproof-Aluminum alloy body
  • Easy to follow instructions

Finding The Right Solar Wind Charge Controller

As far as my views are concerned, I think all the discussed solar wind charge controllers are unique depending on the requirement of the client.

You can have a detailed look at every product that has been mentioned and you can make your decision based on the reviews of the product.

I personally like the MOES dual power controller because of its high power usage and all the advantages discussed above.

Although, one cannot go wrong with the option of PIKASOLA wind and solar charge controller that is number one on the list.

However, you should keep in mind all the benefits and characteristics of the products before buying them.

As we found it in detail that few controllers do not come with some essential parts and users have to buy them separately.

If you know of another solar wind charge controller that aren’t on this list and should be, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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